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The mountain air was cool and refreshing on the young shinobi's face as he rounded the corner of yet another mountain. "I can't believe there are so many mountains here" he said aloud to himself, Godric was not sure why he did that but he always seemed to talk to himself when he was walking alone. He had been traveling for a few days now and he still saw no sign of his destination, Iwagakure no Sato, the village hidden in the stone. The landscape of Tsuchi no Kuni was much different than that of Kaze no Kuni and Kaminari no Kuni, which of course was to be expected considering, it was just that the fact that there were so many mountains was just shocking to Godric, who had figured there would be more mountains in Kaminari no Kuni than anywhere else in the world. "I don't even know if I am going in the right direction," he sighed to himself realizing how easy it would be to get lost among all of the mountains that surrounded him. It had been days since the last time he saw a small little mining village that had pointed him in this direction to find Iwagakure no Sato, "I guess this is why they call it the village hidden in the stone" he chuckled to himself. Although Godric knew it would not be simple for him to find it, he had hope that it would not be this hard but as luck would have it, it was. He could only hope that he would find it soon and not be walking around in circles lost forever, of course he also had to worry about those who were tracking him finding him. Although he left Kumogakure no Sato before an incident happened and was unhindered as he crossed into Tsuchi no Kuni from Kaminari no Kuni and he had not run into any trouble since his arrival in this country, he could not let his guard down he knew that they were out there somewhere looking for him which is why he had to keep moving and why he needed to find Iwagakure no Sato as soon as possible to see if there was anyone there that could help him become stronger so that one day he would not have to fear those who were pursuing him and he could return to his home and free his mother as well as the rest of his clan from the evil that was currently the head of the clan and trying to have him kill.

The sun was already setting in the distance and as Godric learned the night before the mountain air was not so pleasant at night and could be quite harsh. So the young shinobi continued down the mountain pass hoping against hope to find a cave somewhere close that he could rest in or even better situation would be he arrives at the gate to Iwagakure no Sato and would not have to worry about finding it anymore. As he rounded yet another mountain he saw it, at the base of the mountain was a small cave in which he could stop and rest for the night. Godric remained on his guard as he entered the cave wondering if anything was inside that had already claimed it as it's home however the cave was bare and showed no signs of any animal living in it so he decided he could rest here for the night. Pulling some of the sticks out of his pack that he had been gathering for the past couple of days he sat them down in a pile and with a small breath of fire ignited them. Godric's stick collection was near depletion and the pickings were slim around here it had been almost three days since he had even seen a tree, he knew if he did not find Iwagakure no Sato soon he won't have anything to start a fire with and that would not be a good thing as then he would have nothing to keep him warm at night nor cook his food. Godric used another stick to hold what was left of the coyote he had killed earlier that day to place it over the fire to cook, while he went out to see if there was anything worth savaging nearby. After about an hour of looking and finding nothing Godric decided to  return to his small cave and eat before resting for the night. Using his pack as a pillow he laid down close to the fire watching it as it flickered with a kunai in his hand he drifted off to sleep hoping that the next day would bring him better luck.



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