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More irritable than she had been in weeks, Rinkei left from mission board after receiving her first mission ever. Catching some immature child from defiling the village? How annoying... She thought to herself. The mere thought that she had stooped down to the level of a Genin had upset her already, this mission did not help her morale in the least. Rinkei believed they should have given her some sort of exception for being a higher rank because of her age, but apparently being older meant she wasn't as experienced. She would show them what they did was wrong.

Rinkei followed her given leads toward the south exit of the village, this was apparently where most of the vandalism was taking place, so her best bet was to start there. Upon reaching that side of the village, the signs were clear, the graffiti was everywhere in all different shapes, sizes, and sayings. At first she believed finding the little twerp would be next to impossible, until she eyed a suspicious looking fellow dressed in black and blue. It wasn't traditional ninja garb, but the give-away was the shiny new Leaf-Village headband wrapped around his forearm. That normally wouldn't had been enough of a lead, if it wasn't for the recently used paint can hanging half-mindedly out of a pouch on his backpack. Rinkei sighed in discontent, feeling disappointed at how easy this was, and proceeded to walk over to the kid.

The small ninja jerked around, causing the paint can to fly from its pouch onto the road. Both of their eyes followed the can through the air, and met each other at the same time the can hit the ground. Taking off with incredible speed, the boy raced off into an alley way and turned right, parallel to the street. Rinkei had learned most of Konaha's roads and alleys whilst running through them as training to become a Genin, so she was aware of the dead end the boy would hit soon. Rinkei took off down the street in the same general direction of the boy and watched the rooftops patiently. The boy soared up from the alleys and landed on a roof, continuing his escape. Just as Rinkei expected; She followed his climb and hurled herself onto the roof behind the vandal, she ran at a full dash, taking no chances at letting the boy get away. The kid was extremely fast, Rinkei felt as if she was in over her head for this one until she realized those were weak thoughts.

Rinkei stopped abruptly, staring off at the escaping ninja. He was no match for a Hyuga, especially this one. She was smarter than him. Jumping down from the roof, Rinkei dashed through some back alley-ways until she caught sight of the small ninja again. Rinkei hid behind a small house, calculating the boy's movement and waited for her moment to strike. The ninja made a big mistake, he slowed down after turning around ad seeing that Rinkei was not there anymore, that's when she striked. She slid from behind the house and lunged for the boy, intercepting his movement at a nearby ramen shop. She speared into him, sending them both flying into the shop's counter. Bowls of ramen flew in all directions, splashing both ninja with broth. Rinkei sat on top of her target as the shop owner yelled random curses and both of them. She did not care though, she had completed her first mission, destructively or not.

After turning in the culprit, and being scolded for the damage to the ramen shop, she had to help clean up there as a repercussion. "It was a dull mission anyways" She said as she walked down the streets of Konaha. Rinkei was pretty sure her mission was a success anyways. She smiled for the first time in a while that day.

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