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1 Money Hunt (Private) on Sat Mar 17, 2012 3:49 am



Nami walked the streets of Konoha, her eyes prying from left to right as she was busy shopping. She had not too long ago awoken at noon and taken a good bath to pamper herself for the day ahead, when the sudden urge to go shopping had came over her. Immediately as if without even her approval, she had gotten out of the shower, thrown on her favorite striped green and white bikini top, with her long jeans, and was out the door before she could even get the time to properly and fully get dress; as a result, she was still walking for several minutes making sure her pants, bikini top, and the thong she wore underneath was fixed properly, as well making sure her hair was good enough to attract any males if needed.

She wasn't sure what the urge was, but she couldn't control it. Maybe it was the fact that her closet had run dry on clothing for while because of her lack of income to buy new ones. Even now, she still didn't have any money, so before she could start her shopping she would first need to find someone to give her that money she so desired. Many men were in the market as usual, each staring at her with those prying eyes, that in Nami's imagination the men were walking dollar bills waiting to be picked up. She had let loose a little more appeal today as she had let her low-rider jeans stay a tad lower today, that way a larger portion of her midriff would be visible, while from the back the string of the black thong she wore underneath was visible. She would also keep her pants unbuttoned, with the zipper a little more than half way down, that way the men could see a small frontal view of the thong.

It was a Saturday that had come with a full voltage of heat that almost felt like it was burning at her skin. It had hinder her a little so, with the little bit of funds she had, she had bought a shake at a store a few walks back up. Still, that shake didn't help help very much as her entire body was still dripping with sweat that made her feel like she was in a oven. She was even tempted to sniff her armpits as she just remember she had forgotten to put on any deodorant after her bath. A bad day to had wear her bikini, but still, the sacrifice she would have made would be worth it if she found a man with a lot of money who she could borrow said money from. By borrow, she knew very well what she mean't. So far all the men she had stroll pass weren't special though. Sure, a lot of them were quite good looking, but she had a eye for noticing a person's wealth. If they didn't wear the best and most fashionable of clothing it mean't simply they couldn't afford it. Besides that she also had a knack for almost reading a person's wealth from watching them in the eye.

She walked for several blocks. She saw many outfits, jewelry and others things she would die for. But she didn't see no man to put up the funds for them. What she would have do to see another ninja at a time like this though. Ninjas were paid the most among all the village members, so they were her main target when she would go money hunting; be it male or female, as long as money was involve she would coupe. None of them were seen today though - or maybe she hadn't notice them. Either way, her earlier enthusiasm had died. Pulling up her pants so that her thong and midriff was less exposed, as well as zipping it she ran a hand through her hair to somewhat suite it from how it was scratching from the heat. "Well, I guess I'll have to buy these things another time. Maybe I should try a mission, that should occupy me with enough money to pay both my rent for some months to come while I can also buy some stuff for myself. Still, these missions can be so damn frustrated," she said as she sighed in defeat of her predicament.

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Lucario Yamada


Lucario walked down the road leading to Konohagakure village as he wore his usual usual white fluffy Mokomoko over his right shoulder and spiked pauldron that covered his left shoulder. The pauldron was attached to the upper section of his cuirass. The cuirass hung over his Kimono that consisted mostly white color with a red chrysanthemum flower crest at the collar and sleeves. Around his was was an elegant long flowing sash it's colors consisted of blue and yellow. On the swash hung Lucario headband with the Iwagakure village symbol. He wore Sashinuki Hakama, which gathered at the ankles producing the ballooning effect. His footwear consisted of flat pointed ankle-high boots. Though the most noticeable thing wasn't the clothing he was but the Prussian blue crescent moon tattoo which was the Yamada Clan symbol on his fore-head and the magenta stripes under his eyes.

Lucario had finally gotten permission from the Hokage and Tsuchikage to go visit the Konohagakure village and trade medical knowledge. The very thought of learning more medical knowledge sent a small smile to Lucarios face. It was after all here in Konohagakure that Tsunade one of the greatest medical ninja ever lived. Lucario hoped that the medical ninja there would show me new techniques.

Lucario finally reached Konohagakure village and was surprised at how beautiful it was. He stopped at the main gate putting his name on a clipboard and showed his pass to be in Konohagakure. Lucario was allowed passage and he was surprised at how friendly everyone was here. Before Lucario went to the hospital he decided that he would do a little sight seeing since it wasn't everyday that he was in another shinobi village. Though he wasn't sure where to begin. Lucario walked up to one of the passing villagers.

"Excuse me do you know where I can get some sweets around here?" he asked.

"You're not from around here are you? hmm you should go to Amaguriama shop. They have the best pastries in town." the villager stated.

"Thanks." he replied.

Lucario walked away only realizing that he never got the directions on how to get to Amaguriama. He turned around quickly to try and find the villager he just asked by they were long gone. Lucario moved his right hand up rubbing the back of his head. Lucario sighed walking down the street looking at all the villagers who seemed to be happy with their lives and Lucario realized that this village was not so different from Iwagakure. Lucario kept turning left then right trying to find the Amaguriama but he realized that he was just going in circles.

"If this keeps up I'm going to either going to keep walking in circles for hours or I'm going to end up in whole different village." he thought.

Lucario kept walking around till he finally saw down on a bench. Not that he was tired he had just given up on find Amaguriama. This was the first trip to this village and everything was going down the drain quickly. He closed his eyes thinking that maybe he should have just gone to the hospital and avoided the whole mess but Lucario had a craving for a sweet desert. He stood up again walking down the road this time he just walked into random shops just to see what they had.


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Nami had stepped into one of the shops that had a marvelous dress that had caught her eyes from the outside. It was a nice red dress that had a split at the legs, and was designed nicely with several floral patterns. She hadn't found no men to sponsor her the money to buy the dress - which was remarkably expensive, so she had settle for just window shopping. Still, she hated watching things she couldn't buy. It was too bad too, cause she had tried the dress on a few minutes before and it was in her size too. She didn't go to plenty formal parties, but when she did it was the perfect dress to be the life of the party in. And more than anything she liked it when she was the life of the party; having men undress her with their eyes, and when they would attempt to flirt with her she would use it to steal whatever cash they had.

She was sat at a bench that was within the shop, her legs crossed firmed, while her eyes remained fixated on the dress that she couldn't afford. Seeing the dress, only made her want to steal it so she turned her back away from it. She was a thief who wasn't limited to just money. But still, she liked to show off her independence, and more importantly flaunt all the money she had - so she hated stealing anything other than money. She would most times pretend like she dropped her money when shopping just to show of how much money she had to others; not being able to do that today was the worst of it all.

After she pried her eyes away from the dress, she began fighting with her willpower at watching the dress, and her head would only slowly rotate back to the dress. She closed her eyes, but her left eye only reopened to peek at it, and she would bite her lip from the urge. she looked around the shop and spotted that all of the women in the shop were busy attending to other customers. She stood up, and proceeded to the dress and took one more look before she removed it from its hanger. Sweat trickled from her face after she had removed the dress, then she folded it up as smooth as she could, as fast she could - ensuring that no one would see - then she sneaked away towards the door.

She was busy keeping a eye out all around, so before she could fully reach the door, she bumped into a man who sent her falling directly onto her butt as a result. It took her a while to recover from the thump onto her butt, but once she did her eyes traced up the man's frame. She stood up quickly and got into the man's face, using her toes as a support so she could tiptoe up to his height - even so she was still a few inches below him. "Hey, watch where you're going!" she mouthed off at the man.

The dress she had attempt to steal was still on the ground and she had completely forgotten it for the moment. Two of the male employees at the boutique walked up to her and stood behind her, and with a clear of their throat, Nami froze on the spot as more sweat trickled from her face. She turned slowly to the men who had their arms folded over their chest. The men were as muscular as they came and their serious expression made her almost soak herself as she already had a urge to pee.

Quickly reaching down at the dress as if nothing happen, Nami turned back to the man who she had bumped into and wrapped her left arm around his. "Honey. I was just about to come show you this dress as I saw you coming in. I really want this dress," she said showing the man the dress, while snuggling up to his arm. If she was lucky the man would help her get out of her current situation. To help she rubbed her breasts against his arm so he would at least become entice enough to help her out of her current situation.

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Lucario Yamada


Lucario continued to wonder in and out of buildings browsing around through what each store had. There were a few things he was willing to buy such as a comb and some shampoo but he resisted the urge to. All the things looked nice but Lucario figured he might as well wait a bit till he starts buying things. He was going to be here for a whole week so there was no rush to spend all his money at time. Lucario then saw another store that looked appealing to him for some reason. He walked inside the clothing store knowing that he wasn't going to buy anything since his outfit was custom made for him. He entered the shop and right away his amber gold eyes looked all around the shop except for the most important place which was in front of him.

Several seconds after he had entered the store he felt something bump into his chest. His head turned so his eyes faced forward and right away his eyes examined the girl he had just knocked. It wouldn't be wrong to say that what he saw he liked. He starred at her breasts for a few seconds then looked at her face for another few seconds. Normally he wouldn't have starred for so long but the way she was dressed she was asking for guys to check her out. He moved his left hand forward offering to help her up but she had all ready quickly gotten up and was on her toes looking up at him. Lucario looked down starring into her eyes and she began to mouth of to Lucario by saying.

"Watch where your going,"

"If I watched where I was going then you wouldn't be this close to me."

As he finished responding to her remark he gave her wink, but then a sound made Lucario look up. He saw two men standing right behind the women he knocked over the sound he heard was them clearing their throats. Lucario glanced at the two men then back down at the women and the expression he saw on her face wasn't a reassuring one. Either these two were very protective friends or she was trying to steal this dress. Lucario was about to apologize but what happened next just shut him up. The women wrapped her left arm around his right arm and spoke aloud.

"Honey. I was just about to come show you this dress as I saw you coming in. I really want this dress,"

She had guts to try something like that especially since Lucario could tell them the truth that he didn't know her but then he felt something rubbing against him. He looked down to see that it was her breasts and now Lucario had to help her out. Something in his body was telling him to just walk away but something else was telling him to help her. He gave credit because she knew how to get the response that she wanted from him. So he was going to play along for now. He looked down at her moving his left hand to her right cheek caressing it as he said."Dear anything for you."

He looked up to the men asking. "How much is the dress?" When they told him the price he was going to say forget it and walk away but he could still feel her breasts pressed against him. He gave a light chuckle realizing that she was playing him just to get this dress but he didn't mind. After all he did have a weak spot for beautiful girls and she just happened to be one. Lucario reached under his cuirass pulling out his money bag which looked plump with money. Lucario opened up it pulling out the money he needed and paid for the dress.

"Sweety I'll be outside just come out there when these nice men have put your dress in a bag."

Lucario said this as he gave her a little smile and pulled away from her knowing that if he'd stay longer she'd have him wrapped around her finger. Lucario turned around and walked out of the store turning to his right and took a few steps forward so that the employees could no longer see him. He stood there waiting for the women who had just played him to get out. It's not that he was mad at her if anything he was rather impressed by her performance, but the least she could do was take him up on drink after all the money he just spent.

(occ: sorry if I don't give you much to work with I'm still trying to get use to rping.)

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As the man ran his hand across her cheek, Nami continued with her foreplay of the situation and responded with a smile that would make the two fake couple more believable by the two men. He had at least went along with the ruse though as he confirmed her as his partner. Still, she had expected as much as her beauty had a strong grasp over men, and the man similarly affected, which was exemplary by his earlier wink at her. Still she was hoping that what she had done wouldn't come and bite her in the butt. Or more specifically, she hoped it wouldn't a second time as it had already bitten her once when she got caught and was put into this situation. She didn't know exactly what to expect from the man in the slightest.

As he pulled out his wallet, Nami, as apart of her natural nature, had peeked into his wallet. It would have been pretty terrible if she had set herself up with the guy and it turned out he was no higher on cash than she was. She was eased of her worry of him being broker than her though when he she saw the ward of cash he still had left over after he had paid for the dress. Her cute smile grew from that into a smirk as she clung to him tighter after he had paid for the dress as her way of silently saying thanks.

After he had paid for the dress, he told her he would meet her outside and she would proceed to the counter to get a bag for the dress. His words were of course not the most comforting considering the situation so she would only gulp in response. The good side presently was that she had gotten the dress which she so desired, all through doing what she did best - persuasion. The bad side was that she now had to pay the consequences for it to the person who had given her the dress. She walked out of the store, and smiled to the two men who stilled stared at her with stern faces. She smiled at them, but when he face was turned from them and back to the door she would gulp once more as sweat ran down her face.

Once again she didn't know what to expect as all men had different methods of compensation. Most men would have used the situation to their advantage and inquire one of two things: sex or some sort of way to work for the amount spent - which was just a nice way of saying a slave. She had have situations similar to this one before, so it was nothing knew to her. Most of the times she would run away and the men wouldn't be able to catch her as she had a knack for stealing things and running off. From those past experience also learned another way, apart from running away, to deal with the present kind of situation, which had work quite a few times. That was to play innocent through it all. It had work for her many times before, including in the shop earlier, so she would at least try it again.

After she exited the door, she saw his figure and she had the option of running. But she had remember how much money she saw in the man's wallet; besides that she didn't think she would get very far as the man seemed like a superior ninja to her. Whatever he wanted in return she would negotiate her way through it, and later find her way of getting the stack of money she had saw in the man's wallet earlier. She walked over to the man with the bag which held her new dress, and stood firmly before and peered up into his eyes. "Am I in trouble?" she asked looking up at her pseudo husband with a puppy eyed pout, as she would try to seek his forgiveness.


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Lucario Yamada


When Lucaro opened up his wallet he noticed her looking into his wallet and tilted it so that she could see how much he had. He was showing off just little bit with all the money he had but if he hadn't shown her the men might have noticed that they weren't actually together. "Don't worry sweety I have enough for the dress." he said in a calm voice. As soon as he handed over the money for the dress he felt her cling a bit tighter to his arm. He kept his small smile on his face speaking aloud once again. "My my aren't we just full of affection today."

Once Lucario was outside waiting for her he put his wallet back under his cuirass. He happy that he brought a little extra money for the trip because if he didn't then he'd be sleeping outside instead of a comfy hotel room. He glanced over to his left seeing the women walk out with the new dress he had bought her. Lucario turned to completely face her and then it began. She looked him in the eyes giving him that puppy pout eyes and asked "Am I in trouble?" Lucario had it in his mind to mess with her a bit. His amber gold eyes looked back into hers as spoke aloud saying "If you want to kiss me just kiss me there's no reason to stare for so long." Lucario puckered up his lips and laughed a little as he was just playing around with her.

He took a step toward her moving to her left side so he would have to keep looking to her puppy eyes. It's not that he didn't find it a bit cute it's just that he did't want to be a sucker for her little tactics. She had beauty and she was using it on him. Lucario knew her little innocent tactic was working on him. He looked over at her noticing that she was just a beautiful even from the side. He took a deep breath calming him-self from the beauty of the women. "As for your earlier question yeah you are in trouble. That dress cost me quit a bit of money. So now I need to think of way for you to repay me." He eyed her up and down and gave her another wink.

"I got it. You can let stay at your place since I just spent enough money to pay a hotel for the whole time I'm staying in your village, then we can take it from there." His last remark we a complete lie since he really had no intention of forcing her to let him stay with here. Though messing with her had become somewhat amusing to him. Though he knew he wouldn't be able to keep it up for much longer. First of all he didn't want to give her the wrong impression after all she was a beautiful girl and he was trying to impress her and secondly he still needed to find Amaguriama. Then a thought came across his mind on how to further approach this situation.

Lucario looked forward as he spoke." I'm just playing around, so consider us even since I was the one who made you get caught stealing the dress." He glanced over at her again then looked forward. "But now I need to ask you a favor honey. I'm looking for the pastry shop called Amaguriama. I hear a lot people say it's one of the best pastry shops in the village. So I was wondering if you can tell me how to get there or more preferably show me how to get there. Then in return I'll treat you to a nice dinner so you have a reason to wear that dress today. What do you say?"


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Nami continued with her pout, attempting to get some sort of pity out of the man so that he would let her go free. Well not free, but at least he wouldn't ask too much of her, as she already knew that it was impossible for her to get out of the situation without some sort of penalty for it. It had been a long time since she had got caught stealing something. Even so, she wasn't exactly caught as she had intentionally stayed because of her lust for the money he had. He seemed pretty easy to fool, considering the fact he had fall for her antics so far. She enjoyed generous men like him though as they were much easier to steal from.

She laughed lightly at his joke about kissing as she wanted to at least make the situation a little light. Still her laugh was light and short and her face remained in it's same sympathy seeking look. She wouldn't have mind kissing though as most of her theft was done by kissing her victims to get them distracted then she would reach for their wallet without them noticing as they would be too deep into the kiss. But he was joking so she didn't bother with it as she had more tricks up her sleeve that she could use to get what she wanted without actually having to any of her sexual persuasion.

When he had stepped to her side she became a little confused by his actions and peered at him with that look of confusion she held. She didn't ponder on it too long though as she heard him inhale and then spoke. As he spoke she was surprised a little by his words. She had him thought out to be this kind and gentle man who didn't seem like he would take advantage of a woman in a bad situation, but it turned out he still held urges of lust like all other men judging by his words. When he winked at her she blushed a fake blush to further help the situation, and then spoke to him without looking at him. "I'm sorry if I cause you any trouble, I just really wanted that dress. I'll be fine with doing whatever I can to repay you for the dress," she said and took a look at him from the corner of her eyes to see his response.

At his mention that he was just playing around about staying at her house, Nami sighed in a bit of relief. She actually wanted him to stay at her place as he seemed like he would be able to take care of her with the amount of money he had while he was visiting. She didn't mind having him stay for a few days. Her apartment payment was due either way, so if he was to stay he would have to end up paying anyway since she didn't have the money to pay it. Still, she placed that at the back of her mind at his mention of them being even.

Amarugiama? Nami thought to herself. She had heard of the shop but had never been to it as she didn't very much like food that weren't elegant, top classed or made by the best chefs. Still, she knew how to at least get there was she was very familiar with the village and knew where almost everything was, even if she didn't go there. She was hoping he wouldn't want her to feed him now though. In her current situation her money was barely enough to buy much more than only ten or so pastries. Her mind shifted to his mention of giving her a reason to wear her new red dress - she couldn't deny that she grew ten times more fascinated by those words. Her former sympathetic look was replaced when she leaped into his arm and hugged him tightly with enthusiasm at his mention of giving her a reason to wear the dress.

"Really! I was wondering where I was going to wear it to go, but if you have somewhere then yes, I'll show you where the Amarugiama is," she said giving him a kiss on the cheek. "But I don't have much money to really treat you to very if that is what you want though." She pulled back and then pulled out the interior of her two jean's pockets which had only a few paper bills and some penny's. "And oh yea, I have another bill here," she said pulling aside her bikini and removing another paper bill she has stashed there. She had intentionally open the bikini wide enough to have the man see a good portion of her breasts, or even her areola if he was watching close enough, all the while she eyed from the corner of her eyes without him noticing with a smile as she did so since she knew very well he was likely to watch.

After that she turned on her hell and lead the two down the path that was the central road of the market to where she remember the Amarugiama being. She would stop and wait for him to follow her after a while and once he would catch up she would once again wrap her arms around his again and snuggle up to it. She did this as she wanted to help her chances with him, as well as the fact that many of the men were peering at her with lustful eyes. She wanted to have those men believing that this man was her husband ,as she had made the men back at the boutique believe, since she knew nothing made a man want a woman more than when they saw her with another man. "Oh I almost forgot. I didn't get your name," she would stop and pull away and ask a few short seconds after they would begin to walk. "I'm Nami." She offered her arm out to him.


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Lucario Yamada


The joke Lucario had made about them kissing had made the women give a light laugh. It was a short lived laugh but there was something about the laugh that seemed a little off. He had got the impression that laugh was a bit fake from the way it sounded, but he wasn't going to say anything, and just let it go. The thought was quickly dismissed from his mind when he continued to mess with her and joked about staying with her since he had bought the dress. Right as those words left his mouth he felt the atmosphere around them change a little, and it wasn't for the best either. He knew this when she said "I'm sorry if I cause you any trouble, I just really wanted that dress. I'll be fine with doing whatever I can to repay you for the dress," When she finished her sentence Lucario gave a little smirk.

He replied " Weill since you said you're fine with doing whatever you can to repay the dress, but if you mean what you say how about we head somewhere more private and get to know each other on a more personal level." His last statement did hold little truth to it since Lucario did want to get to know this women on personal level but who wouldn't want to with all her great asset. The thought of them being that close had run across his mind on more than one occasion since they've met though if she asked about it he would give her one or two remarks depending on how he wanted to approach it.

Again Lucario felt the atmosphere change between them as he told her that he was only playing around about him staying with her. He knew it had changed due to the fact she sighed a little bit in relief when he finished his statement. Now he knew where he stood with her or at least where he thought he stood with with her. Due to her little sigh he figured that she might have not found him attractive as he found her, but that wouldn't stop him. This thought is what led to Lucario saying that he'd treat her to a nice dinner so she could wear her new dress. He felt that he had to impress her more. The reaction he had gotten from her was more than what he expected to get. She had leaped into him and hugged him tightly. He wasn't sure if he should embrace the hug or what so he just went for it and embraced her hug.

She spoke to him saying "Really! I was wondering where I was going to wear it to go, but if you have somewhere then yes, I'll show you where the Amarugiama is," then gave him a kiss on his cheek. His heart beat did pick up little from her kiss but still remained calm not trying to get to over excited from it. "thanks I've been looking for the shop for the better part of the day." He felt her begin to pull away and he removed his arms from around her. She went on on to say that she had no money to buy him food. That all she had were a few bills and some up coming due bills. "Don't worry about the food I'll treat you and buy you something from any store you want." he replied to her. He was playing right into her hands and he knew it, but it was just her beauty and from the way she acted towards him that kept him reeled in or at least that's the impression he wanted to give.

What happened next was almost like a dream to him. "And oh yea, I have another bill here," she said just before she opened up her bikini to grab another bill. Naturally he was drawn to her breasts and he saw a good portion of her breasts. He looked a little closure to see she had exposed her areola to him as well and that just made him turn in mush. His cheeks became a little blush as he turned his head trying not to stare to long. The image of her breasts stayed clear as day in his mind and he wanted to get a second look at them. He moved his right hand to the back of his neck rubbing it acting as if he didn't mean to see her breasts. While he did this the sleeves of his kimono slid down showing to more magenta stripes on the sides of his wrists.

"They're nice." he said and when those words left his mouth he wished he could take them back. He was referring to her breasts since the image of what he saw was still fresh on his mind. He turned to face her this time his face was turning ever more brighter with red. "I wasn't talking about your breasts. I mean you're breasts are nice and plump no no I uhh I meant that umm..." Then it hit him what could he say that made sense he couldn't say the bills looked nice. That would've just made him look stupid. Though there wasn't anything else he could say. She would most likely know what he was referring to when he said they looked nice.

He looked away from her saying "Never mind just ignore my last statement." It was the only thing that he think of so that he wouldn't look like a complete perv/ idiot. Lucario looked back over to see that she had all ready begun to walk down the road to Amarugiama he assumed. Right off the back he had fell behind from just stopping outside of certain shops to give a quick glance of what they had, and every now and then he'd look forward and stare at her butt for a second or two. When he saw that she had stopped he was finally able to catch up with her, "Sorry about that it's just your village has some very unique stuff and I don't mean just you." he said and as soon as he finished his sentence she wrapped her-self around his right arm where his white fluffy mokomoko wrapped around his shoulder. He wondered why she did this but then he saw some of the glares people were giving him and how they looked at her. He quickly realized why and had the feeling that by the end of the day he was going to end up in a fight over this women which was the last thing he needed.

"Oh I almost forgot. I didn't get your name," she stated while she pulled away from his arm. She went on to say that her name was Nami. "Cute name for a beautiful girl." he thought in his mind. Though he couldn't believe he forgot to introduce him-self to her from the start but as the elder of his clan said "sometime that's the way the cookie crumbles." He turned to face her and replied "Well Nami my name is Yamada Lucario but you can just call me Luca for short if you like." He noticed her offering up her arm and naturally he moved his arm up underneath hers. His arm wrapped around hers as he began to walk. "So Nami if you're going to want this little charade of us being together to be more realistic I think you better give me kiss so they at least get the idea we're together. Holding hands and snuggling up to each other can only do so much." He said. This time he was kind of being serious just to see if she would or not. He tightened his arm a little more around her with each stare a man gave her acting just like a fake husband would.


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"You weren't suppose to see that. Its not nice to look at a woman's breasts without a permission. And furthermore it is very rude to comment on it like a pervert," Nami said as she covered her breasts with a blush printed at her face. Of course the blush was fake, but still she knew how to make it real enough. She had prefer to not use her body so much to get the man's rest of money, but she figured she'd make it a little easier by giving him that special treat. Still, she would maintain her shy, good girl personality at least until she got what she wanted. She didn't care how long it would take, but she always thrived for what she wanted. She had failed to get money plenty times, but had succeed more times than fail.

After her fake moment of embarrassment she continued down the streets with him following behind suite. She had made sure to walk a little more seductive than she usually would that way it was likely he would be watching her butt. She wanted him to fall for her whatever it took, help him get what he want, get what she want, then get out. Simple as that.

"Thanks," she said in response to his compliment of the village and herself. He seemed to be the flattering type of man. Nami liked men who flattered her as she was always thriving to look her best - hence why she so always wanted money.

"Well nice to meet you Yamada Lucario. And I'll hope you up on that offer of calling you Luca since Lucario is a little too long," she said and turned to him with a smile. "Your name is nice too. Luca and Nami Yamada." She giggled to herself as she mentioned the two's names together as a wedded couple. It didn't sound too nice, but still, she liked how it sounded just a little. "What do you think? Does it sound nice for a newly wedded couple?"

She liked the attention herself and the man was getting as they continued down the streets as that fake couple. While they did she slightly also wondered if the two looked as better together than how their names sounded together. She peered into a glass window of a building at the sides and took a glance. She was a little bit surprise to say the least. The two had looked a little bit... heck they looked very good together as a couple. They were in pace, he wasn't too tall that she couldn't exactly kiss him, and overall they really looked good the way their arms were tangled with each others. That would probably explain all the looks of detests the two earned as they proceed down the streets. Maybe if wasn't for her love for money the two would have been a nice couple, instead of him being just another guy she could get her one love from - money.

At his mention of giving him a kiss, Nami panicked for a brief second. Less than a brief second as she really didn't mind his words. She smiled a little at his words of kissing him. He seemed a little more serious with his tone. Still, Nami admired his sudden request since she had him thought out to be this kind and easily persuaded person. She would normally oblige with it as the kiss would help soften the situation and make him fall for her more than enough, but she felt more urged to keep with her good girl persona a little more - which was that a good girl never gave up a kiss easily.

"I don't kiss on a first meeting. But also, I don't think that would be good. Don't you have a girlfriend or a wife? I would think since your so cute that that you would have one. And I don't think she would take kindly to me kissing you in broad daylight," she said and peered up at him. "But then again. If you do have a girlfriend then that would mean you are cheating on me since you somewhat are my husband. So which is it honey." She giggled loud enough for him to hear and snuggled closer to his arm to feel his broad arms some more.

Even though everything up until now had been a charade, she felt a little comfortable with him both physically and mentally. Not that he wasn't good looking. But her money always came first to her. She hadn't spot any ring on his finger, so it either he didn't have a wife or maybe he took it off. And while he was good looking, he didn't seem like the type to have a girl. Still she didn't really care if he had either since it was all for her money.


10 Re: Money Hunt (Private) on Sat Mar 24, 2012 12:03 am

Lucario Yamada


Lucario knew that she wasn't buying any of his bull shit excuses when she said "You weren't suppose to see that. Its not nice to look at a woman's breasts without a permission. And furthermore it is very rude to comment on it like a pervert," Not only was he caught peeping now she thought he was a pervert. This had turned bad for Lucario in every was possible. "So much for making a first good impression." He thought. He spoke aloud "Sorry I didn't mean to look..." He wanted to make it up to her so might be able to get back on her good side, but the question was how. He'd offer her to buy her something but then he'd be giving the impression that he was trying to by back her good graces. Finally he just asked "Is there anyway you can forgive me for looking?"

While he walked behind her looking at the shops as he passed them by. Lucario glanced up every now and then to stare at Namis butt like any other guy would. He had a feeling the she knew he was watching her from behind. He could tell by the way she walked. Her hips moved side to side and Lucario thought. "How the hell am I not suppose to look when she keeps doing moving like that." Lucario shook his head thinking "I'm not gonna stare anymore I got caught once and not going to risk it again."

Once Lucario gave his name to her she went on to say "Your name is nice too. Luca and Nami Yamada." The sound of their name together made Lucario laugh a bit. Their names together didn't sound all to bad to him. It wasn't the best he's heard but it also wasn't the worst so that had to count for something. Nami asked "What do you think? Does it sound nice for a newly wedded couple?" Lucario responded "It's not bad for a newly wedded couple. How do you think they sound?"

The looks the fake couple kept receiving from people kind of made Lucario feel uneasy. "I thought people here were suppose to be nice.. well that's what all the other villages said." He thought. Lucario glanced over a Nami knowing that he was just following her like a little puppy and she had him wrapped around his finger. Well that's the impression he hoped he was giving her. He was honestly expecting one of her old boyfriends to jump out and admit his love for and say that he'd do anything to get her back. The very thought of that made him laugh but also made him ask "Nami I'm not going to have worry about one of your old boyfriends jumping out and trying to kill me am I?" His amber gold eyes looked around and his guard up. Lucario stated "The last thing I want to due is end up dead."

After Lucario asked her to kiss him he felt the cold hand of rejection slap him across his face when she said "I don't kiss on a first meeting..." Lucario kept his calm demeanor but in his mind it played out like this. When she said that she didn't kiss on a first meeting, the cold hand of rejection slapped him sending him through a wall in a comedic way. Nami went on to say if she did kiss him that his girlfriend or wife wouldn't like that. He simply responded "Sweety if I had a girlfriend or wife I'd be with her right now oh wait I am." He looked over at her giving her a gentle little smile as she snuggled into his arm more. "How about we try this." He said as he moved his arm away from her. His arm around her whole body pulling her close to him.. "Is this better or worse?" he asked

He hoped that he'd be able to keep his arm around her like he had it but he wasn't sure what her reaction would be. Nami had been lucky because the side she was on was the side where Lucario kept his money pouch under his armor. Lucario turned his head down a little so that he looked at her and asked "So Nami have you decided where you want to eat tonight? Anywhere you want doesn't matter how expensive or cheap it is. Tonight consider your-self a queen." Lucario blinked then just leaned down attempting to kiss Nami on her head. "What am I doing, if I keep this up I'm going to get slapped." Lucario thought. Whether she rejected the kiss or let it happen Lucario asked "So Nami how much farther till Amaguriama?" His stomach let out a loud growl signaling that he was hungry. Lucario then realized that it had been a whole two days since he had eaten anything.

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"I'll think of something," she said with a giggle in response to his offer of making it up for looking at her breasts. She felt a little good that he was still where she wanted him to be with her. He was nice which was something she liked, and just as much something she could pry on. She would try to see how much she could win from him, and maybe even give him a little treat for it all later since she wasn't completely bad and so didn't like to fully take advantage of nice guys. Even so, she wasn't going to make things easy for him. "But, if I see you staring at my breasts again I'll take your shit to cover them up from you and have you walk around bare backed. I'm sure you wouldn't mind that though since I bet you work out, similarly staring at my butt I'll take your pants and have you walk around in your underwear." She giggled at him lightly.

In response to her couple question, she giggled once more. With him she felt more and more like one of those giddy school girls again with all the messing around and playing around she was doing with him. Most men she met usually wasn't this nice, and so she had no problem with men like that since they would go straight in and try something with her, and she would use that to steal from them. Furthermore, she had no problem stealing from men like that. She pondered a little on his return of the question, putting her index finger to her lip as she did so. "I'll tell you what I think later. Since we aren't a couple, I can't say. So we'll have to wait and see if I'll be willing to marry you first, which will be decided on how well you treat me."

As Nami and Lucario downed the street the looks the two received only intensified. She knew quite a bit of them. Some were men she had stolen from before, several of the men were men she had gone out with for a short time cause they were just as wealthy as Lucario himself, while most of them were simply just men who practically liked her and didn't like the fact that she was with Lucario. The bikini she wore didn't help very much in turning them off - not like she minded those looks though, after all, she liked being adored. It was a little egotistic, but still she did love herself even more than money, so it was fair.

Nami laughed at Lucario's comment of a possible old boyfriend jumping out in front of them out of the blue. To be honest she wasn't sure how to answer that question. Stealing others money wasn't a easy task, and most people never forget a woman who had stolen their money. So some of the men who were staring at them were not the friendliest of men, and a lot were apart of gangs that she still wasn't completely rid off despite her telling them she wanted out. "I wouldn't worry too much about that," she tried her best to comfort not only him but herself. "Even so. I bet you can handle most of them on your own since you seem quite strong. Or are these muscles for for waste?" She squeezed his arm as she said that and peered at him.

He had said the right words in response to him having a wife or boyfriend comment. "I guess we are married. Illegally that is..." she paused and peered at him with a smile in order to let the word illegally sync in. "Still, you seem like quite the womanizer, so how do I know you don't have that other woman on the side that you call 'just a friend'. Of course, I wouldn't completely mind it since it might be fun to either beat her down for my man, or maybe I could find a friend of my own." She smirked a little with her response.

As Lucario did a few actions, she felt a little confused when he pulled away from her as she thought something was wrong, but she was put back to ease when he wrapped his arm around her entire frame. She smiled up at him in satisfaction of his course of action. "That's okay, but wouldn't it be more convincing and better if you did this," Nami said and pulled his arm down to her butt and rested his arm there. "I think a husband shouldn't be afraid to put his hands wherever he wants on his wife's body. Same can be said about the wife." She said and placed her arm on his robe and felt his stomach where she felt his abdomens in full flesh, and so she began playing with them playfully. She had slightly forgotten why she was there with all the fun she was having with him, until her hand stumbled upon his wallet when she placed her hand on his stomach, and she quickly remembered it there.

She had initially plan on playing shy and all that, but Lucario was making it a little harder with how he addressed everything she did. Not like she couldn't get the wallet, or not that she didn't, but more like she felt like spending some time with him before she finally did. The particular talk of treating her at Amaguriama and even taking her out later that night made her want to stay at least until after the dinner. "I thought you were treating me to dinner. If your treating me then I expect you to take me to a place where a Queen would go and show me romance only a queen deserve," she said with a smile as the two continued towaard their location. She hadn't notice him kissing her on her forehead though, and was only acknowledge of it after the deed was done. Not like she minded it though. "I wouldn't kiss me if you are so frightened of someone jumping out and killing you," she joked playfully.

When Lucario asked how much logner till they would reach Amaguriama her hand that was on his stomach felt his stomach example his hunger loudly. "It's actually just around this corner," she said and rubbed his stomach.


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Lucario Yamada


As soon as Nami mentioned .that she'd take off his shirt and cover he breasts up so that Lucario wouldn't look at them only one thing came to his mind "How can you expect me not to stare.". So to mess with her a little his eyes shifted down so that he starred at the the top of her breasts and spoke out"If you want to see me naked all you have to do is say so, but in return I get to see you naked." The thought of Nami naked almost made Lucario go off into a little day dream but then blinked so that he wouldn't go into his little fantasy. Though once again he was quickly brought back to the real world before it had a chance to begin.

Nami gave Lucario arm a squeeze and peered up at him. Lucario looked down at her smiling saying "That felt nice why don't you do it again?" Those words held truth in them as his muscles were a bit tense from his journey to the leaf village and the little squeeze felt like a massage. Lucario knew that he might be able to handle most people due to the fact that he was a medical ninja, and that always gave him the edge in a fight but he wasn't about to go bragging about who kind of shinobi he was. "Well why don't I just lose this shirt so you can get a better look at them then tell me if they're for show or not." He replied to her. He moved his open hand to his kimono showing off a bit of his upper tone chest like she did earlier on.

The stares kept getting more and more uncomfortable as they walked down the street. At this point Lucario wasn't sure if they were staring at him or if they were checking Nami out. Though some of the glares Lucario got were starting to get rather annoying. Then a thought occurred to Lucario on messing with the men that were staring. His other hand moved to her stomach slowly massaging it as if she was pregnant. Lucario first whispered to Nami "just play along." He spoke allowed "I can't believe we're having a baby Nami. What are you hoping for a boy or a girl?" He spoke loud enough so the people around them would be able to hear him for sure. Lucario then glanced over to one of the men walking saying "Hey you! Sorry but I got to tell someone I'm going to be a father." If they were going to give him death glares all day they might as well have a real reason for giving him the death glare.

The word illegally stuck out as Nami said "I guess we are married. Illegally that is..." He simply responded in a joking maner. "Illegally huh? do you plan on running off on me? Oh fake wife of mine." Then he wondered if she would run off. The thought though didn't stay long in his mind because Nami started to say that he seemed like a womanizer and he could have some other girl on the side. Lucario couldn't help but laugh at that comment. " Don't be so insecure sweety it doesn't suite you. I maybe a lot of things but a cheater is not one of them." He leaned into a little and whispered "Plus why would I cheat on a gorgeous women like you? That'd be really dumb of me; wouldn't you agree?"

"That's okay, but wouldn't it be more convincing and better if you did this," Lucario felt his arm being slid down then finally stopped on her butt. So many thoughts ran through Lucarios head but only one stuck out in his mind and that was "If I'm dreaming let me dream a little longer." Nami went on to say how she felt that a husband shouldn't be afraid to touch his wife and the same thing could be said for the wife. Lucario felt her hand slide into his kimono and start to play around his toned abs. He glanced down at her replying "Remember be careful with what you say sweety." His hand gave a light squeeze to her butt. "Because you're a beautiful girl and if I had the chance I'd put my hands all over you." Lucarios gave another gentle squeeze this time because he just like the way her butt felt in his hand.

Nami went on to say that she wanted to go to a place were she could eat and be treated like a queen. Lucario gave a little laugh stating "Well just say where you want to go and I'll take you there." Lucario had managed to kiss her on fore-head something he thought she was going to reject but then she went on to say that he shouldn't because he was afraid of someone trying to kill him over it. Lucario gave a smirk moving his other hand under her chin and applied a little pressure so she would look up at him. "Let me show you how afraid I am." He leaned down slightly moving his head close to her and attempted to give her a light kiss on the lips.

When Nami said that the shop was just around the corner Lucario closed his eyes for a brief second all ready smelling the food in the distance. When he opened his eyes he noticed her rubbing his stomach and that sent a warm chill up spine. As they round the corned Lucario said "Ah and there it is." Lucario prayed that it was as good as people say it was because if it sucked it'd depress him beyond belief. He lifted his fingers from her butt but kept his palm there and gave her a little spank. "That's just for good luck, so that it's nothing but good times for us from here on out. So don't go beating me up now." he said. Lucarios hand moved up from her butt to her lower back and slowly began to move it up and down; his fingers gently applying pressure. This little massage he was giving her was his way of trying to seduce her but if she asked he'd just say that she seemed tense to him and he was just trying to relax her.

As Lucario entered the shop he smelt all the pastry aromas and closed his eyes enjoying the each scent. "These pastries smell amazing." Lucario walked up the counter "I'll take four orders of Dango and some sweet strawberry tea and just put whatever she orders on my bill." Lucario looked over at Nami smiling "Order whatever you want Nami but I hope you love pastries as much as I do because chances are we could be here for a while." Pastries were one of the things that Lucario truly enjoyed in the world so he had to ask "So Nami are you able to cook any pastries?" If could then Lucario would almost have a have a heart-attack because then she would be like his dream girl but if she couldn't Lucario saw it as an opportunity to get alone time. Either way Lucario figured he wasn't going to be able to lose. He pulled away from her so that her hand slide out from underneath his kimono and sat down at outside and patted his lap for Nami to go and sit on it. "Don't be shy I won't bite... hard." he said jokingly to her.

(OCC: If there is any way I can improve on my rping just let me know ^^)

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Lucario's staring at her breasts on continued as he mentioned seeing her naked. The comment was straight forward and rude to some extent she thought to herself. But she admitted she liked his straight forwardness sometimes. Women always complained that men were liars. So having a straight forward guy right before her made her glad since it mean't he probably never lied. Still, that was maybe just her hopes speaking. "Only if your lucky," she replied to his comment.

His mention of removing his shirt drew her attention. She smiled at him and spoke. "In public? That's pretty much telling all of them who are watching that you can beat them." She giggled. "Which I'm sure you can. But I'll take you up on your offer. If you actually do have a good body I'll repay you by showing you..." - she placed a finger to her chin as she though for a slight second - "I'll tell you what my body looks like when naked just the same." She giggled once more at the obviously unfair deal she had set out. Of course she knew he was muscular, she had felt his arms and they were as muscular as it came.

Her fake husband next set of actions had come to her as the biggest surprise of the day thus far. Her eyes shot open and almost felt to her feet at his hand moving to her stomach and him mention of her having a baby. She nevertheless did listen to his words to play along though once she regained her balance and in fact her surprise turned back into a smile immediately after. "Honey. I told you to keep our baby a secret," she spoke loud enough for everyone to hear as she played along with. But she did squeeze on his arm though to signify her small disliking of how things might have gone due to this act. "The doctor said that it could be a false positive."

Honestly Nami fully believed Lucario when he said he wasn't a cheater. That was saying a lot since she was accustom to most men she knew being cheaters of some kind; whether it be in a relationship or for money; she had sort of developed the belief that all men were cheaters. But Lucario words seemed honest to her. His mention of her being gorgeous made her blush. It was a fake blush, but somewhere in the midst of it she was actually embarrassed by his words. Nevertheless, she kept her calm and responded, "Yes that would be pretty dumb of you wouldn't it? But I can never be too show can I. I am 'pregnant', so once I start to gain weight I can never tell when you might up and leave." This time she was serious when she said that. When he squeezed her butt Nami only retaliated by scraping her nails against his abs slightly tearing some flesh as she did so. "When I make a wish I always make sure I at least win something in return," she winked at him. She let his second words slide though since she once against felt flush by another one of his compliments. "I bet you would, and I'd do the same except I'd leave a marking of my touches when I do so."

"You seemed to have had somewhere in mind," she stated in response to the night's agenda topic. When he moved his hand under her chin she couldn't restrain from turning her head and peering up into his eyes. His lips drew closer to hers and she oddly didn't feel the need to pull away, but nevertheless she did. "I don't kiss without a first date remember. Until you can treat me like that queen you said you would tonight you'll have to keep that courage stored," she said with a smile. She did kissed him on the cheek caress it as she did so. "Right now I feel only like a princess so that's all you'll get." She giggled once more. And soon she noticed how much she was making those giddy giggles like a school girl.

When they reached the shop, Nami felt a little relief to have finally gotten out of the sight of those men. She sighed in relief, and soon felt Lucario slam her butt and his finger tracing up and down her back giving her a gentle, but soothing, massage as he did. "After coming out of that situation with those glares from those men I think we already got pass all the bad times, so it should be only good times from her on out," she said. She didn't express fully her pleasure of his arms tracing up her spine, but she did bite her lip lightly.

Once the massage was over and the two entered the shop, Nami could now smell the pastries in full essence. She felt her stomach let out a growl that signified that she hadn't eaten anything that morning. "I thought you were going to share with me. Don't tell me your so greedy that you wouldn't share with your wife," she said with a small pout of her lips. Can she cook pasties? She had never tried it, but she was not much of a cook either. She figured she'd be blunt this time. "Actually. I'm not all that good a cook. I mostly eat out," she stated. She followed him to the empty table and furrowed her eye brows when he patted his lap. Not that she didn't know what he mean't by the gesture, but instead he was surprised by it. Nevertheless she took him up on the offer and slammed herself down suddenly into his lap intentionally in hopes of teaching him a small lesson by damaging his manhood. When he would bend over in pain she would display some fake sympathy and ask affectionately, "Whats wrong honey?"


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