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1 Can violence be the answer? [Open/No-kill] on Tue Feb 09, 2016 6:06 pm



A man burst through the doors of the administration building, his pace heavy and his mood less than happy. The man walking through, a newly inducted member of the ANBU, his armor nearly brand new and not a scratch on it. He stepped out and grabbed the nearest ANBU member nearby him, some quit whispering away from others like a dark secret being shared. The two of the talked for a moment, hushed silence around them as a few civilians looked near them but other ninja ignored them, they knew better than to interfere with ANBU. The both of them then stretched a bit, a look of annoyance more than anything would be seen on their faces, that was could you see more than just their eyes. As they headed towards the door they stopped before a young boy sleeping in one of the chairs, they stopped for a second before kicking the chair itself. A short jolt and the boy jumped to sit up right and rubbed his eyes as he looked at the ANBU standing there before him.

"Come on Maigo, wake up. We need your help with something real quick." the first ANBU told him as he cracked his neck.

"Need me? Why would you need me for something? Can't you guys handle it?" Maigo asked the two of them, the boy was disoriented from the deep state of sleep he was on.

The ANBU tilted his head slightly  before speaking, "It's not that we NEED you to help us out, it's just an annoying task we need to take care of in the village. Some dispute or something. And weren't you complaining about not having missions or Dameon around to train you?"

"You work with Dameon then, do you know what he's been doing?" Maigo asked as he stood up, ignoring the other things they said. He yawned loudly and stretched his shoulders and arms back as they began to speak again.

"He's gone, and not taking care of this fight, so come help us out."

The trio all left the admin building, the other two in a bit of a hurry, most likely to put an end to this quickly, and Maigo lagging slightly behind them in all their movements. The group moved quickly from rooftop to rooftop and through any other obstacles, during the travel the two ANBU tried to explain something about the fued to Maigo. Apparently two shop owners, bars to be exact, getting angry over the others competing for their customers and allegedly a fight about to break out between their workers and some very interested patrons. It was nearly night time, slightly cloudy skies as the sun began to set and a cool breeze through the air. Maigo was dressed as he always was in his short sleeved hoodie and his black pants and black sandals to go along with it. Along with the ninja tools in his pouch and the kunai on his leg, he also carried his sword around his waist as always. The three of them approached an alley of shops, mostly restaurants and other knick knack shops but instead of people around the street and alleys and shopping and eating the scene was replaced with a very different one.

Two sides had gathered, with four or five people on each side, a few drunk patrons around them yelling and other civilians further completing a circle around them. Some people with their children shoved their way around the crowd and other began to pile up and watch, the men in the middle were yelling back and forth. The two leaders stood at the front of their slightly intoxicated groups, one carrying a metal chain loosely in his hand and the other a wooden bat. The situation had already been extremely escalated thanks to the time it took for them to get there, one ANBU spoke softly from the rooftop and Maigo looked at them all from the rooftop.

He blinked for a second, and quickly there after, his eyes rotated and red eyes replaced his golden ones. His one tomoe sharingan active, he resented it because it wasn't more developed, but he still used it to watch over everyone, one ANBU looked over his shoulder slightly as he did so. As Maigo and the other ANBU prepared themselves, to inevitably intervene and do something, the men broke out into a fight. The man with the bat swung at their leader and all chaos broke out, the other men began to jump at each other and throw their own punches.

With some clarity Maigo called out, "I got this!" he said and quickly weaved the Rat handseal and stared upon the crowd. As he did he cast the Hell Viewing technique upon the men fighting to stop them from fighting, giving them a different thing to fight and forcing them to divert their attention from their own fight. As he did that though, one of the ANBU screamed out, "No!" he said as he watched a few people fall to the ground and a look of terror begin to fall over the civilians.

But, besides from Maigo's own good intentions, he also cast it upon some civilians antagonizing and a few passer-by's as well. Maigo intended only to trap the few men there but would end up affecting most of the group including a few kids who had decided to join in and see the action. The ANBU turned to Maigo and looked at him strenly, "What did you just do?" he spoke over the sound of a few shrieks and other yells and what not.

"I just used a genjutsu on them, worst fear kinda thing." he said as he looked around and saw what he really had done. "I guess I didn't think about the other people being in my vision as well..." he said and scratched the back of his head lightly.

The ANBU sighed and shook his head slightly, "Let's go let them out of the genjutsu, and then, how about letting us call the shots? Being your superiors and all, and I'd hate to cast any more genjutsu on kids tonight..." then the other two ANBU jumped down to begin trying to contain people and release them of the genjutsu. Maigo just sighed and spoke to himself, "Well, at least they're not fighting anymore?" he jumped down to the crowd and just kept the people in the area and from killing each other. Doing his best to calm them down and assure them that it was just an illusion, the ANBU would move much quicker than he did.

[1119 words]

[1 tomoe sharingan active, +1 to RT]

180/200 Chakra left:

-5 for 1 tomoe

Name: Demonic Illusion: Hell Viewing Technique (Magen: Narakumi no Jutsu ~ 魔幻・奈落見の術)
Canon/Custom: Canon
Rank: D
Type: Supplementary
Element: N/A
Range: Victim must be 15 metres or less from caster during casting, and the caster must maintain visual contact while putting the genjutsu into action. Once cast, range from caster and eye contact is irrelevant.
Specialty: Genjutsu
Duration: 3 posts or until dispelled
Cooldown: 6 posts
Description: Demonic Illusion: Hell Viewing Technique is a basic Genjutsu that plays on the instinctual fears of the victim. The user simply forms the Rat Hand seal, disrupting the chakra flow of the intended victim. They will then see any potential environmental hazards, such as dirt, sand, grass, leaves or snow, begin to spin and spiral as though caught in a cyclone, cloaking the transition and making it more believable for the victim to believe what follows. Once the diversionary show is over, the user will see their greatest fear manifested. For example, if someone is afraid of scorpions, they would see something like the one they love most being slaughtered by countless scorpions. This does not need to be a fear the caster knows of, as the fear is developed by the victim's mind. The obvious nature of this technique means that even the most fresh of Genin can tell they're in a genjutsu once they have had time to recover from the initial terror of the sights they have seen, and therefore the practical application of this comes not from keeping them in the Genjutsu, but from exploiting the moment of panic it creates once the victim sees the traumatic vision.


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