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1Bar Fight! [C-rank mission] Empty Bar Fight! [C-rank mission] on Thu Feb 04, 2016 7:15 am



Mission name: Bar fight!
Mission rank: C
Objective: Keep the peace.
Location: The Bazaar
Reward: 200
Mission description: During the night individuals get pretty rowdy with the drinks served around the market. Keep them in line.
Mission details: A few drunks will get into a fight. About three in total. It's your job to end it. However if you cause too much damage to the surrounding market or to the drunks (Put them in the hospital) You fail the mission. The drunks themselves are weak and have no academy training whats over and the booze has made them slow to react.

So, her job was to make sure that the marketplace didn’t break into a complete battle? Sounded easy enough. Most of the people here hadn’t even been trained as Academy students, and she was confident that students could already take them one on one, while those who had Academy training would most likely be able to hold in their liquor, or have the discipline not to cause a racket in such a public place, lest they ruin Iwagakure’s image. She would be able to handle herself.

Of course, no battle plan ever survived the enemy, and Jade was about to understand how true that statement was, when she entered the marketplace.

Currently, Jade was sitting at the edge of a rooftop, with a bird’s eye view of almost everything that went down in the marketplace. The Iwagakure marketplace was a wondrous sight to behold. There were many people around, either selling or buying wares and trinkets to decorate their homes with. Fruits and vegetables were being argued over, with customers trying to haggle the prices down to something almost jaw-droppingly low, while vendors never failed to fight back, trying to inflate the prices beyond how inflated they already were. It was almost impossible to make your way past any square inch of the bazaar without having to push and be pushed, fighting your way just to get to the store you want, and to do it quick enough that what you wanted wasn’t sold out was maybe a skill in itself, Jade thought.

All of a sudden, however, a small unconventional motion, even among the chaos that was the Iwagakure bazaar, caught her eye from the corner of it. There were people shoving, yet the people being shoved shoved back, and eventually one of them falled down, before standing back up and yelling something unintelligible into the other man’s face before punching him.

Jade stood up. This seemed serious, and she was about to go down when someone else beat her to it. It was another man, who forced himself between the two and tried to stop them from fighting, keeping them at an arm’s length from himself and each other. The other two men were still shouting at each other, but Jade still couldn’t make out what they were saying - or yelling - to each other due to the noise at the other parts of the market. The bazaar as a whole still functioned normally, with only the immediate parts of it being disrupted by the two men who were trying to rip out each others’ throats.

Suddenly, however, one of the men’s punches missed and hit the middle man’s face, right in the nose. His head jerked backwards and blood was clearly flowing from it, and he glared at one of them before sending his own fist to the man’s face. At this point, all three of them were already dragging each other and yanking on each other’s clothing, trying to get a good hit in, while the onlookers tried to give them as much space, with no one really ready or willing enough to jump in and try to stop the fight, worried that they would suffer the same fate.

Also, all three of them were very big. That was a major issue.

Jade leapt from the roof to the next one, this one slightly closer to the ground, before she let herself slip off of it and land on one of the stores’ roofs. She apologised to the man owning it, but he didn’t hear her, with his attention focused too much on the three people fighting. She leapt once more and landed in the clearing that the people had made, panning almost two metres in radius, with the three men fighting at the center.

As she landed, she could smell the strong scent of alcohol. Someone had been drinking, and she was very sure it was the two that had tried to pick a fight with each other. She grabbed one of the men by the shoulder, and he viciously turned to her. It was one of the men who had begun fighting, and she could clearly smell the alcohol on his face. He looked at her, rage in his eyes, and attempted to punch her, only for his fist to be dodged. Jade had moved her head to the right, before lashing out with a jab of her own to his stomach, making him double over. His eyes were wide as he collapsed onto all fours, with Jade supporting him even as he tried to lay down on the floor. She rubbed a hand on his shoulder in a comforting manner.

“Sorry about that, but you’ll thank me for that in the morning.”

She saw the other two fighting and slowly making their way to her and the downed man, before one of them jumped to the other side to avoid the other one charging straight towards her, and the injured person, probably not on purpose. Jade recognised him as the other person who tried to start a fight, and easily flipped him over her shoulder, using his momentum to bring him past the first person, who was lying on the ground now. The other man landed on his back, coughing up some spit - thank goodness it wasn’t blood - and groaning in pain, leaving the last person as the one who had tried to stop the fight.

Jade thought she had managed to calm the two down, however it seemed that the third one had also been riled up, as he wobbled from side to side before fixing his gaze onto her and pointing at her accusingly. Maybe he thought she was one of the men? Of course, that would mean that he was also drunk off his ass, but that didn’t explain why he had tried to stop the fight.

Nevertheless, Jade prepared herself as the man leapt at her, only for her to stop him halfway with an uppercut to his chin, which left him comically rotating a few degrees horizontally in the air before landing on his back. Or, he would have, had Jade not caught him just before he dropped onto the floor, before laying him down.

Jade stood up and looked at her handiwork. All three men were on the floor, tossing and turning and groaning at the sudden pain that had been introduced into their systems, hopefully enough to knock them out of their drunken state long enough for them to get out of the bazaar. One of the men vomited, and Jade picked him up, before helping the other two up. They almost tried to pick a fight with her again, before they realised she was an Iwa shinobi, and they quietly followed her out of the bazaar, with the crowd parting and making way for the four of them as they left the busy marketplace in the background.



C-rank mission: 1000/1000
Strength from E-1 to E-2: 150

Remaining: 18

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