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1 Stolen Goat!! [Repeatable] on Sun Feb 07, 2016 9:56 pm



Mission name: Stolen Goat!!
Mission rank: C
Objective: Retrieve the stolen goat
Location: Valley of the Mountains
Reward: 220
Mission description: The goat that you helped return back to the owner has been stolen. Track down the missing goat and bring him back safely to the owner. If the goat is injured or killed, the mission will result in automatic failure.
Mission details: This is seen as a continuation of the escaped goat mission, so it can only be done if one has completed the said mission. The thief is nothing more than a stubborn all man, but his reaction time is D-3. He will say the mother of the goat was stolen from him first, so he will enact revenge by killing the goat so the current owner canít have it back. You must either talk the old man into giving the goat back, or subdue the old man without injuring him too seriously. Protection of the goat is also crucial, as the old man will try to kill the goat.

Name: Old Man Kiro
Age: 76
General Appearance: Older man with no hair on top of his head, but a long gray beard followed by grey bushy eyebrows. Wearing nothing more than rags, while being barefoot.
Personality: Very stubborn and mean spirited.
Motivations: Bringing his goat back home to him.
Fears: Losing his goat again.
Abilities: No jutsu and all E-Rank stats except for D-3 reaction time.
Other: Carries a wooden walking stick that he will use to produce blunt damage.


Specializations: Ninjutsu (S) Taijutsu (C)
Elements: Katon (S) Doton (C)
Missions Completed
D[3] C[1] B[0] A[0] S[0] SS[0]

2 Re: Stolen Goat!! [Repeatable] on Mon Feb 22, 2016 12:13 pm



Lower the reward for this mission. The amount of money you get for this mission doesn't fit the description of the mission.


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