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1 Safety Inspections No. 2 [C Rank] on Wed Feb 24, 2016 10:25 pm




Mission name: Safety Inspections.
Mission rank: C-Rank.
Objective: Test some new gadgets for military research and development before they get mass produced for field testing.
Location: Konoha.
Reward: 200 Ryo.
Mission description: Research and development for the military has invented some things, and they're not sure whether or not they want to spend the time mass producing them for field testing. They want you to take an invention or two and test it for them yourself and report back with your findings.
Mission Details: You get one or two inventions, they'll often be crazy and impractical, but some are brilliant, test them and report your findings.

"Terribly sorry about that one old boy, I honestly didn't know what its effects were, and I didn't know you were deaf when I ran around asking for you to speak up, I retract my comments about both yourself and your mother, I'm sure she's really a lovely woman."

Smiling was about all Saisei could do, trying to indicate that he was in fact forgiving the old man for his silliness and extremely rude and offensive remarks about his mother and him. Luckily for the doctor, he hadn't said anything too terrible about Saisei, otherwise he would probably breathing rather difficult right now and this conversation wouldn't even be happening. But it was back to business and the Konoha Scientific Research and Development Center, or the KSRDC as they preferred to call it, who knew why since they were both pretty awful names, one incredibly long and the other incredibly annoying to say since most of the time you would end up having to explain what it actually was, thus rendering the acronym completely useless, not that Saisei was planning on saying anything regarding this fact, even if he could, it was horribly rude to these men, who clearly took some pride in where they worked and what they did, which was to be commended. There weren't many who both did good jobs to better the lives of both civilians and ninja alike, and also did their best to improve constantly. Most of the people the young Hyuga had observed always complained about where they worked or what they did, even if they had rather desirable jobs. But I guess, even someone like the Hokage, the leader of Konoha, had a lot of paperwork to do with all the power he held, something Saisei really didn't want to think about. It was the main reason he had never aspired to reach that height. Sure, he knew fine well he could reach the same power level as that of the Kage, not only of his own village, but also of the other five, even exceed their powers, but he never wanted their jobs. They could keep them for all he cared. Too much work and far too much responsibility.

The best way to get his name out and become more powerful and recognised was the main reason for his being here: to do a mission at the request of the administrative staff of Konoha, and help them with whatever they needed doing (as well as getting paid a bit on the side too, that was always very nice). Today his job was very simple: help the scientists of the KSRDC test out their new ninja tools, the first having been a pill that rendered Saisei invisible and made him feel naked, something that really wasn't pleasant in a room full of old men, even if none of them could see or hear him. The rest of the tools were currently splayed across a table with a white cloth over them to hide them until the choices were made avilable to the ninja lucky enough to get this mission. Today that was Saisei, who had been forced to sign a contract after disappearing due to the first experiment's effects, the disclaimer simply stating that, in more than enough long words, if Saisei died it was his fault, not theirs. They didn't want anyone to come after them and sue them for anything, not like the Hyuga was planning on dying anytime soon anyway.

"Right, onto the next experiment. I'm gonna be nice and give you a choice this time, in case there is one you really don't want of the two. Of course, if you stick around long enough, you'll probably get the chance to use both of them, so this choice may be completely unnecessary, but I thought I'd be nice and give it to you anyway."

The man unveilded two items hiding underneath the cloth, and then continued to speak as Saisei got a good look at both of them. The first seemed like a harness of sorts, a full body harness that would attach around abolutely everything. But, more than that, at each side there seemed to be two metal containers with slits appearing in them, all connected to two handles, that looked more like sword hilts or guns that anything else, but Saisei just looked at the other, as he listened to the explanations of them both. The second seemed to be a pair of gloves, inscribed with a seal on each of the palms, different seals on each, with a various different everyday items sitting around, each inscribed with the seal on the left hand, all of them, none possessing the right hand's seal, which just got Saisei more curious as to what exactly they were capable of, both of them seemed very fun to use.

"Right well, the first is a wearable item, as it straps across all of your four limbs and your center. It then attaches to these two holders on the side I've seen you eyeing up. Yes, these slits hold blades used by the handles and send out ninja wire to help you traverse the world throught the air, using Fuuton jutsu sealed into these canisters, that act as a propulsion device, helping you pick up quite a lot of speed. We uh... lost the last subj- I mean volunteer as he used that device, which is why I offered these gloves too. A simple experiment involving the seals imprinted on the gloves. The seal on the right hand is aimed at an item, which will imprint the seal on the left onto it. And then, you can use the left glove to, in theory, control any item, regardless of size or mass, and move it about the room. It's entirely up to you which one you choose."

Looking out one of the windows, Saisei noticed that is was almost dark out, meaning he'd have to head home soon, so he chose the gloves, as they were easily contained to a small area, instead of potentially taking him outside of the village at great speeds with the deadly propulsion system. And so, Saisei spent a few hours moving things around with his mind, until he accidentally raised the building off of its foundations, using up all the chakra in the gloves due to the sheer amount needed to raise the building even an inch off the ground, greatly annoying the doctor, who sent the Hyuga home, not giving him a chance to even apologise or consider the third oppurtunity. But he went home with his head held high, sure it had been a very weird day, but he had completed two missions, received pay for them, and had had fun, helping the Konoha Scientific Research and Development Center do well, research and development. He was sure he saw the doctor smiling as he left too. They'd both had a productive and interesting day.



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