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Mission name: Ninja-nanny
Mission rank: D
Objective: Act as a babysitter for triplets whilst their parents are out of town for the night.
Location: Iwagakure
Reward: 70 Ryo
Mission description: Wanted: Babysitter for three kids for the night. Please have previous experience, be nice with kids and not be a smoker. There will be payment for this, thanks.
Mission details: Minimum of 600 words, if you let the kids get hurt you’ll not get paid.

Jade was currently seated in the living room of the family that had hired her to babysit their three children while the parents went out for a much needed romantic night out on the town.

A few hours ago, Jade had been ushered into the house, with the parents giving her a quick list of things to do, and several heads up for the children’s antics. The oldest one, a boy that she had codenamed Red because he loved to wear a red bandanna, had a tendency to… well, he had a tendency to wear a red bandanna all the time, even in the shower. It had been a chore taking it off of him during the shower time, and Red had been impossible to handle in the showers, refusing to use the shower head and instead pointing it straight at Jade. The girl had to come up with an inventive use of Crystal Release to shield herself from the aquatic onslaught before managing to force the child to take his shower.

The shampoo had been impossible to put on, and it had been round two when she tried to wash it off of him. It would have been easy had one of the conditions been to explicitly not hurt the children in any way, physically or mentally, and she was quite sure that trauma fell under the latter category.

The second oldest was a girl, and she had codenamed this one Blue, because she had a doll which she dressed completely in blue. The weird thing that had earned her this name, though, wasn’t that she had dressed the doll completely in blue. It was that she had no blue dresses for the doll to start with. All her dresses were either bright red, bright green with yellow spots, or even white and black, like a gothic lolita. She had dressed her doll up in the green and yellow dress before painting the dress slowly and carefully in blue. Unfortunately, because of the different shades of green and yellow underneath the dress, the colour had not come out even, and she had disrobed her doll before repeating the process with the purely red dress. Truly, she had also earned her name, Blue.

The last, and youngest of all, had been the most troublesome. She had nicknamed him Orange, and the specifics of that small adventure were one that would continue to haunt Jade constantly. The boy had nothing orange in him, nor did he try to do anything to make anything around him orange, just like his brother and sister before him. Unfortunately… the boy had plenty of orange within him. The boy absolutely loved vomiting. The first few times he had vomited, being that it was only half an hour after the couple had left, Jade had almost called them to ask if it was normal that he was vomiting this much. She suspected him of being anorexic or bulimic, but she had observed him eat through his dinner and he showed neither the desire to starve himself nor the scratching of his throat. Even then, he had vomited out something uglily orange, and Jade once again had to clean it up the old fashioned way - with a cloth and a mop, before sending the boy back to the showers - the third in half an hour. Throughout the night, however, she had begun to learn that he vomited not because he was sick, but because he felt like it. The damned boy always looked so smug whenever he managed to vomit onto her shoes or onto something precious, forcing her into a frenzy as she tried to clean whatever it was he had dirtied up before the children’s parents returned.

Orange had disgusted her the most, but in her mind, he also had the most talent to becoming a ninja, if he could persevere through the disgust of vomiting each time just to get at her. With insistence, stubbornness, and perseverance like that, if he ever enrolled in the ninja academy, she would be ready to bet that he would make Genin in no time, and even then power through the difficulties to quickly become a Chuunin in service to the village.

She hoped that happened, not just so that the village would gain another powerful, if hard-headed asset, but also because, as a shinobi, he would be under shinobi law and she would be free to abuse him all she wanted. Then she would be able to take her payback for whatever he had ruined of her tonight, and she was sure that there were six stacks of towels she had brought from her hotel room that she would never be able to reuse, simply because the once-white and pristine towels were now a sickly colour of orange vomit, even after having been rinsed multiple times, and painfully.

Unfortunately, the end to this story had no big reveal where she had managed to outsmart them. She had merely kept them busy until they had overexerted themselves and collapsed from exhaustion, before she threw their barely awake selves into the showers and cleaned them off, and tucking them into bed. It was this time that Orange had refrained from vomiting, though she could never tell if it was because he had run out of vomit throughout the night, if he was simply going easy on her and by extension his siblings, or if he believed that she had earned her respite.

It was why she was now sitting in the living room, waiting for the children’s parents to come home. Her babysitting had been a success, and she hoped that she would never ever have to set foot in this house ever again.



Completing D-rank Mission: 600
Training Endurance from E-0 to E-1: 75
Training Strength from E-2 to E-3: 225

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