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PT. 1 - The Return

Cleaning the house was never supposed to be Rinkei's job. However, everyone in the house had beenbusy that day, and with her having a day off, warranted Rinkei to do more chores than usual. It was quite annoying. Dusting off a shelf, she thought about how much she wanted to go off and live on her own, so that she didn't have to listen to anyone. It wasn't that she was totally restricted to the things that she cold do whilst living in the household, but there were definitely conflicting scheduals that were apparent. These were one of those times. Rinkei could have very easily lied and said she had things to do and just went about her day around the village instead of hanging out in her room, but that would have most likely required the use of social skills. Which she didn't have much of to begin with. She rearranged a few vases of flowers to make them look a little more appealing to the eye. Since she was an avid painter, aesthetics were second nature to her. She could make the ugliest things look like masterpieces if she so wanted to. Though if it wasn't her work to begin with, she most likely wouldn't have attempted to fix it anyways. She didn't have time to dabble into other people's art and/or other hobbies, she had much more better and more productive things to do. Besides, her free time was dedicated to her own art. While dusting off picture frames, she clumsily dropped one to the floor, which she quickly recovered before it collided. That would have been an earache for Rinkei later on had she allowed it to break. Though the family had taken her in and kept her safe, they still weren't very fond of her. The only reason they kept her was the very idea of the Hyuga family ties being kept together. A falling out in the family could possibly result in a small war within the village of Konoha. Hell, there were already conflicts between branches, everyone had thought the main branch was doing a terrible job at keeping the Hyuuga family name high in its glory. So there had been multiple tries at re-election of a main branch, but was quickly halted by higher-ups in monarch control. Ninja politics Rinkei thought, rolling her eyes at the idea of getting herself involved. She had tried to avoid that sort of thing ever since she became a genin, it wasn't that she didn't understand it, in fact, she understood it more than others thought she did. Rinkei just didn't think the stress was worth the rewards; And the rewards were very short coming to begin with.

Finishing the main part of the living room, she opened a closet door, cringing at the mess that was compiled from floor to ceiling. Had that had ben her house, she would have never let it get that way. Starting at the top of the pile, she began to remove various items that seemed to be of little to no importance whatsoever, there mere though of the family just randomly throwing objects into the closet had irritated her. She wanted so very much to scold them for it, but Rinkei knew she would get absolutely no where with that. It was futile to say the least. Rinkei's hair continued to fall in her face as she worked, where she would then blow it out of her sight multiple times. She eventually got fed up and put it in a pony tail, which she rarely ever did. It wasn't that she disliked the hair style, she just prefered having her hair down. Her hair was extremely unique to begin with, she had been notified by her father before he passed, that her hairs natural color was black. Though there was a tiny birthmark within the hair that had been white. Over time that birthmark continued to grow and grow, until her hair had become what looked to be a natural white color. Rinkei didn't mind this at all, she was fond of the white color and had thought many times that it wouldn't have looked as good if it had been black. Pulling a kunai from a stack of papers, she eyed the rusted tool closely. It was obviously older, not just because of the blatant rusting of the metal, but because the style was completely different from the ones they used today. Forgers were always looking for new ways to make Shinobi weapons better. Rinkei decided to toss it off to the side for the time being, seeing how she did't know what to do with it. Cleaning the closet was tedious work, it was a constant rotation between picking things up, finding out where they should be placed, and if they don't have a place to go, making a place for them to reside. It was boring and annoying. Soon the closet was down to the bare minimum, only a few uneccesary items remained in the bottom of the small room. Rinkei went to go pick up a few papers that were scattered when she heard the window break.

It was quite loud, and she could tell that something very heavy went through it. As she whipped around to see what had happened, a kunai jetted passed her face, creating a soft whistling sound before it loged itself in the wood door beside her. The dull thud of the blade cuting into the wood seemed to echo through the house momentarily. Everything was eerily quiet after that oocurance. After hesitating slightly, not moving an inch, she activated her Byakugan, scanning the walls to locate whoever it was that had thrown that from outside. Everything was still, there was no one around. Not even the hint of a presence had shown through her Doujutsu. This worried Rinkei, it hadn't been long after the kunai was thrown that she activated her Byakugan, there was no possible way anyone had been fast enough to have left the site that quickly. It was almost like a ghost had sent the weapon flying into her home. Rinkei switched her gaze to the kunai stuck in the closet door, still leaving her Byakugan active as she had three-hundred and sixty degree vision with it activated in case she noticed movement. The kunai seemed it was in the same style as the rusted kunai that was resting on the floor next to her. She reached down to pick up the item, holding it next to the newer one to compare. She was correct, despite it being a lot older, the two were practically identical. Rinkei stopped thinking about the way they looked as she had noticed a note attatched to the new kunai's handle. This is getting extremely odd She thought as she untied the string from around the not on the kunai, she let the string drop to the floor as she retrieved the small piece of paper from the handle. As Rinkei unfolded the note, she could smell the sweet odor of ink fill the air around her. It was freshly written. The note wasn't too terribly long, and she could tell it was rushed, but the handwritting was nice to begin with.

She read aloud to herself: Rinkei, before you freak out and start going off to everyone explaining what just happened, I need you to calm down, and consider what I have to say here. Rinkei stopped momentarily, shaking her head, confused. Who did this person think they were? She continued to read. There is a lot of corruption going on in the Hyuga clan, and you are the only person I know that will not allow themselvs to be subjected to politics. The crazy note person was right, she didn't want anything to do with ninja politics, it was just another burden on her shoulders that she would have to deal with, and she didn't have time for it. I can't say too much right now, because I'm risking being back in the village to begin with, so I need you to follow me out the West Gate and into the forest surrounding, continue westward until you find me, you'll know who it is when you see me. Sincerely - R.H. Rinkei put the paper down slowly, R.H. had been her fathers initials, Rumei Hyuga, but she knew better than to think this note was from him. Rinkei's father had died several years ago.

Tears began to fall from her pearly, blank, white eyes. She rarely ever cried, and she wasn't about to start now. So she roughly wiped the clear liquid droplets from her cheeks, shaking her head in frustration before she began to start thinking straight again. Someone is fucking with me She thought to herself quickly, and I'm not going to let them. Rinkei removed the kunai from the wooden door and swiftly went to her room to retrieve her weapons. She strapped on her leg purse that held a few kunai in it, and returned to the living room. It wasn't much, considering she could be running into literally any sort of trap, but Rinkei was smarted than that, she could get herself out of any situation she wanted to. That much she knew. Rinkei opened the door and flew out of the opening, closing the door quickly behind her as she soared passed. She jetted down the street, making a hard right on the main road facing the West Gate. Rinkei was effectively kicking up dust all the way down the road. Pedestrians watched her streak passed, eyes wide when they noticed the fierce look on her face. Rinkei always tried to look like nothing ever bothered her, but this particular situation made her furious. She didn't like anyone messing with her emotions, especially when it had to do with something concerning her father. The note didn't directly say anything about him, but the pure idea that someone could have used his name infuriated her to the very core of her being. Darting passed the guards of the gate, she snapped left into the forest surrounding Konoha. She enjoyed being in the forest, but she was too focused to absorb any of the beautiful scenery around her. Her hair fluttered in the air behind her as the pony tail had come out when she had started running. The wind brushed her cheeks softly as she continued to sprint, she liked the feeling she got when she ran, it gave her life, and it was calming her down at that moment as well. She began to actually think for once instead of acting on impulse. Being dumb was going to get her no where, and she knew that. Rinkei stopped running abruptly, skidding to a rough halt. She looked around, activating her Byakugan once again to see if there were anyone around. At this point, she was a good one hundred meters or so outside of Konoha's walls, she hadn't been out that far before, but she wasn't afraid either.

Rinkei almost didn't notice it as she saw it, but her eye had flickered passed a faint chakra reading within the trees about twenty meters straight ahead of her. Whatever it was, it was human, that much she could tell immediately. Then, as if they had noticed each other at the same exact time, the figure darted off in the opposite direction with immense speed. That was how they had gotten away so quickly the last time. She thought. Rinkei stepped off her right foot, taking off as fast as she could to chase the person. She had no clue what she was getting herself into, so she decided she was going to be a little more careful than she normally would have. She could faintly see the figure running in the distance, jumping from tree to tree. Rinkei made the decision to stay on the forest floor, just in case they had planted any traps high in the tree tops. It was also possible that they could have done the same down below, but she would be able to see the traps easier with her byakugan in a more clear space.  Her pace never died down as she raced to catch up with her target. What aggrivated her the most was the fact that they were obviously so much faster than herself. The figure would sometimes stop and turn around to see if Rinkei were still following, it was almost as if they were mocking her. Rinkei was quite sure that whoever she was chasing was much greater in strength than she herself, the speed of the character was enough to gauge that fact. Which is why she continue to be cautious. In the event that the apprehender in the situation became the aprehendee, she wanted to be able to get away as quick as possible. Changing her mind, she hopped into the trees, dashng limb to limb. She wanted to try and get a better look at the person, but they were so fast and far away that it was difficult to make out any details on them.

After quite a while of chasing them, she noticed that they quickly added a burst of speed to their sprint, and then leaping extremely far. Rinkei didn't notice what they had leaped over until she actually took a close look at the surroundings. There seemed to be a huge valley, trees jetted outward on both walls, from the vision the Byakugan was granting Rinkei, she could see that at the bottom of the valley was a huges series of jagged boulders that would ultimately lead to her death had she fallen into them. Rinkei was running at full speed at this point, and she happened to be high up in the trees. Trying to visualize this in her head, she calculated that she would just be able to make the jump. She was almost completely sure of it. Rinkei attempted to speed up a little more, however she didn't notice much change in the pace she was moving, so she decided to take the chance. kneeling down as she ran, she prepared for her leap, she watched for the last branch before the edge of the valley, and then switched her footing accordingly so that she would be on her dominant foot before she leapt off that branch. When Rinkei reached the branch, she did not hesitate at all, landing on the branch, she got low, and pushed off the branch with all the force she could conjure up, snapping the wooden limb. Rinkei was practically soaring through the air, she felt like she was flying. It didn't even scare her that she was almost 30 meters from the ground below. She didn't even bother to look down, it was pointless of her to do so. Rinkei was firmly focused on the other side of the valley. She could see her target watching from the tree lining, it was aggrivating that they found this so ammusing. Unfortunately, Rinkei had more trouble she had to deal with first before she got to them. She was coming up just short of the ledge, and Rinkei didn't think she was going to make it. "Shit!" Rinkei quickly grabbed a kunai from her leg strap. She was coming up extremely fast to the wall on the other side. Rinkei braced herself right before she smashed into the hard rock wall. Her body slamming into the wall had knocked the breath out of her, but she had managed to plunge her kunai deep into the dirt and rock. Rinkei groaned loudly in pain, already showing signs of bruising on parts of the body that had taken direct hits. Blood trickled from a slight wound on the her knee, which she had used to brace the impact. Rinkei breathed heavily and winced in pain as she looked up, the ledge was about 2 meters from her, completely out of her range. It looked almost impossible for her to climb up the wall. This time, Rinkei made the mistake of looking down, it was indeed a very long fall. I can't let this little mishap be the end of me. She thought, however, she was too exhausted to use any sort of jutsu to get up the cliff, and her arm was starting to give out. She was slowly losing grip, and running out of time.

A few minutes later, after Rinkei had started to give up on thinking of a way of the situation, and her arm was almost completely void of feeling, she heard a noise and looked back up at the cliff. A man with long black hair that fell in front of his face was there, reaching down for her to grab his arm. It was not difficult to make the decision of whether or not to grab for his hand because she recognized the man. It was her father.


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