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1 Bar Fight [C-Rank, Closed] on Tue Feb 23, 2016 12:23 am



It was close to midnight on a friday night in Iwagakure. At the end of a work week like this, people tended to loosen up and have fun. These activities normally started around seven o’clock, just when the sun was setting. Young girls in large groups of friends could be heard roaming around the streets. Men, young and old, roamed in small packs themselves, following after the women of the streets. By nine o’clock, the bars were packed. Filled with happy, drunk people who were living out their lives with new friends made in those bars. By eleven, that's when the fun, and trouble really started. The alcohol was starting to set in, so naturally people were getting loose. Recently however, there has been reports of people getting a little too rowdy for their own good. Meaning there was a sudden spike of physical assaults happening in the Bazaar, causing people to feel uneasy. In order to keep this in check, the village as dispatched ninja to serve as a police force on these nights. The ninja that were sent out weren’t necessarily authorized to cause any harm to the citizens, and the people knew this. In truth, the ninja were supposed to take a diplomatic approach to these new situations, acting more as a peacekeeper than an authoritative force to not be reckoned with.

The job called for different ninja to alternate every once in a while, and tonight just so happened to be Erai’s night. She actually didn’t mind assuming this role for the night, not that she had much choice in it to begin with. She was just glad that the D ranks that were assigned to her before were nothing more than a thing of the past. Walking confidently down the street, she wore casual clothes so she wouldn’t stick out as much. Deferring her ninja garb to be used for a more serious occasion, she favoured her high waisted black jeans that may have been a little too tight. Along with this came with a loose fitting, spaghetti stringed, sky blue crop top. It exposed her belly button, but the wind caused it to reveal a couple centimeters more of her stomach.  To compliment this look came her black, thick soled, high heel elastic boots. The heel itself was maybe four or five inches, though due to the design of the boots, they caused no discomfort. Managing to fit her hands into her pockets, she surveyed the different bars that were around. She took note of every irregular action that took place, carefully observing her environment. Noticing her current area, she decided to walk into a known trouble bar.

The bar was called Fairy’s Tear, though despite the name, it wasn’t really a nice place. Once upon a time, it was known to be inhabited by street thugs and gangsters. They illegally acquired the ownership from the previous owner. On top of that, they even established a drug ring that was ran quite literally from the front door instead of the back. It wasn’t until the current Tsuchikage came into power that the bar was cleaned out. Now it was nothing more for the roughnecks to sulk about their lost influence. To Erai’s surprise, this wasn’t even the most dangerous bar in Iwagakure, it was just among one of the most reported. She walked in, gaining the attention of most of the males who weren’t passed out drunk at their tables. Erai’s white hair flowed behind her as she had it free from its ponytail for the occasion. She was more than prepared for the task at hand, not needing any of her ninja tools. She figured her fists would be more than enough to handle just a couple of drunks. In any case, she walked over the bar, greeting the bartender before speaking. “Hey! How’s it going tonight?” she said as the sat in her bar stool. The bartender turned his attention to Erai while he cleaned a couple of shot glasses.

The bartender was also the original owner of the Fairy’s Tear before it got taken from him. Now he managed to retake his property and acted as the bartender since he couldn’t find a suitable replacement. He was an older gentlemen, looking to be in his early fifties, his gray showing within he neatly groomed hair. He was clean shaven aside from a thick mustache, one typical of someone his age it seemed like. Looking at Erai, he kept a serious face as he readied his reply. “Business is well tonight, may I know who’s asking?” he said in a deep husky voice. Erai shifted in her seat slightly to get comfortable before speaking. “There’s been plenty of reports coming in about some pretty serious assault cases. I’m here tonight to make sure everything run smoothly. Can I get a glass of water by the way? I’m parched.” she said adding a light tone to the conversation. The owner nodded his head and handed her a glass of water. He then leaned over to Erai in order to keep their conversation private. “Since you're here because of that, you should know the troublesome people aren’t here yet. They’ll be coming soon though, just to let you know.” Erai nodded as she took a sip of her water.

Around twenty minutes passed before the bartender notified Erai that the men walked in. She turned her head slightly and watched as the men had a small bop about them. It was as if they were already tipsy, and this very well may have been the case. Keeping them in her sights, she analyzed their every move. There were two of them, and they seemed to be drawn to a certain person. Erai sat her glass back on to bar as she waited to hear any signs of struggle between any of the men. Of course, it didn’t take long for something to pop off, the sounds of drunken argueing echoing throughout the establishment. Erai got up from her bar stool and walked over to where the men were, calmly. She had her left hand in her pocket, taking her time walking over to the men. They immediately focused their attention on her, throwing sexist comments at her, though she had already blocked them out. Raising her right hand as a sign for them to calm down, she began to speak.

“Listen guys, it's best if you just go on home and sleep this off. I completely understand where you guys are coming from, so just heed my advice.” The men looked each other before lunging towards Erai. She simply stepped from side to side, easily avoiding their attacks. From here she literally kicked their butts with her heels, causing them to squeal in pain. “There! Now go on and get out of here!” she said as she was trying to keep her giggle in. The men ran out like puppies as the bar laughed at them. Walking back over the bar, she took a couple more sips of water before leaving, the owner letting his thanks be known.

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