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Safety Inspections:

Mission name: Safety Inspections.
Mission rank: C-Rank.
Objective: Test some new gadgets for military research and development before they get mass produced for field testing.
Location: Konoha.
Reward: 200 Ryo.
Mission description: Research and development for the military has invented some things, and they're not sure whether or not they want to spend the time mass producing them for field testing. They want you to take an invention or two and test it for them yourself and report back with your findings.
Mission Details: You get one or two inventions, they'll often be crazy and impractical, but some are brilliant, test them and report your findings.

Saisei walked at a brisk pace, eager to get to his destination for the day and start a really intriguing mission he was very much looking forward to, simply because it was unlike anything he had ever done before. Earlier that same day, the young Hyuga had been at home, with no issues at all, just relaxing and wondering if anything interesting was going to happen today. It had been at that time his mother had walked into his room, through the only entrance and exit into Saisei's room. Due to his deafness, he had changed the layout of this room many times. Now, the TV sat next to the door, raised a bit and to the right but within clear sight of peripheral vision. And the rest of the room was very similar, all positioned such that wherever he was in his room, he could see the door. After all, as someone who couldn't hear anything, if that door opened and he wasn't watching it, he'd have no idea, which could mean death in a shinobi world. His mum walked in and spoke, well mouthed the words to her son, a piece of paper held in her hands that she extended out to Saisei as she spoke.

"Son, this just arrived, it's from the administration building, they need your help with a mission regarding the safety of the village or something. Interested?"

As Saisei reached out and took the paper, reading the paper as he returned to his sitting position on the floor, he watched his mother as she walked around the room, her mouth occasionally moving as she murmured to herself. Despite being the only reason he was still alive, the deaf Hyuga had always considered his mother as an enigma. She was not a Hyuga by blood, rather she had married into the family by choosing Saisei's father, the man who would later try to assassinate the Head of the Clan and take his place, before having to flee persecution in Konoha and going to god knows where, doing god knows what. It was very likely that he was already dead, and yet his son had no idea who he was. But he always kept an eye on his mother for that very reason, his father had escaped the prison with someone's help, and everyone assumed it had been her, but there had never been enough proof against her to properly conduct an investigation or even a trial. She was a crafty one, she always said to Saisei that, when they spoke, she only mouthed her words, as actual volume was unnecessary when conversing with her son, but her son had no way of knowing if she was truly doing that, and he'd never have any way of knowing, as she never went out the house, choosing to stay at home and do some form of work here, but Saisei had never actually seen her doing anything beyond cooking occasionally and talking to her son. But, that was a tale for another time, right now Saisei had a mission to get started on.

He nodded to his mother as a gesture of thanks before leaving the house, spreading his wings and heading to the address listed on the paper. The message was rather simple honestly, and explained everything as clearly as it needed to be:

To the shinobi in possession of this parchment,
You have been selected to aid the Konoha Scientific Research and Development Center in their endeavours to create new tools to use against our foes. Before mass production however, many of these items need to be tested to make sure they are safe for both the ninja using it and for anyone in the vicinity of their use. For that reason, you have been selected to test out the new ninja tools, potentially those to be used commercially in the near future. Head to the Administration Building, turn left, and there you should find the KSRDC, hand over this parchment and you will begin.

With thanks,
Doc Brown

P.S. You will be handsomely rewarded for any and all help provided.

Within a few minutes of finishing the notice, Saisei arrived at his destination, walked in to meet a young assistant, before handing over the notice and being directed through a large set of double doors to an ironically small room, in which there stood one man, dressed in a grey shirt, skin coloured pants and a lab coat over it all. As he turned round, Saisei saw the assistant walk over to him and whisper something in his ear, something clearly inaudible for anyone else in the room. But Saisei didn't need sound, the movement of his mouth was enough for him to understand exactly what was being said.

"Doc Brown, this is the new test subject for those new tools you have. Please, I urge you not to send this one home in a body bag like you did the last one, the Administration Building can only supply us with so many ninja and so much funding, we don't want them to cancel both."

If he could speak, the young Hyuga may have laughed in the face of death, but instead he waited for them to finish, before the doctor himself walked over to Saisei, holding a pill in his hand, after having picked it up from the table, it being the first of the many experiments to be tested. Without a word, he put it in his mouth, and instantly swallowed, ingesting the pill and whatever strange effects it was to possess. If he had known at the start what the effects of the pill were, he would have killed the doctor where he stood, but he hadn't known, and so he was forced to stand there, completely invisible but also completely naked, as the doctor ran around shouting him, asking where he was and for him to answer. It was very tiring to watch, and the doctor himself didn't seem happy with the fact that Saisei hadn't spoken to him when asked, to which the Hyuga didn't reply. Luckily for him though, his clothes hadn't disappeared, they were just invisible too so it only felt like he was naked. But with the first pill ingested, Saisei stood there, received his payment for the first, and then waited for the next item, whateever it was going to be. It was a very wide and varied selection after all.



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