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Genzou, Shindou:

Name: Genzou, Shindou
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Birthday: 3rd January
Clan: Fantomusōdo Clan
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Village: Iwagakure
Rank: Genin
 • Doton
 • Medical Ninjutsu
Special Characteristics:
Name: Ace Eye
Type: Positive
Description: This individual has incredibly sharp eyes. Due to this, they can hit moving targets, react to situations faster by visual cues, and are all-around better at pointing things out, the equivalent of someone one rank higher. In addition, they can pick out minute details that those without this characteristic would overlook, allowing them to find flaws in Genjutsu or detect traps easier than they would otherwise be able to.

Name: Reflexes
Type: Positive
Description: This individual has trained their reflexes to exceptional lengths. They can dodge most projectiles with ease and respond to incoming attacks with a special finesse. Their superior agility, flexibility, and body control makes them quite difficult to hit. Individuals with Reflexes cannot take Mighty.

Name: Stamina
Type: Positive
Description: This individual has a very high level of endurance, and can maintain intense physical activity for a longer period of time than the average shinobi without tiring. If you have both Stamina and Mighty, you can use Scythes, Spears, War Hammers, Maces and Axes without Taijutsu. You will still need Bukijutsu to use these weapons.
Name: Primarily Weak
Type: Active
Details: This person's primary element are not their strong suit. As such, their primary element start out at one rank lower. This negative can not be taken by someone who's primary element start out at D-rank, or someone who doesn't even have a primary element.

Name: Secondarily weak.
Type: Active
Details: This person's secondary element are not their strong suit. As such, their secondary element start out at one rank lower. This negative can not be taken by someone who's secondary element start out at D-rank, or someone who doesn't even have a secondary element.

Name: Perfectionist
Type: Active
Details: This person is an extreme perfectionist. Always wanting to make sure their justu are perfected before they consider them "mastered". This means that all jutsu have a 10% increase to word count when training.

Height: 169 cm
Weight: 72 kg
Hair: While normally covered, Shindou’s hair is cobalt blue and slightly spiky.
Eyes: Purple eyes, with dark contact lenses
Others: A red tattoo around his right eye.
General Appearance:
Shindou has cobalt blue hair and a tattoo on the right of his face, surrounding his eye, though most of this is often obscured from view by a dark blue bandanna and a scarf mask that obscures the bottom half of his face. Tied to his forehead, over the dark blue bandanna, is a forehead protector emblazoned with the symbol of Iwa, signifying his allegiance to the village. The rest of his outfit is rather… complicated. He wears a dark blue high-collared cloak which is tattered at the edges, covering down to his elbows, while a longer portion at the back extends down all the way to the back of his knees. Underneath this, he wears light armor of the same shade of dark blue, with some silver platings adorning the sides. His pants are more elaborate, being a slight variation of harem pants that have alternating silver and dark blue The bottom portion of his legs, specifically from his knees down, as well as from his elbows down for his hands, are covered in layers upon layers of bandages. His hands end in dark blue gloves, while his feet end in the traditional ninja tabi. Three belts complete his appearance, with the first slung diagonally across his chest, hanging from his right shoulder, while the other two criss-cross at his waist.    
Personality: Shindou’s personality is very difficult to distinguish or discern, with him sporting a poker face at almost all moments that his face is shown to the general public, which are rare and few in between given his constant association with the green face mask that hides his lower features. Even less can be gathered from his body language, or the distinct lack thereof, with the stoic nature in which he likes to conduct himself, acting as if he were the perfect soldier who betrayed no emotion nor instinct.

Down under, however, Shindou’s stoic nature has allowed himself to remain calm in the face of new information, allowing him to process this new information at an accelerated rate without associating any emotional, instinctual, or moral responses to it. He understands more innately the intrinsic workings of the world and the strife that litters it, and it is nothing short of a love for humanity, stemming from the love of his foster sister, rather than any one village that forces him to strive to build something that everyone can enjoy, or, in his inability to do so, to defer all his skills and expertise to someone who had the ability, influence, and position to conduct something of that scale.

Likes: Shindou does not so much have likes as much as he has preferences, as he has never been one to indulge in anything past what is necessary, and if he does, then it is only in small, negligible amounts. One preference he has is quiet rather than noise, which allows him to sit in tranquility as he observes his surroundings, be it Mother Nature or the people simply going about their daily business. He likes to spot small nuances in their behaviour as well as small quirks that they exhibit, as it allows him to build a psychological profile (among others) which can help him in the future. He also gets a small kick out of it.

A more personal preference which can be better categorised as an actual 'like' for him, however, is spending time with the people that he cares about, most notably his foster sister Sena, who he has grown up with as both friend and family. 

Dislikes: Shindou dislikes violence. Aggression and violence, unfortunately, make up most of the life of a shinobi, even after Kaguya Otsutsuki’s defeat had promised for a moment a small spark of hope for the ninja world. This does not exempt Shindou from steeling his already cold and emotionless heart, preparing himself almost immediately to take a life if he has to, as he is able to distinguish the slight differences that exist between instinctual and controlled violence. Even so, it does not mean he fails to lament the consequences of his actions in his own time, though few ever do understand this side of him, given how closed he keeps himself from society.

Motivations: The idea of peace is what motivates Shindou. He is drawn to the idea of a world where no child has to suffer, or where the work of a ninja is not frowned upon, much like the state of affairs during the few decades that followed after Kaguya Otsutsuki’s death, where ninja from all five nations were able to defer to a greater organisation that had smoothly and seamlessly facilitated the employment of ninja across all five villages and beyond, allowing them to work together with trust and comfort, a notion that was lost on today’s world, where the opposing ideals of distrust and backstabbing ran rampant instead.

Fears: It is very difficult to discern what Shindou fears, and what he does not, for the man himself betrays almost as much happiness as he does terror or panic, so to say that he does not feel either would not be a far exaggeration of his otherwise stoic and detached demeanor. Nevertheless, Shindou himself does fear violence and war, not so much for his own life but because it threatens the very fabric that holds the delicate state of society, within and beyond the village, together, killing the lives and futures of not hundreds but thousands of shinobi who would otherwise have a loving family to grow up with, just like or better than his own.

History: There is a rumour amongst ninja that apart from Kekkei Genkai that manifested itself in clans, genetic mutations would also lead to other physical traits being more deformed or defined. A crude example would be the Nara, with a popular debacle being whether the Nara genius still remained in every child as proof of this mutation, and was merely dormant when the days of heavy, constant conflict had long since passed.

However, among debates of whether Nara intellectual supremacy still existed was also the notion that geniuses among geniuses did exist. Such individuals came once every few generations, displaying the caricatural brilliance once associated with Nara, jostled to extremes that would incite equal amounts of delight and pride to their parents while also fear at their potential.

Sena Nara was one such girl, or at least that’s what her parents wanted to believe. It’s what her parents had planned for her, ever since her birth, by putting her through vigorous exercise after vigorous exercise. Ever since she had displayed remarkable intellectual capabilities at the young age of five, her affluent parents had always been trying to rope her into yet another training session or yet another study regarding the many histories that pervade throughout the Elemental Nations, whether they got a book from some exotic faraway library/store or whether they had hired a travelling merchant with inconceivable prices to tutor her.

It was a life nearly not worth living, or that was what the seven-year-old thought, when she met her near opposite counterpart, Shindou.

Genzou Shindou was a street urchin. He was an orphan whose earliest memory was that of waking up by the street outside a rundown ramen stand. The owners had been considerate enough to spare him some food for the first few days, and passers-by and customers were also moved enough by the sight of a young boy fending for his own on the streets to give him monetary expenses to survive for the following few days, though none of them who took pity on the boy had been sympathetic enough to actually take him home. Instead, all they did was give him a few parting words and parting gifts, which he almost lost all to the gang members at the end of each day in return for their ‘protection’.

Well, what was a three-year-old to know, right?

Shindou had been seven, just like Sena, when they met at the local playground. Sena herself had run away from home after they had pushed her too hard, and in disappointment of her lack of progress despite her supposed genius, her father had stopped her mother from going after their young daughter as she ran out of their family mansion. The two bonded at the swings, first just sitting side by side and staring at the ground, before a simple greeting led to the two children enjoying themselves – the first semblance of joy in each of their lives.

At the end of the day, Sena had invited Shindou back to her home. Her father had given him a questioning look but had otherwise left his daughter alone, with the relationship between the two of them still rocky at best after her afternoon rebellion. Her mother had been quaint in accepting young Shindou into their house, with more affluence than they could need, even despite silent opposition by the father of the house, whose only condition had been a pair of dark contacts that young Shindou had to wear to conceal his odd, purple eyes. Young Shindou, never before having access to so many resources, agreed, and began drowning in the books and scrolls and teachings that Sena’s father had gotten for her, and the two became each other’s anchor as they were pushed against their limits.

Surprisingly though, and much to Sena’s father’s ire, Shindou absorbed everything thrown at him like a sponge, soaking up all the knowledge and skills that were supposedly meant to make Sena the perfect ninja. This, of course, eventually led to Sena’s father looking to Shindou instead as his child, sidelining Sena. Of course, Sena, her mother, and Shindou weren’t happy about this, but Shindou himself wasn’t willing to speak up in her defense as she herself didn’t look too disheartened by this fact, instead filled with joy that her friend had managed to find a life he enjoyed.

The two of them grew up together as brother and sister, with Shindou often favoured by Sena’s father, leaving Sena to instead spend time with her mother. While not the most ideal setup for a loving family, no one was willing to mess with the peace that Sena’s father was willing to bestow them, if it came at the cost of Shindou’s future and Sena’s relationship with her father. Steep as the price was, no one argued it wasn’t better than its alternative, where Sena seemed to be subjected to toil everyday.

Such a thing was, of course, too delicate to sustain forever. Eventually, Sena’s father began wanting more from Shindou and Sena. He began pushing them past whatever limits they knew they had. He began comparing them to one another, insisting that Sena, with his blood, should have been easily able to triumph over a no-name orphan who he took under his wing out of pity for his daughter, while duly insisting that Shindou needed to live up to his name by going faster, harder, and stronger than he had ever gone before.

Knowing they couldn’t mentally and physically keep this up, Shindou and Sena plotted to escape. While they plot was eventually discovered by Sena’s mother, she had no qualms about their leaving, and was the one who left the main door open for the two teenagers to flee under the light of the moon, with her watching the two small figures wrapped up in ragged brown robes from the relative safety of her and her husband’s lavish bedroom. Even if he had returned late that night furious that the two children were nowhere to be found, he was already too late to track their whereabouts, the two having blended into the large teeming societies that made up Iwagakure.

Shindou managed to make a living as an active shinobi, remaining on the low, while Sena delved into the medical arts, opening a small clinic where their shared cottage was. As humble a life as this seemed, Shindou wasn’t satisfied knowing that there were other people like Sena’s father out in the open. He wasn’t satisfied knowing that people could live like that, either under the thumbs of their own demanding parents, or under something much more sinister and large-scale.

He never shared such inhibitions with Sena, who was content with living life and growing up alongside her elder brother figure and sustaining their livelihood with just enough to scrape by. He never planned to, knowing the girl wasn’t prepared to take on something as dangerous as what he was. He never let them come to light, knowing the dangers that such an ambitious lifestyle would no doubt attract. But, he still dreamed of one day accomplishing more than what the average ninja could, of bridging borders that have long been fractured by mistrust and blood.

Well, it was an old-fashioned dream.

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