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It took Erai a good while to reach the bath area, occasionally stumbling along the way. She had already disrobed and was enjoying the heat of the water. The steam from the bath cleared her nose, and her head. Thinking back on to the training, it was hard to remember exactly what she did. That seemed to be the trend however when dealing with a hard workout like the one she endured. Even if she may have been experiencing a sort of selective memory, she knew she learned the jutsu. She laid in the bath until it went from steaming hot to lukewarm, perhaps even falling asleep somewhere in between. After the bath, she took to the showers, cleaning whatever else that was on her skin. Once her shower was complete, she walked over to her bag that she carried with her to the dojo, and then to the bathroom. Figuring her workout clothes would be pretty much done, she packed spare clothes. The bag itself was full of extra clothes for practically any occasion, as she would use the same bag when she went to the gym. In this case, she pulled out some more comfy clothes. These clothes consisted of sweatpants and a shirt with long sleeves. Before she put the shirt on, she took a moment to look at the markings on her body.

The Uchiha brand on her left shoulder, making sure she’d never forget her roots. As well the kanji for light on her right shoulder, which had its own meaning. She didn’t take too long staring at these as she had seen them before. Once her clothes were on, she made her way to the kitchen where she could recover some of her energy. Looking into her bag, she pondered just taking her supplements so she wouldn’t have to eat the Tsuchikage’s food. After a few minutes of pacing around however, she decided to take the Tsuchikage up on his offer. She didn’t want to seem rude or like she was better than what he was offering. So she carefully selected her food items, keeping to her strict diet. The food ate all tasted as if it had high quality as well. but at this point Erai wasn’t surprised. The only thing she wasn’t sure of was if the Tsuchikage actually lived here. To think that such accommodations would be set up for students was hard to believe really. Still she ate her food and decided to turn in early. She wanted to be in full strength for tomorrow’s exercise. In retiring early she became quite acquainted with phenomenal beds. instantly falling asleep.

Waking up she felt refreshed, even swearing that the waters in the bath had some sort of special healing properties hidden in them. Checking the time, she saw it was about an hour before 10 am. So she had plenty of time since she was right next door. With that said, she merely had the assumption that the Tsuchikage would want to meet at the same time, though this didn’t cross her mind. As she was getting ready for the day’s training, she didn’t feel any of the same wild emotions prior to the session like yesterday. In fact, she felt as if she had just got done meditating for an entire hour, if not more. Mentally, she had probably never felt better; physically however was another story. Once she placed her barefeet on to the floor, she could feel the soreness in her legs. Most of the uncomfort was mitigated because of the bath she took, as well a few supplements before going bed. Even though this was the case, it didn’t stop the pain from finding its way into her body. She would have to suck it up for today, as she didn’t want to use her soreness as an excuse. Knowing full well that she would need to be able to perform today, no matter what kind of aliment she may have been going through. She quickly got dressed in a fresh set of workout clothes and made her way to the dojo where she would wait on the Tsuchikage.

Walking with a slight stutter, she could feel herself getting more and more pumped as she walked closer to the dojo. The soreness started to seep away the closer she got to the dojo, for what reason Erai didn’t know. If it wasn’t clear by now, she always managed to get excited when it came to training. She found long ago that she took special interest in it, and this would pay off as she grew older. Making herself better, breaking her body, and rebuilding it were things that she enjoyed about training. By the time she reached the doors of the dojo, the remnants of her sore body were gone. Replaced by a strong beating heart, and a clear mind. Reaching the middle of the dojo, she began to do stretches, allowing blood to flow uninhibited throughout her body. She knew that she was going to need every part of her body today. If today’s session was anything like the day before, she figured it would probably be rough. If she was being completely honest with herself, she could still feel small bit of anxiety deep down in her stomach. It may have even been fear; somewhere deep down she was scared of getting hurt like she did yesterday. Erai didn’t regard these emotions, as she knew this was just her body letting itself know that it was alive. It was alive and ready to work hard like it did the day before.

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