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The floor on which Karumo Sekuro's office exists in is of a unique design and of very modern and minimalistic tastes. After arriving on the floor one hallway running around the floor in a the shape of a semi-circle leading to the other rooms. The hallway curves slightly, nothing extreme but it is noticeable, with tones of white and grey throughout and fair lighting. Nothing over powering to give anyone a headache from the fluorescence, but comfortable enough to also not be dim or dark at any point. Blocks of white tile with a dark grey border line the floor followed by a lighter shade of grey to fill in. Brown doors could be found scattered throughout leading to a variety of rooms and Karumo's office at the end of the hallway.


Karumo Sekuro's Office 3d-modern-office-hallway-10197781

Starting from the beginning of the hallway, after exiting the stairwell or elevator a person will be greeted by four wooden doors, two on each side. Small windows with blinds and the door is all that is seen from outside and the doors slid smoothly open making not a sound outside the closing itself and clicking of the lock.


Karumo Sekuro's Office Modern-bedroom

On the far wall of the bedroom sits a single door leading to an individual bathroom in each room, for whomever is staying in the rooms to use as needed. There are also two public use restrooms in the main hallway of the same design, one on each side after the bedrooms.


Karumo Sekuro's Office 9e61c16a0598f679_3766-w500-h400-b0-p0--modern-bathroom

After getting past the bedrooms and restrooms, there are two more large rooms, one on each side of the hallway that take up a large amount of space. On the left side is a small kitchen and cafeteria area and on the right side is a dining room with a large table for people to eat and take time to themselves in.

Kitchen Area:

Karumo Sekuro's Office Modern-kitchen

Dining Area:

Karumo Sekuro's Office Dusseldorf-Modern-Dining-Room

Then on the right side of the hallway, just before reaching the end one can find two doors that lead to a large classroom. This room is reserved for classes taught by Karumo and other faculty and is typically in use in academic studies rather than as a training facility.


Karumo Sekuro's Office Ren2

Opposite side of the classroom is a large conference room used for staff meetings and any discussions between the faculty and affiliates or any other groups. The conference room is also occasionally used as a classroom though it mainly serves as a meeting place.

Conference Room:

Karumo Sekuro's Office Black-and-white-modern-conference-office-room-1

Then lastly, we come across Karumo's office, a single large wooden door leads to a waiting room of decent size and his secretary at a desk towards the rear of the room. Wood floors and wooden walls, there are two doors, one leading to Karumo's office and the other a storage room for documents and other receipts and things. The storage room is locked with a key that only Karumo, his secretary, and a few other important persons have copies of.

Waiting Area:

Karumo Sekuro's Office Waiting-room-design-ideas-2012-paramount-minimalist-office-design-1169

Once entering through the doors to his office, a person will be greeted by a large desk and an even larger window to the left that gives a great view of the horizon of the mountain ranges and a good bit of the city. In the back to the right there are a few couches for meetings in necessary and a large cabinet behind the desk.

Karumo's Office:

Karumo Sekuro's Office Gavin_websize


Karumo Sekuro's Office 11b30c2

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