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1 Catching a Prankster [D-Rank] on Fri Feb 19, 2016 6:19 am



Saisei walked out into the main streets of Konoha and breathed a sigh of relief. He was finally getting to do something fun, albeit relatively easy, to help the village. He had just been tasked with finding a child, a prankster that thought they were funny by putting up graffiti all over the village, a child that had thus far managed to escape capture, which meant he was faster than the average civilian. He was good enough to be a member of the Academy, Saisei had been told, which was impressive if he hadn't already enrolled, but being fast enough to outrun civilians and being fast enough to outrun a genin were two vastly different things. Saisei was probably going to have more trouble than others to find him in the first place, due to the lack of hearing, so he would have to rely primarily on his sight for this one, as none of his other senses were going to be extremely useful, but he decided that the best place to start would be where the graffiti wasn't. He had glanced some of the paintings as he made his way across the rooftops to a blank canvas, and some of them were actually rather impressive, considering the age of the child vandalising the walls. As much as it wasn't allowed, not many people seemed to mind, as they all enjoyed the new sights to see on their houses. But Saisei had been hired to find the child and capture him, and unfortunately that was what he was going to do, regardless of his personal feelings or those of the public on the matter.

Upon arriving at a location that seemed promising, Saisei began to have a look around. It was a clear, newly painted white building, a perfect blank canvas for any aspiring graffiti artist, and so it didn't take very long for Saisei to spot the child, as he was making his way with two paint buckets in either hand and a large brush sitting in his mouth. He was walking in front of Saisei, with his back to his pursuer, which gave the Hyuga a chance to sneak up on the child, something he had always had something of an issue with. The problem with sneaking up on people while you're deaf is you can never tell how much noise you are making and so, without noticing, Saisei kicked over a bucket, and started a chain reaction causing a mighty loud clatter of various items, which in turn caused the artist to look his way, and meet the gaze of his hunter. Within a second the two paint cans had been dropped and the boy was on the move, jumping up the white building onto the rooftops and making his escape, thinking that it was just another civilian running after him. The surprise was evident on his face when Saisei joined him at the top of the building in moments, and thus the chase began. The chase took the two across almost all of Konoha until eventually the boy had run out of stamina and allowed Saisei to meet with him. The boy, through panting gasps of breath, spoke to his captor.

"I have to admit, I'm impressed you were able to keep up with me, but from the moment I saw you and your headband I knew that this was probably going to be the day I was caught. Still, I managed to do pretty well up until now..."

Saisei almost felt bad for the boy, who was trying to make conversation with someone who, although able to understand the words he was saying, was completely unable to reply. Being mute usually came from being deaf, and so the conversation ended almost as soon as it began. After a few minutes of the boy catching his breath, Saisei took him to the Ninja Academy in Konoha, and handed him over to the chunin in charge there. The boy possessed the skills of an Academy student, and would no doubt make a fine ninja if he actually put those skills to work instead of ruining the landscape. With that Saisei took his reward for the mission and went home, finally glad he'd been able to get a workout at long last.


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