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1 Kirigakure Plots / Announcements. on Sat Mar 12, 2016 12:51 pm




Here, announcements of Plot developments, Story Updates of both popular individual stories or Country Wide Stories / Updates/ Changes, Closed Events and other details will be posted or highlighted so they can be enjoyed. Keep an eye to this thread to keep up with stories going on in the country. If at any point you would like to join any of these plot-lines, or events, merely PM the person in charge of it.

However: This thread is not for interest checks. But to instead highlight things that 'are' happening that people can get involved in.

If you have something running that you would like people to see, get involved in or have recognized as canon, give a description of the plot-line below and how it would effect things. If a clan leader is killed or a Serial Killer is running amok in an area, let us know! If you would like something updated, post the update and it will be corrected. If it takes a while to update, toss Ayakashi a PM.

Have a nice day!

Current Plotlines:

The Shadow War:

Organizer: Ayakashi
Suggested Rank: A-SS (Any)
Synopsis: Aya, after engaging with Kirigakure's Daimyo discovered that the young child has become little more than a slave to his adviser. Little is known as to how this has come to be, but the adviser of the Daimyo, employing powerful mercenaries from the foreign land he hails from, has marked the Mizukage for Death, having stood defiantly against the Advisor's will. Several battled have been fought against the mercenaries with drastic losses, something needs to be done to finally turn the tides of battle and defeat the Daimyo's men... but first, Aya and those with her need more information... ... ...

Kumogakure Menace:

Organizer: Country Event/ Ayakashi & Sanosuke
Suggested Rank: B-SS
Synopsis: After a defecting ninja came to kirigakure, to be taken in and hidden by Aya as an act of mercy, Kumogakure took to arresting the kiri ninja within its countries' boarders. While many resisted, others were taken in the silence of the night. After about 58% of the ninja of the country were detained, Kirigakure spies discovered the targeted arrests and reported them to Ayakashi, who in turn asked for the nations of Iwa and Konoha for support should their borders be at risk... Tensions continue to rise as the die have been cast...


Organizer: ???
Suggested Rank: ???
Synopsis: To be added.

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2 Re: Kirigakure Plots / Announcements. on Sat Mar 12, 2016 1:13 pm





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3 Re: Kirigakure Plots / Announcements. on Sun Sep 25, 2016 4:53 am



Special Jounin
Organizer: Yasuo & Sero
Suggested Rank: C-S
Synopsis: Sero's prized pet is an enormous and deadly wolf spider who taught him the inner workings of senjutsu. Mama, the wolf spider, stays at the manor as Sero's companion, birthing many children and maintaining an intricate spy network keeping all at the Osada Manor informed of recent happenings however in recent months, reports have come in about mysterious deaths across the span of several small islands. Sero and Yasuo are deployed to investigate the threat and neutralize it however they will soon come to realize it is more than an infestation.



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The Blood Country - Red Eye:
Plot Name: The Blood Country - Red Eye
Organizer: Hachiko - Anyone
Suggested Rank: C+
Synopsis: In a recent mission to the blood country Hachiko discovered something of rather significant importance. The blood country which was once a country of mercenaries has had a forceful take over by a man named "Red Eye". This man has begun work on his own shinobi village and has begun drafting people for an Army, for purposes unknown.
Threads Pertaining to the plot:
Scouting the Blood country [Hachiko]:
Synopsis:The thread that begun the plot in which Hachiko found out about the recent happenings in the Blood Country, which were that a man named Red Eye had done a hostile take over of the Blood country, and that he was building a village and an Army. Hachiko then made a hasty return to Kirigakure to Report the news.

Important Notes: A small base of operations was set up in this thread, as well as a current border patrol schedule and the locations of three minor villages


Note: Anyone is welcome to take over, or assist in this plot, just shoot me a PM

5 Re: Kirigakure Plots / Announcements. on Fri Dec 01, 2017 7:45 am



Civil Unrest. A Coup on the Horizon?:
Organizer: Nozomi/ Ayakashi
Suggested Rank: Any
Synopsis: Whisperings of distrust between heavily influential clans in Kirigakure have been slowly leaked out. A war with Kumo had been the rallying cry of many loyal Kiri-nin, but with Ayakashi's retreat and seemingly unwrought justice at the slights from Kumo, a growing movement has emerged that sees her unfit as Mizukage. Some would seek to use this broken trust for their own benefit, gathering forces to openly oppose the Mizukage. The Himitsu clan being one of the more outspoken ones, the majority of their forces remain loyal to the clan leader.

Hachirou Himitsu, the current Clan Head of the Himitsu clan, has gathered a large following of his shinobi in a show of force, and has made it known that should Ayakashi refuse to step down,
he will use his troops to remove her from office himself.


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