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1 Escort Merchants Out of Iwa [Mission/P] on Fri Feb 05, 2016 6:43 pm



Mission name: Escort the merchants out of Iwa
Mission rank: B
Objective: To get the merchants safely to the border so they can go and sell their goods.
Location: Iwagakure border
Reward: 310 ryo
Mission description: There have been bandit attacks in the passes in the past. Recently these have increased. Protect the merchants from all threats.
Mission details: At some point the caravan of three wagons and six merchants will be attacked. Three chunnin ranked bandits with all D-3 rank stats and Battle axes will descend upon the caravan from above. Kill them to send a message. Iwa will not tolerate bandits. If any of the caravan is damaged you fail the mission.
Death Will Not Pardon Me But It Will Claim Thee

Peaceful. So wonderfully peaceful and tranquil. It seemed nothing could go wrong. As uneasy they may be about their escort, they knew she was more than capable and was actually taking this serious. Of course she would be. The last thing she needed was her final solo mission to go wrong. Her final mission as chuunin. After so long she was there. Ready. More than ready for the promotion she sought for. Few trusted her character but plenty acknowledge her abilities. She was quick, ruthless, and intelligent. Although having her fair share of unpleasantly, they were willing to pardon such in order to cement her loyalty. A loyalty that was almost vacant. The last year was not kind to her, no it wasn't at all. Yet it was rather enlightening. Her only regret was allowing one white haired medic to worm his way to her cold heart. No longer was she angry however. No those days were gone, the blind fury that burned her soul was gone, left only with acceptance. She has once more resigned to her fate. She will not be loved, nor cared for nor wanted. She was only needed when needed and left to her own devices otherwise.

Even if her employer wished her dead, she will no longer feel resentment in the face of such hostility, simply acceptance. She would accept she was hated and wished dead. She wouldn't allow it of course but she wouldn't let it drive crazy. Er crazier. No matter it wouldn't do well to dwell on it now. She was a new person, she wasn't going to let her past hold her down. Her new look was the first step after all. Gone was the green and rainbow eyes. Her new look was slick and clean. Even her overall attire seemed more put together. Most women after heartbreak cut their hair or go shopping. For Jet, she opted to go further. Of course she would keep her name until she reaches ANBU rank one day. For now this would have to do. And...Jet paused as she touched her eye patch, perhaps she could make him see her as no longer a child. One day...she vowed...she would get revenge. For now she needed to build up her power and some dobjutsu sounded pretty good actually. Heh, there wasn't anything wrong with her eye, in fact it was clear as day. A slight react to the ink though made her other personalities show through sometimes but it served more of a style purpose. In the future she'll replace it with something more deadly? Hehehe.

Her eye snapped open as she felt a disturbance in the air. . .bloodlust

Oh? Someone was foolish enough to stand in her way? Why surely they must be suicidal right? Of course they must be. Well, Jet grinned savagely, it wouldn't do for her to disappoint right? With a wave of her hand about 6 clones of hers popped into existence just a band of bandits descended from above. No orders were needed, the clones went to protect all the caravan members while Jet stood up, pulling out her gloves and equipping. She cracked her knuckles as she leaped down from the middle wagon she was on, delivering a drop kick to one of them. With a yelp he fell forward and almost dropped his ax. With the minuscule of time the distraction bought her she survived the enemy onslaught. Three men equipped with battle axes. From their muscle definition they were decently trained, better than the average genin at least. Their movements were a little clumsy but still below her. Physically they had the height and build over her as they were all pretty bulky and varied from 5'10 to 6'1. All were clothed in bear skins, inferior chuunin vests that were low quality and definitely imitations and. . .wow each wearing an Iwagakure forehead protector only a line scratched through them. Defectors? Who were still alive from the genocide era? Lucky day for her. Exterminating a couple pests, rogue pests, would look good on her record.

With a shout to the caravan members she told them not to worry and to hide in the wagons. Two clones were guarding the front wagon and the same with the back. A woman and child had been hiding in her wagon but she wouldn't let them get through her. Her remaining two clones were each engaged in combat with a bandit. And. . .with a side step and sent an ax kick towards the man's shoulder. Not wanting to leave him nameless she gave him a name, Inari. The other one would be Ikari. And the last would be Nobari. Currently she was facing Inari. Inari growled at her, faltering slightly at the kick but reaffirmed his grip on his battle ax. She couldn't leap back since the space between her and the wagon was too close so she ducked and sweep his feet from underneath and grabbing the staff of the ax and pressing it down on his throat, strength won so when he was on the verge of passing out she punched him the face knocking him out. One of her clones popped, the whole duling ikari. The one duling nobari fell soon after. A clone replaced them both, moving away from the merchants. Jet decided to use Ghost Style: Art of The Unseen and disappeared into nothingness. Her cloak form sprint behind the distracted Ikari, wrapping her arms around his neck and slitting his throat and snapping the neck. He fell without a word only a grunt in surprise. A child screamed watching the attacker suddenly die but Jet simply had to reappear for a moment telling her to be quiet and stay inside. The parent decided to intervened at that moment, pulling the child into their arms shielding them and whispering words of comfort. Jet didn't bother to roll her eyes as she sprinted to the last one left still alive. 

Honestly she no longer felt the excitement she felt earlier in this battle having assumed to much of the rogue bandits. They were far more inferior than she thought or she was just too smart for them. Nobari had dealt with her  clones and was about to head for the caravan members in hiding however Jet appeared only to deny him the opportunity by kicking him in the chest knocking him down. The man roared and flared his nostril activating a sensory jutsu. She could tell it was since he found her even though she was using her kind's special ability. It wasn't good enough to find her chakra signature that much wouldn't be possible as she put him as a c-rank level threat who not doubt had no skill with it enough to have one good enough to surpass her abilities. No rather by the flaring of his nostrils and twitch of his ears it only improved on previous abilities. 

Knowing that her scent wasn't covered was okay only that she knew she produced no sound unless speaking, even if she was breathing heavily which she most certainly was not. Perhaps...oh? This actually reminded her of a jutsu she created some time ago and saw it's advantages now. This individual most likely was specialized in wind chakra manipulation coupled taijutsu to improve their hearing to the extent to hear the flow of the air and how it changed. Ingenious but it wasn't going to be put to much use. She'll make sure to keep him to memory when she finds an individual to nudge in this direction to create similar jutsu and expand on it. The man slashed his battle axe at her but she only had to dodge. To the left. To the right. Down. Duck. Parry. Kick. Smack. Jump. Kick. Spin. She had let this battle dragged on long enough and felt disappointed. These last minute or two were wasted on him. She expected more from Nobari from his application of jutsu to his senses but it seemed he was a one trick pony. Very disappointing. Oh well he will be remembered and give a quick death. Jet's remaining clones appeared surrounding the bandit and together with her clones she formed the tiger seal, breathing deeply then bellowing out Great Fireballs at the bandit. He screamed in agony but the fire soon enough reached his heart and he fell in a crispy husk of what he used to be.  Then her clones kicked him away and went back to guarding the merchants as she released her invisibility jutsu.

Cries of happiness, hugging, and consoling filled the air. Truly the thought they were goners for a moment but the strange woman dealt with them all expertly and quickly too doing it all in the span of five minutes. They really got their money worth with this level of  protection. Thanking her confusingly, the merchants gathered up what they needed while Jet sent out a pulse of chakra to a couple of her subordinates to pick up the dead bandits to a secure location so she could examine the corpses in more depth.

1555/1500 Mission Complete

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