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1 A Walk In Konoha [Private/Nokill] on Sun Mar 06, 2016 6:53 am



Rinkei seemed to have yet another day free of training and other activities. This was becoming more and more common as she completed tasks. There just wasn't enough to do. However, it wasn't as bad as she thought. The last time she had a freed schedule, she had spent her time in the hot springs and met a new friend, who had shown Rinkei a good time for once. She hadn't been used to that sort of thing, and it was hard for her to grasp the concept of wasting time when she could be doing other things. However, she decided that she was going to follow up on the relaxation and find other things to do around Konoha. The village was full of activities to attend, she was sure. The populace constantly continued to create new things for others to do so that they didn't become bored with the lack of on-goings. It was a good system, Rinkei thought, so she decided she was going to attempt to take advantage of it and finally do something for herself that didn't involve intense labor or training. It was only right, Rinkei had spent quite a lot of time training, and worked hard constantly. She needed this, she owed herself that much.

Walking around Konoha, she scanned the streets for things to do. There was the market, Rinkei had gathered a decent amount of ryo doing missions and other tasks, so she thought maybe buying herself a few goodies would be an okay reward. That's what I'll do then. She though, finally making a decision. Rinkei turned a corner, making her way down a narrow street full of different stores and stands selling various items. She stepped up to a candy stand, eyeing all of the choices carefully. Rinkei wasn't much for candy, she felt like being nutritious would help her be better at what she did. Today was different though, she was taking a break from all of that, it was time for her to ignore all of her previous rules. She landed her eye on a package of pocky sticks. They were chocolate covered, which happened to be her favorite flavor before she became a Shinobi. She happily bought the candy, opening the package before she even turned around and walked away from the shop. Rinkei guessed these were one of her guilty pleasures. She couldn't stand other things such as Ramen, which was odd considering just about everyone in the village differed from her. Rinkei just wasn't very fond of the taste, so she chose to stay away from it. she understood there were different flavors and such, but that didn't make it any better for her. The meal as a whole just didn't appeal to her.

As Rinkei continued to walk down the streets of Konoha, she tried to block out all thoughts of training and other various types of work related tasks. The pocky sticks made a satisfying crunch as she bit down into them. The delicious taste of chocolate filled her mouth, making her immediately go to take another bite. She wanted to savor them, but the candy had brought back too many memories, and overall she just loved the chocolate flavored snack. She would continue to look for other things to do as she enjoyed the candy, hopefully finding other things to do than just eating junk food.

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