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1 Training Area Maintenance [D-rank] on Wed Feb 17, 2016 11:25 am



Mission name: Training Area Maintenance
Mission rank: D
Objective: Thoroughly perform maintenance on one of the training areas.
Location: Konoha - General
Reward: 50 ryo
Mission description: The training areas utilized by Konoha shinobi frequently fall into disrepair due to rigorous use. You are to fill in any holes in the field with sod, replace the taijutsu striking logs, as well as tidy up the area in general (removing trash, returning forgotten weapons to the owner, etc.) As there is more than one training field, this mission may be taken more than once.
Mission details: All materials you need to accomplish this mission will be given to you by the owner of the lands.

Harue stood in Training Area 41, adjusting a taijutsu log such that it was standing up straight. She stood back and took a look, measuring its relative size with her thumb, while also making sure that it was aligned with the other two taijutsu logs that she had placed. The third one was always the hardest, since you had to make sure that it was in the same line to uphold the professionalism of your village. The first one, you could plop down just about anywhere in the middle of the training grounds. The second one you could plop down anywhere next to either of those. The third one, however, you had to make sure aligned just nicely with the other two, not just being collinear with the other two posts, but also equidistant from the center post, so that it didn’t look too weird. Equality was a valued thing in Konoha, since it helped the dogma that no teammate was more important than the other, therefore encouraging teamwork. The fact that you had to dig a hole for the training logs didn’t make the task any easier.

Harue stood back and surveyed her completed task, satisfied. She had already done many of the things that she was supposed to do in relation to training area maintenance, for example picking up stray rubbish like forgotten or broken kunai, shuriken, and senbon, which were often found littered in the vicinity whenever ninja just didn’t feel like it was worth covering the entire training grounds, which could sometimes go up to several hundred metres in either direction, just to collect a few pieces of metal, instead preferring to purchase them from the local store. This was even after the village had pressed for recycling, since cheap materials, cheap for their abundance, would never stay that way, considering resources were, while abundant, still in the end ultimately limited. Some of the weapons, however, she had returned to the owners. It was difficult determining which item was whose, but how the system worked was that the owners submitted a number of weapons that they had dropped at the training area, and for every item you returned, you got a slightly, marginally larger reward than you otherwise would. It was a good incentive while not proving to be overly costly, and if they wanted to pay more to get their opponents’ weapons, then that was their opponents’ responsibility to either pick his weapons up beforehand or to join in on the mission payments. Either way, the Genin gained, if not financially then at least saving up precious time to do other things in their day.

Harue was no stranger to training area maintenance. Given the large number of ninja who no doubt used the training grounds in the village, of the dozens, if not hundreds, scattered both inside and outside its walls, there was no doubt at least a third of the training grounds that needed maintenance at any one time, and considering it was easy money, Harue often liked to go for these. While they were simply and low-paying, they were also the least time-consuming, which had been an increasing factor recently in whether she wanted to take a mission. She suspected this was because of her dog, and wanting to spend time with Nikko as much as she could before she could never see him again…

… And there she went again, fussing over something that she couldn’t control at all. Harue shook such thoughts out of her head and walked back to the administration building, all the resources and leftover supplies from repairing the training grounds already packed to one side so the non-combat staff could take them back into the supply warehouses for future usage.

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