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1 Paint the Walls [D-rank] on Tue Feb 16, 2016 6:08 pm



Mission name: Paint The Walls
Mission rank: D
Objective: The walls of the Administration Building need a fresh coat of paint. It will be your job to finish applying the new paint before nightfall.
Location: Konoha Administration Building
Reward: 60 Ryo
Mission description: Just a simple painting job. The most dangerous aspect is using the ladders to reach the undersides of the balconies.
Mission details: Just make sure nothing gets into the wet paint before it dries and all will be fine.

Painting the Administration Building? No, not Kidou’s idea of fun. Never.

However, it was a job that needed doing, and being a ninja of the village, Kidou had to fulfill whatever task was assigned to him, whether he liked it or not. It was something that didn’t go too popularised, even among the ninja population, since the village wanted to keep an equal amount of pragmatism in their ninja’s careers, and so didn’t want them too focused on any one type of task unless they were explicitly planning on specialising in that field. And Kidou didn’t plan to explicitly specialise in any field for his village, so he was probably one of the unfortunate ninja that had been plucked out of the roster to do all the jobs that the other village ninja didn’t want.

He climbed up the ladder to reach the outer walls of the second floor of the Administration Building. He was using his left hand to stabilise himself as he placed one foot above the other to ascend the ladder, with the can of paint in his right hand, and the paintbrush resting halfway in paint within the can itself. When he finally reached the top, he had his shadow, which was elongated down the entire length of the wall thanks to the position of the sun, reach out and loop three times around the can of paint to secure it, before his right hand reached into it and grabbed onto the slightly sticky surface of the paintbrush. He swirled it in paint a few times before reaching up and slathering dark blue paint onto the surface of the Administration Building.

It wasn’t really an unnatural task for Genin to have to do this, considering it was a good source of income into their wallets, especially for their level. It was definitely not anything exciting, but Kidou could do with ‘not exciting’. All he wanted to do was really sit back and relax and enjoy life, maybe watching it from the confines of his home, looking out the window, or in the fields, laying amongst the deer as they grazed. That was what he wanted to do, and his profession as a ninja had only complemented his desire to see as little of life as possible fall when they weren’t supposed to. To stop pointless death, he would have to jump into pointless death.

Of course, being a Genin, he couldn’t really do much. Sure, he was receiving training from his parents, and he was also training on his own, but bar being allowed to train at a higher level of exertion than he currently was allowed to as a Genin, he was really getting nowhere. He supposed that these D-ranks did have another purpose - to help him earn his place in Konoha so that he wouldn’t be considered underwhelming when it came to his attempt at a promotion. Promotions were often given to those who displayed effort not only in honing their bodies, which many would argue he lacked, but also in honing their loyalty to their village.

Still, pain or not, it was a task that he was stuck with, and idly, he realised that he had already painted most of the wall that he had been assigned to while deep in thought. The entire section of the wall was now a deep blue coat of fresh paint, definitely in a better condition than the view that he had been introduced to not a few hours ago. Kidou completed the last of his work and came down, before walking into the building he had just been painting and reporting mission complete.



D-rank Mission: 600/600

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