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1Training Area Maintenance [Solo/No Kill] Empty Training Area Maintenance [Solo/No Kill] on Wed Mar 02, 2016 7:32 am

Taichi Senju

Taichi Senju


Mission name: Training Area Maintenance
Mission rank: D
Objective: Thoroughly perform maintenance on one of the training areas.
Location: Konoha - General
Reward: 50 ryo
Mission description: The training areas utilized by Konoha shinobi frequently fall into disrepair due to rigorous use. You are to fill in any holes in the field with sod, replace the taijutsu striking logs, as well as tidy up the area in general (removing trash, returning forgotten weapons to the owner, etc.) As there is more than one training field, this mission may be taken more than once.
Mission details: All materials you need to accomplish this mission will be given to you by the owner of the lands.

Taichi woke up fairly early, ready for the task he had been assigned today. He had to clean and fix the training area. He didn’t really care about what others thought. Most people didn’t do the job because they thought that it was pretty useless. In Taichi’s opinion, everything a shinobi does for the village is important. If he didn’t go and fix the training area today then people couldn’t train, which would ultimately reduce the chance of Konohagakure having strong ninjas. Taichi’s thought process was fairly simple and logical, which he presumed that any Kage should have. He never put himself above of others, even though he had a shady and hateful personality he loved the village with all of his heart. He moved towards his shower, bathed, and then wore his normal outfit. As he walked outside, he picked up an apple and started making his way to the training grounds.

Not wasting any time, Taichi started towards the training grounds with a jog. Keeping in mind to raise his endurance, he ran at a normal pace; training his body. 5 minutes later, he reached the training grounds. Immediately he was greeted by the Owner of the Training Grounds. He smiled at Taichi and said,

- “Hello Genin! I’ve heard that you’re the one that’ll be fixing up the training grounds today. Well I might as well tell you how and what to do. First of all, in the cabin over there you’ll find the tools you need. The shovel’ll be used to fill in any holes with sod that the Shinobi might’ve created. The axe is for you to cut off some trees to replace the broken taijutsu striking logs. Also, clean any trash or anything you see along the way. Thanks, umm what is your name again?”

- “The name is Taichi, Taichi Senju.”

WC: 306


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2Training Area Maintenance [Solo/No Kill] Empty Re: Training Area Maintenance [Solo/No Kill] on Wed Mar 02, 2016 7:39 am

Taichi Senju

Taichi Senju

Taichi had never really trained at these kinds of places. After all, they promoted social communities and Taichi would never be included in one of those nor did he want too. He loved training on his own, and time to time he would accept 1 or 2 people to join in but he would never go to such chaotic and full training grounds like this one. As he reached the cabin the man had pointed him to, he opened the lock, and entered, picking up all the tools he needed.

Taichi smiled as he walked outside, moving towards the large holes that needed to be filled. The closer he reached his waypoint the more trash he saw. As he was walking, any trash that needed to be picked up he picked. After all, a clean training ground is a lean training ground. He didn’t know what that meant but he thought it sounded cool after all. Taichi dragged the shovel, and had the axe attached to his belt. While he looked over the Training Grounds he saw so many holes that needed to be filled up, it was amazing. Not only amazing but would be a great workout for him in general! He smiled and started to dig up sod to fill up the holes with. Every shovel would result in more strength being put in for the next one. It was tiresome, but a great workout for the arms and upper shoulders. He counted the holes he filled after every one, in total it ended up to an amount of 32. It was such a hassle, but anything for the villages welfare.

Throughout his job, he looked around to see the people training. They weren’t really that strong, after all most of them were just fooling around and such. That was exactly why Taichi never wanted to train in these types of terrain/areas. They were just so impractical, nor did they help anyone. Yes, maybe they connect people together but what was the point of that today. People were dying, and he heard rumors about wars that were to approach. Not only did they fear him, being a young Genin, but they made him worry for everyone around here. Instead of fighting and trying to grow stronger, they are fooling around and staying weak. Taichi stood up on a tree stump, and gave an announcement,


He immediately got many confused faces and some angry ones, after all being a Genin he really wasn’t in the place to give all of these people a life-lesson. But did Taichi care, no?  Atleast I got my point accross, he thought to himself. Then the Owner of the training grounds approached him, he obviously did something wrong since he seemed angry. He looked Taichi straight in the eyes and said,

- “Listen here Taichi, or whatever the hell your name is, you are not in the place to give announcements in my training grounds. So either you get back to doing your god damn job or you won’t receive any payement from me.”

Taichi felt insulted, but he wouldn’t return any bad talk. He was a man of respect and honor, and even when some are wrong, Taichi understands that and lets it go.

He frowned as he walked over to the forest, to chop some and find some logs for the new taijutsu striking logs. Once he reached the forest, he chopped wood like it was nobody's job. As chip after chip flew over Taichi’s shoulder he would cut many logs. The village needed 20 logs, and he provided 25; just in case anything were to go wrong. Dawn slowly approached, as his arms felt weaker by the minute. Taichi dragged himself over to the Training Grounds Owner, smiled, and said,

- “Hey Mister-sama, I finished what you asked of me. I filled in every hole in the Training grounds, and replaced all of the taijutsu striking logs with new ones. Thanks for this mission, I’ll talk to you later I hope. Good bye!”

Taichi nonchalantly walked back home as the day ended, he had had a hard day even though he didn’t do any training. He hoped after this mission, he could get higher more important missions.

[End Mission]

WC: 720
Total: 1026

Stats Trained:

Reaction Time: E-2 ~> D-0 (525 Words)
Endurance: E-3 ~> D-0 (300 Words)
Total: 1026-825= 201
Extra: 201 Words left over.


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