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There was nothing left in Kumogakure no sato, nor Kaminari no Kuni for him at the moment. He would return when the time was right, but for now, he would depart. But where would he go? There was so much for him to do in the world, but where would he start? Perhaps he should travel to Hi no Kuni , and visit Konohagakure no Sato? No, that would not be a good idea; Kensei had family that lived in Konoha no Sato. Meeting them would possibly throw a wrench into the Incarnation's plans; they would ask him to stay, and more than likely they would begin to ask questions that would require answers that he did not have for them. So, Hi no Kuni, and by extension, Konohagakure no Sato was out of the question.

Perhaps it was time to return to where he began? He could go back to Kirigakure.... yes. Perhaps that would be best it was a place that Kensei knew very well, and his face was well known. People would listen to him there even if they believed that it was Kensei speaking. If something went wrong, it wouldn't be all bad. He could simply leave again, and no one would say much as he'd [Kensei] had done it once already. The man was no longer a ninja of the village of Kirigakure no Sato, so the local authorities had no reason to hold him, nor could they make a claim against him for leaving as he pleased.

It was perfect.

With his destination in mind, the Incarnation clothed in the flesh of Man turned himself in the direct of Kirigakure, and began to make his way. But as he did so, he could feel a bit of apprehension in the air. He could feel... something. Something bad was on the horizon, something that would engulf the world. The winds smelled faintly of blood. Weird. He'd never expirenced something like this before but he would push it to the side, nonetheless. With that and a swish of his coat, the male turned away from the gates of Kumogakure and began to walk. Fast steps, ones that would bring him to Mizu no Kuni and Kirigakure no Sato rather quickly.

The country side would pass quickly by him as the male made his way through it. The previous time this body had traveled from Kiri to Kumogakure, he'd taken the land route, trekking over the mountain and taking the merchant roads through the valleys that led to the edge of Kumogakure no Sato. But this time, the male knew of a trick, a secret if you will. There was a system of tunnels within the mountain, tunnels that allowed for a quicker descent from the mountains to the low lands of the plains.

After arming himself with a lantern and some oil, the male would seek out a hidden entrace into the underground complex. These tunnels were once used by the village in times of evacuation, but had long fallen into disuse due to sheer neglect. It would seem that Kumogakure no Sato had become somewhat complacent in its time of peace. With no wars going on, there was no real reason for them to keep up such escape routes. But the incarnation could not blame them the tunnels were notorious for collapsing without warning due to changes on the surface of the mountain above. The incarnation had to be careful his host did not naturally posess an affinity for the Doton chakra nature. While Kensei's Raiton nature was perfect for blasting through earth, he was just as likely to cause another massive cave in as he was to free himself from one.

Oh well. He would deal with that bridge if and when it he came to it. For now, he would continue on through the tunnel complex in an effort to make his way to Kirigakure.

It would take a merchant caravan a full day to descend the mountain from Kumokagure to the plains; a feat Kensei accomplished in half the time, thanks to the tunnel system. As night would fall, the male would take his time, seeking out a reputable inn for the evening to keep from traveling in the dark.


Once the sun began to rise in the morning, the male set off once again across the plains. He had more more leeway as to what route for him to take to reach the gates of Kiri; while he was technnically still within the borders of Kaminari no Kuni, he could take a route that took him out of his way to reach his destination, ensuring that he could see and meet more people in order to kearn more. Or, he could take a more direct approach, and begin pushing the main goal as soon as possible.

Decisions, decisions. He could always use the time he spent wandering through the extra towns and minor villages to seek out information on Entrophy...

No. If there was anything on Entrophy, he would have heard about it by now. Entrophy could not be in a place long without causing destructtion. It would be best if the incarnation continued on to Kirigakure as soon as possible. There was no time to waste -- he had work to do, after all. It wouldn't take long for the incarnation to arrive at the gates of the village. It was only half a day's walk from the inn he stayed at. As the incarnation pushed himself, he came to the swamps and low lands of the village he knew only through Kensei's memories. He would learn on this day, in this village if his flock was capable of being taught the truth.


Total WC: 951
Travel 951/600 = 351 WC remaining

STR E-1 to E-2 150/351 = 201WC

END E-1 to E-2 150/201 = 51 WC


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