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Mission name: Catching a Prankster
Mission rank: D
Objective: Catch the kid who sprayed graffiti over the whole city.
Location: Iwagakure > General Forum
Reward: 80 ryo
Mission description: A boy has been putting graffiti on the wall of buildings. He has thus far managed to escape custody, and posses skills equal to that of an Academy ninja, able to move around on rooftops to escape capture. Now it is your turn to try and capture him, good luck!
Mission details: The boy has the skills of a Academy Student. He can jump over buildings.

In the ninja world, law and order were things to be laughed at, since ninja themselves, even if they claimed to be upholding the law and order in the ninja world, were first and foremost killers and saboteurs, careers of chaos and destruction. Change always happened in their lives, even on a daily basis, and they tended to bring such change into the lives of everyone else, messing up the order that people often knew.

As such, it wasn’t surprising that some of the children at the Academy who wanted to become ninja showed a greater tendency than other children their age to let loose with their inner chaos. Most people would call this being irresponsible, with such kids tending to skip school and hanging out at the arcades, or joining one of the local gangs and getting involved in all sorts of vices to get more recognition and respect from their peers at school in an immature race for the top dog.

There were kids, however, who decided on a different path after playing truant at the Academy. These kids were a tad bit higher than those who just lounged around wasting their time or joining ruffians who didn’t care too much about anyone but themselves, much less each other. These students went about vandalising the village that they were supposed to protect, thinking that they were already good enough to take on the village’s troubles without actually understanding the full weight of it.

These kids were normally considered the worst of the bunch, since they weren’t just being unnecessarily chaotic and destructive, but this chaos and destruction was being directed upon the very homes and lives of the people that they were supposed to grow up and protect. It was one thing to waste your own time, but to waste others’ time was where many drew the line, and these people were wasting far more than just others’ time and money.

There was also the fact that they were basically stepping on the wishes of their ancestors.

That was Jade’s hardcore view, though. It was why she had taken up this task of catching a rogue Academy student. These missions were often given to Genin to ensure that the Academy students could be straightened out and properly taught and disciplined before it became ingrained in their minds that vandalising public property was okay. It wasn’t. As small of a problem as it may seem to be, the psychological effect was huge, both on the population and the ninja. If you stopped even the slightest bit of taint on your pristine wall, the amount of effort you’d already have invested would make you invest even more to keep it clean, which was the basis of protecting one’s village. But, if you ignored even a small speck of dirt on the wall, soon, you would ignore it all, and people would take your ignorance as invite to throw even more dirt on it.

This was why Jade was currently moving towards the southwestern area of Iwagakure, where reports of one runaway academy student had been filling the mission lounge. He was currently busy spraying graffiti in the alleyways, sides, and fronts of many of the commercial buildings erected in the sector, and this had been after he had finished vandalising over a quarter of the village in his free time this morning. If Jade hadn’t been so angry that he had actually done all that so quickly, she might’ve been impressed.

She stopped on one of the roofs, perched nearly at the edge, and she could hear some yelling coming from the area to her right, just a little further up. She walked backwards a bit, before speeding forward to build up momentum, and leapt to the next roof, before stopping at the edge. Greeting her eyes were the sight of a man waving his fist as he tried to chase a young but spirited boy down an alley. It was supposed to be a dead end, and the man was about to catch him, when the boy demonstrated the academy-learned technique of the Supernatural Walking Practice, now a common skill even amongst academy students because it helped them practice their chakra control.

Jade let her eyes roam down the street that they had been running in. Rolling slowly in the floor, already losing most of its momentum, was the graffiti can that the boy was probably using before, now likely empty if he had discarded it. Further down the street, she saw graffiti sprayed over the walls, some of the higher ups and politicians in Iwagakure, and one even depicted the Tsuchikage sticking a finger up his own nose while wearing a pink wig.

Jade shook her head and chased after the boy, jumping onto two roofs until she was only separated from him by one roof. The boy kept running, surprisingly fast for someone his age, and threw her a ‘you can’t catch me’ grin as he turned back to taunt her. He nearly tripped on his own two feet and collapsed, giving Jade a minor heart attack, but he recovered at the last second and continued his escape, throwing her the middle finger as he leapt to yet another roof.

A tick appeared on Jade’s forehead as she brushed off the concern she had felt for him. Anger quickly replaced such concerns and she frowned as he jumped down from the roof and took to the streets, speeding to the left. Her eyes never leaving him, she jumped to the roof diagonally right to her location, before speeding past the boy from the rooftops and then jumping onto the street. She landed safely on her two feet, and turned around to see the shocked face of the truant academy student as his feet continued taking him forward, too fast to stop abruptly.

Jade sidestepped him, not wanting to be crashed into. The boy sported some hope for a moment, thinking that he was going to be able to speed past her and continue his escape. At the last second, though, her hand shot out and caught the boy’s collar, forcing him to come to a rough halt. His body jerked, his lower body flying forward until his entire body was almost parallel to the ground, before he collapsed, her hand still on his collar, keeping his upper body upright.

“I’m in big trouble, aren’t I?” the boy sighed from his position on the floor, looking up at her with puppy dog eyes, only to be met with a glare. “I guess that’s a yes.”



D-rank mission: 600/600

Strength, Reaction Time, and Perception to E-1: 75 x 3 = 225

Speed to E-2: 225

Remaining: 64

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