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1 Helping an Old Woman [D-rank] on Wed Feb 17, 2016 11:46 am



Mission name: Helping an Old Woman
Mission rank: D
Objective: Buy all the things that are on old lady Ninaro's list.
Location: Ninaros house lies on the top of a mountain in the South of the region.
Reward: 75 ryo
Mission description: You have to buy and do all the things for Lady Ninaro. It all has to be done in one day.
Mission details: The individual has to go to diffrent stores for all the things Ninaro will need. The list with things the individual has to buy or has to do will appear in a spoiler at the end of the details.
Ninaros list:
- 4 Apples
- 11 Sweet potatoes
- 3 Tomatoes
- 2 packs of instant ramen
- 1 pack of Sunflower seed
- 1 pack of Rose seed
- 3 boxes of Green Tea
- Perfume
- 2 pieces of Granny Underwear
To do:
- Take a walk with her dog
- Feed her cat
- Help her do the cleaning

Harue took a look at the apple that she currently held in her right hand. It was red and rosy, but when she gave it a light squeeze, it gave way almost far too easily. She shook her head as she put the apple back onto the pile. This one also wasn’t the freshest she could find. She went for another one that seemed to be it and repeated the entire process, first looking at it in her hand, then moving it to a more brightly-lit spot for closer inspection, before she tested to see if the apple was insubstantial. Satisfied, she placed the last of the four apples that she was supposed to get into the trolley beside her, before moving on.

Today, as with many other days, Harue had been tasked with a myriad of D-ranks and C-ranks, which was normal for any and all Konoha ninja. Her final task for the day had been to help an old, lovable lady called Ninaro complete her house chores and grocery shopping, for the old woman was far too feeble now to attempt any of her daily chores, bar cooking and preparing her own meals or relieving herself. Fortunately, though, the old woman was one of the richest people in Konoha, thanks mostly to her thrifty ways and the fortune she inherited from her parents, as well as having no heir or heiress to pass any of this fortune onto, allowing her to hire Genin to do her daily work for her while she remained at home enjoying a book or reading television.

Harue rechecked the list that she kept in her pocket. Mentally, she read out, ‘Four apples, check; eleven sweet potatoes, check; three tomatoes, check; two packs of instant ramen, check; three boxes of green tea, check; perfume, a single box right here so check; two pieces of granny underwear, check.’

With that, she folded the small list, no larger than her palm, back in half and proceeded to push the trolley to the counter to pay for all of the stuff, with the money that Ninaro had supplied for the mission. Obviously, the old lady didn’t expect for Harue to pay for it out of her own pockets, even though for someone as feeble but lovable as the old lady, Harue probably wouldn’t have been able to reject the request. Instead, Ninaro had given Harue a small sum of money, amounting to around two hundred and fifty ryo, to pay for the goods, before she was to return that, with the receipt, to Ninaro herself. The old lady, while weak in body, was strong in mind, as she clearly knew how to make sure that she wasn’t cheated out of her money, given she wasn’t living off on any of Konoha’s elderly benefits, nor was she earning any more income.

With grocery shopping done, all Harue had to do was return to Ninaro with the groceries and she would be able to call the mission complete. She had already performed all of the old lady’s tasks before she had decided to go to the grocery store, leaving that for last since she wanted the house to be in top condition before she left Ninaro to her own devices for the day, and the old lady had been very pleased with the amount of effort that Harue had put into it. A bonus reward would have gone into the mission, but both Harue and Ninaro knew that her fortune would not last forever, however big she was, and both had respectfully agreed that the agreed amount stipulated in the mission scroll had been more than sufficient.

Harue received the receipt from the cashier politely, before trotting back to Ninaro’s, intent on finishing this mission and returning home for rest.

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