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1 Ninjutsu Training (C-B rank: 2000 words) on Fri Nov 09, 2012 3:43 am


Shibirin left the village’s occupation for a while and made his way towards a small forest, just within Konoha, to have a crack at training his Ninjutsu. Although he was mainly a Kenjutsuist, Ninjutsu still made up part of his victories and if he wanted to be the best at what he does, he had to get rid of any weaknesses he may have, this included his ninjutsu, kenjutsu, the weapons he used and his battle tactics. On his way there, he kept tapping at his sword’s sheath to give his hands something to do whilst he walked. He thought about what level he wanted his Ninjutsu skill to be at and what he had to do to get it there. In order to successfully create lethal tactics that will prove difficult to avoid to whichever opponent he verses, he needed the help of his Ninjutsu, be it for trapping purposes, attacking purposes or defence purposes.
As he arrived in the forest, the first thing he saw was an open patch of land, surrounded by a few large tress and many tightly growing trees. He decided to use this area for his ninjutsu, for he needed flat ground for some of his jutsu. Making his way now, towards it, he took off his katana and rested it under the thickest tree he could see, so he would be able to find his katana should any of his jutsus change the terrain too much. He was still new to Konoha’s grounds, so this also helped form the idea. He gave himself some space between him and the trees. It seemed the trees grew circling the small patch of land he had found, so ideally, Shibirin took his stance in the middle of the patch of land. He didn’t worry about his stance too much, for he didn’t do any form of Taijutsu and as for his kenjutsu stances, he was very lax on the way he stood. It was the best way for him to fight, so he didn’t bother with following the guidelines as to what stance to take for what type of fighting.
He practised a few hand signs, starting with the ram, then the sheep, followed by the ox, pig, serpent, bird and then lastly, the dragon. This was so he’d be able to thread hand signs faster during combat. He didn’t do any particular jutsu with them just yet, for he just wanted to practise threading hand signs more efficiently and quickly. It bored him to death just repeating these hand signs in the same exact order for what seemed to be 10 minutes, so he mixed it up a bit. He did half of the hand sign routine, slammed his hands on the ground then continued from where he left off. He did this for another 10 minutes, then again mixed it up a bit further. This time, he did a quarter of the routine, slammed his hands on the ground, did the figure of eights motion but without the katana, then he continued on with the rest of the routine. At first, this confused him: when he had gotten to the figures of eight technique, he had forgotten what hand sign comes first. This proved that not only does this training method improve your speed of threading hand signs, but it also improves your memory, something all great ninjas use in some point of their life. Shibirin decided to begin with the real training. He’d firstly use his Earth Changing Terrain jutsu to emerge 3 rock pillars from the ground in front of him, all standing in one row. He was going to use these as his practising dummies, but the jutsu alone was part of the training. ”Ok, let’s do this,” he said to himself, as if he were trying to convince his other half to give in to something it didn’t feel comfortable doing.
He firstly did the ram hand sign, then the dragon and finally the ox. As soon as he had completed this sequence, he muttered out the words, [color=aqua]”Earth Style: Earth changing terrain!”[/colo] and within seconds, three, 2.5 meters tall and 50cm wide rock pillars emerged roughly a meter away from the guy. He thought about using his sword to break the pillars, but if this were a fight and he didn’t have the access to his swords, he’d need another way to attack the three pillars, or in this case, the three targeted enemies. He looked around for anything, anything at all that may lead to finding the answer, then he spotted an apple tree. It had grown a few apples and Shibirin was about to use one of those apples. He made his way towards the tree, but stopped by the tree he had placed his sword under and grabbed his sword.

Word count: {804/2000}

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He lined himself up with the apple tree, so he could run up it, slice a few apples and fall back down before any dropped to the ground. It seemed impossible for his level of speed, but it was worth a shot. He ran straight towards it as fast as he could, which not surprisingly, wasn’t that fast at all. Well, not compared to someone who trained their speed to higher levels at least. As he came as close to the tree as planting his right foot on the trunk, in order to run up it, he quickly drew out his blade with his right arm and prepared to do the Figures of Eight kenjutsu move. He wasn’t using chakra to run up the tree, so he wouldn’t have long before gravity got the better of him. Before then, he managed to get real close to a bunch of apples, roughly there were 7 of them. Shibirin did the figures of Eight technique and pushed off the tree trunk upon its completion. He did a back flip in order to lessen the chance of him falling head first towards the ground and he landed perfectly in a crouching position, before standing back up and looking at the tree.
Strange, for a split second, there were no apples on the ground. Had he missed? He couldn’t have, he almost never missed something that wasn’t moving. Soon enough, his suspicions had been put at ease, when he saw the apples drop as if he was watching an invisible version of himself repeating the same trick but this time being successful. He hadn’t thought he was that fast, but then again, he was fresh of energy and had done the kenjutsu move a bit faster than usual so he could get his training over and done with. He walked up to the 7 fallen apples, but only crouched down to grab the three closest to him, before stretching back up to stand straight and walking towards the three, rock pillars. When he had gotten there, he placed one apple on each pillar and then took a few steps back. He completed the sheep, boar, dragon and serpent hand sign sequence, before chanting out, ”Electronic Shock Impulse!” and then slamming both of his hands down, flat on the ground. Instantly, this triggered an electric shock wave that carried Raiton chakra meant to shock and burn the skin of the target if came into contact, but since his target was the three apples, the effects would differ from if a human was the target. If Shibirin’s calculations in his head were correct, his first attempt of the lightning wave would only cause all three of the apples to explode. Sure enough, this was what happened when the shock wave washed over the Rock pillars and the electricity current was conducted all the way up the pillars to the apples. The apples then exploded, but for his second attempt, he’ll repeat the jutsu but using more Raiton than more chakra, for he had to get stronger effects with the same amount of chakra.
He repeated the required hand sing sequence, but didn’t bother chant the jutsu out. He simply finished the last hand sign then slammed his hands on the ground, also a bit harder than before. The results to this was a larger, brighter wave of lightning that travelled towards the pillars, 10 times faster than before, reaching them in only 2 seconds. This time, as soon as the lightning went to travel up the pillars, it caused the Rock to shatter into pieces: he had successfully trained his ration abilities to the point where they could overcome his primary element, though Shibirin wasn’t feeding the pillars with chakra as he was doing with the shock wave. He had practised all but one jutsu: the Transmigrational Rocky Surface jutsu, a jutsu he used to pinpoint an enemy’s whereabouts if for some reason his vision was rendered useless. He didn’t have a person to practise the jutsu with, nor did he have the ability to summon clones as an alternative. He decided to take off his shirt and wrap it around his eyes as a blind fold, but of course, he did this after he had taken his sword and wore it around his neck and let it hang behind his back.

Word count: {1,530/2000}

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He decided to try and navigate his way around the small forest using this same jutsu. Usually, it is used to track people, but technically it was designed to sense any boundaries that stop the miniature lumps of earth the jutsu summons, from popping out of the ground, thus why he could do this jutsu but use it to sense where there are trees in front of him and where there are not. He began walking slowly towards the east of where he had originally came from and did the required hand signs for the jutsu. Once he was ready to, he spawned, roughly about 80 lumps of the earth that surrounded a circled area with a radius of 30 meters. He stopped when 10 of the lumps he intended to pull out of the Earth were stopped by something on top of them, and since 10 of the lumps had sensed it, it told Shibirin that the object was too big to be a small rock, so it must’ve been a tree. It was directly in front of him to. He stopped himself, turned around by 180 degrees and headed towards the West. He continued doing this for about, another hour or so, till he felt too tired to walk any further. When he took off his blind fold, he found himself in the same spot he had started at. Boy did this jutsu need a lot of improving, though Shibirin could do with it what he intended when he created. He got the basic results he wanted out of it; he just needed to improve the jutsu so it wouldn’t fail him when going up against a large number of opponents.
Shibirin decided to take a rest, just whist he caught his breathe and his chakra regained by a bit. If he continued without rest he’d faint, and give the Konoha doctors more work to do than they need. When he sat down, he took hold on one of the left over apples he hadn’t used for his jutsus and wiped it with his shirt a bit. He then took a bite at it and began to wonder, wonder how he could use his results from today in a real life battle. Surely he wasn’t going to summon pillars under the feats of his opponent and send a shock wave towards them in order to pop their heads, for A: his jutsu wasn’t strong enough for that and B: it’d be pointless to use in combat, the target could just hop off the pillars before he could even do the jutsu. However, he could use the pillars for another use: conductors. If he could spawn at least three or more pillars around their opponent’s position without them realising, he could fire the jutsu towards the nearest pillar and use it to send the Raiton charge towards the other pillars and if position right, would attack the victim from multiple directions. Though, pillars 2.5 meters high would be a bit difficult to hide from the victim, for they also had to be no further than two meters from the user. Then again, at the end of the day it all ends up to how clever and sneaky the user is and to what extent. Shibirin, considering himself to be a master mind genius, would in future, try this tactic out in real combat some day.
Shibirin thought about continuing on with the training. After all, he had done what he had come for. Still, it helped to be stronger than intended, so he quickly rose to his feet and walked in the centre of the small, patch of land. He unsheathed his sword, threw it up in the air, slightly twisting it upon release and waited for it to drop back down. When it did, it was facing downward and was most likely going to stab straight through his shoulder if he hadn’t avoided it in time. He waited til it was just about to land, then he twisted his wrist and arm so that he could catch the blade by its handle, the blade pointing downward. He then instantly sheathed the blade, before doing a one handed hand sign and vanished in thin air, leaving nothing in his trace than a log, a small amount of smoke and a half eaten apple...

Word count: {2,254/2000 }


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