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Kimura Shuuya

Kimura Shuuya

Mission name: Woaaaaah!
Mission rank: C-rank.
Objective: Train some academy students in martial combat.
Location: Konoha Shinobi Academy.
Reward: 200 Ryo.
Mission description: The academy is running extra credit courses this semester and wants aspiring Genin and Chuunin to run martial arts lessons with the students who need to catch up.
Mission Details: You'll get given a group of young academy students and be expected to teach them martial arts. They don't fight fair and they're not really very respectful.

‘Dirty brat,’ Shuuya thought as he dodged someone’s punch.

The kid he was sparring with was often prone to using dirty tricks to get the upper hand, such as the small pocketknife that he had conveniently hid up his sleeve and only taken out at the last moment just as he was about to strike Shuuya. What had supposed to be a palm fist quickly turned into a lethal stab, and Shuuya was glad that this was an Academy student he was fighting.

...Well, maybe he wasn’t glad glad, since it technically meant that the upcoming generation were filled with sleazy individuals who were all unfit to become ninja, but he was glad in the sense that, since this was just an Academy student, he lacked the speed and finesse to actually thrust the blade into Shuuya’s arm. This allowed Shuuya to retract his arm just in time, and the boy had lacked the reaction time to move in turn, making it a very, very clumsy palms strike-turned-slash which ultimately allowed Shuuya to knock the blade forcefully out of his hand. This in turn made the boy try to throw a punch at Shuuya, which he instinctively and almost effortlessly dodged, having been involved in fist fights ever since he himself was in the Academy, which was a good ten years ago, at least.

“If you kept more balance you would have gotten that shot in,” Shuuya offered even as the boy threw another punch his way. His legs were wobbly when he had punched, and this had cost him a great deal of strength and speed behind his punch, making it little more than a slap, which Shuuya had no difficulty, both in deciding to do it (because the boy was a brat) and in actually doing it (because he basically sucked), slapping aside.

“Shut up!” was the reply, and the boy responded with a kick to Shuuya’s face, which he blocked with his arm.

“Hey! I said no legs for this spar!” Shuuya replied as he shoved the boy’s foot away, and the boy only replied with a snarl as he dropped down onto the ground and tried to sweep Shuuya’s feet from underneath him.

The boy’s foot connected with Shuuya’s ankle, but instead of Shuuya dropping down, the boy’s foot stopped straight in its place, with Shuuya having anchored himself down onto the ground with the Supernatural Walking Technique. The boy had a slight sense of pain in his eyes, but Shuuya didn’t care as a grin split his face in two.

“You want to play with our feet? Then let me indulge you,” he replied, before jumping up and delivering a spinning kick to the boy’s face.

The boy was hit square in the nose, possibly breaking it and sending a spurt of blood onto the floor as the boy was sent flying backwards, far outside the small circle that was supposed to be their small sparring ring. That should teach the rest of the students to try and bend the rules too much. They may have been ninja, but ninja without rules weren’t ninja; they were monsters, and the last thing this village needed were monsters.

“Next time I say no feet, be sure to adhere to it,” Shuuya responded.

The boy only nodded as the nearby medic walked up to him and began healing his nose, setting it straight with a cry from her patient. She didn’t even shoot Shuuya that look of disapproval for being overly harsh to a young Academy student. Shuuya had been expecting a look like that, but it seemed that it wasn’t going to be coming. Perhaps she had seen how he had cheated (what was he saying, of course she had) and was not expressing her disapproval at his less than reputable ways at participating in fights. Well, good for her then. And Shuuya hoped, good for the boy too, to learn a lesson about being overly rude and impulsive.

Not that Shuuya was one to talk.

Yes, it was true, Shuuya was a troublemaker back in his days. He was a cheeky little boy who often got into fights with the other students for the fun of it, and they all normally went home at the end of the day with bruises decorating every part of their body and, if they were feeling particularly active, parts of their face as well. Such bruises were normally gone by the end of the day because, well, they lived in a freaking ninja village where medical ninja weren’t really that rare. The doctor’s visit normally cost as much as it would a meal, since ninja didn’t really think that pumping chakra into another individual to heal some cuts and bruises were really worth much.

“Next,” Shuuya said, and this time, a pudgy boy stepped onto the field. “Okay, so, what are you in for?”

“I… I was asleep during Taijutsu class…” he timidly replied.

“What? You were asleep during Taijutsu class and you were sent here?” Shuuya asked in disbelief. “Well… I suppose we need to fight anyway, so, prepare yourself, I guess. You might learn a thing or two from this spar.”

And so the two of them went at it, and as soon as it began, it was almost over, and Shuuya could almost see why this kid had been sent to this Taijutsu class. The boy was absolutely horrid in Taijutsu. His stance was far too small, which considering his large size put him at a balance disadvantage, and it had taken Shuuya all of his effort to hold back on the one punch, which basically made it a push rather than an actual punch, and the boy had actually fallen on his back and rolled over once. The boy had then stood back up and prepared to fight again - points for tenacity, Shuuya would give him that - before Shuuya had basically wiped the floor with him without even going at half his full speed, which wasn’t really much for a Genin, but was still something to behold for Academy students who weren’t even in their last two years.

“Work on your, umm, balance, I guess,” Shuuya said, before calling out to the next one. “Next!”

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