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1The Ultimate Mission {All Countries-SS} Empty The Ultimate Mission {All Countries-SS} on Wed Nov 07, 2012 9:58 pm



Mission name: Hunt for the SS Blades
Mission rank: SS
Objective: Hunting down the Seven Swordsman Blades.
Location: All Countries
Reward: Seven Swordsman Blades
Mission description: It... is time. The Seven Swordsman Blades whereabouts have been found by the previous Mizukage and I am on a task to retrieve the blades. Reason being, to make sure that these blades go to the right hands and their abilities are put to those who can overcome the temptation of sheer power. The Blades will be scattered across different villages and I have the papyrus watermark to help find the blades. If you want to come, be my guess. But beware: Very strong shinobi will learn of the mission from spy intels and they will be ready.
Mission details: ...It is harder then it looks. We are on a mission to find the SS Blades from different villages; most of which are unheard of at the moment. We will be gone in two real life days. Any other activities you are doing will have to be put on hold as this journey consists of 15,000 word posts. We will start in Konohagakure and work our way to many different countries. Alot of traveling, so pack your essentials and much more. Alot of fighting, so be prepared for the worst to come.

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2The Ultimate Mission {All Countries-SS} Empty Re: The Ultimate Mission {All Countries-SS} on Thu Nov 08, 2012 6:38 pm

1/2 admin approval. Just wait for Naota to remember this is here. xD


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3The Ultimate Mission {All Countries-SS} Empty Re: The Ultimate Mission {All Countries-SS} on Thu Nov 08, 2012 7:57 pm



xD; My guess is he probably forgot already.


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