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Akira walked alone for a time on the road to Kiri. His boots padding along quietly as his hands rested in the pockets of his long coat. Snow had begun to fall as he progressed and now lightly covered the ground around him. A cigarette rested in his lips as it burned with each inhale as snow fell about him and rested in his dark hair. Even if the coat was armor at least it provided warmth. Still the daggers rested tightly against his chest and gave no sway with each step. His golden gaze reflected the light of the ember at the end of his smoke. Still much like his breath the smoke billowed out of his mouth as he continued along on the main road to Kirigakure. He was not about to let an ally go into a fight without his support and he was not about to let chaos take over in the form of war. Still he wished he had brought some whiskey with him. Even for him there was no guarantee he would return from this. If things to break out into violence he would rapidly become a target for assassination. With his medical skills whichever side had him available had soldiers that could immediately return to battle from any wound they survived. He could make an army endure longer than any enemy could keep up an attack.

As for Iwagakure. Nanashi was out of contact so he had turned to someone of less power but whom easily filled a leadership role. Karumo Sekuro. Unlike with Suutei and Jet however he had not asked for him to volunteer nor had he given the young man a chance to argue. Akira smiled a little bit in humor as he pulled the cigarette from his lips and with a twitch knocked off the ashes into a pile of snow. The truth was that right about that time Karumo would be getting notice of his temporary rule as assistant Kage. His secretary would deliver that message to him in his new office at the university personally and guard him while Akira was away. His other guard...the Kuma he had sent to quietly keep an eye on the Suna border just in case something did happen. He knew it would be foolish to attack his home while he was away but he could not be sure Suna thought the same way. He severely wished he had that treaty with them he had offered now. However that was what he could do for the time being. Still his eyes drifted behind him as two beings made their way to him.

Jet and Suutei arrived at virtually the same time and as they caught up Akira picked up the pace to what was comfortable to them. Somehow he looked almost bored at that pace but he didn't mention it. It was massively increased from the speed he had been moving just a moment ago when he was walking. Still as they moved up next to him he would pull the smoke out of his mouth and address Suutei first. His tone carrying along the road due to being in the open as they were. "Suutei, You are to scout the border of Kiri closest to Kumogakure. I want you to eliminate any groups that would openly oppose Kiri given the opportunity that you can easily handle. Do not push your limits. Report back to me on what you eliminated and include any groups that may have been beyond your capabilities or anyone suspicious." He would turn his head to Jet then and speak once more. "Jet I want you to play to your talents. Find this Nozomi character. She was the highest ranked person in your report and her love interest is a possible ingredient to this madness. Get along with her and see what you can learn but do not get pulled into a fight. I will double check your report with what the Mizukage is willing to tell me. You will break off from to me to attend to this as soon as we reach the border. Same as Suutei." And with that they were on their way.

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After the meeting with the kage, the woman was left in deep thought. Things were moving fast, well faster than usual. 'Have I- We! We mean we!' Her mind screamed at her not letting her finish her thoughts. Ever since Kumo, ever since Nanashi, ever since Akira, her mind had been especially fragile though no one could say so. After the fiasco were she could've potentially lost her to one of Iwa's finest, all over some wench whom she even aided in her time of need, her heart hardened to stone, cracked and withered and old yet it would no longer share the burden of others. Not even her. It was lost once more yet how can it be? How can it be lost if it wasn't there? That is what she told herself to keep her sane. Yet a little voice, a small pubescent one of warmth and naivety, one that smelled like sand and metal, the tone she rather not speak spoke to her, asking her when did they become so morbid, so cold, so blacken. It asked how could she forget the light if she was born into the sun? The woman did not have to answer, the others could instead. Smacked around and scolded, told it would never understand what she went through, what they all went through.

Heh, no wonder people called her insane, she even believes it herself now that she hears those voices constantly constantly always bickering screaming yellign trying fighting bleeding crying trying to take control, to have power, power they wanted, power they could have but over what? Her? She wasn't even real! She wasn't a person. She wasn't anything. She didn't even know what fucking state she was in. So why give a frick about this damn village or any other! The world could burn for all they care? They she those lines all blurred together into different identities mixing yet having their own taste. It was putrid. It was terrible. Just why did she care? About the village? About her 'friends'? About him? About anyone? She didn't even know who was J-

"Jet!" A voice teeming with panic screamed. Kami why did it scream. "Jet!" Once more it screamed. Please stop, we can't handle more screaming. Just stop "God dammit Jet pull yourself together!" A dreadful dull ache made her tense . Her hand flew from her side and grabbed her wrist, stopping it mid-air. Silence all there was, was finally silence. Her eyes glowed, glaring dully at the limb's owner before the ice melt as she was suddenly engulfed in warmth, together arms wrapped around her frame, her check resting on a small plush bosom. Something inside her wanted to run, to reject it but it was ignored none the less. Time passed and her breathing smoothed out, no longer erratic. She wasn't grinding her teeth or shaking. She was just tired, not scared and felt safe. Once she appear to be well again, two hands, calloused from working tirelessly in the shop pounding away at metal under the roaring flames, they were two hands that were not rough, they were two hands that were hers, Maki's. Crimson eyes fraught with worry and carry not pity thankfully checked her a few times over carefully. Her voice sounded like jewels.

"Jet" Her name was called and she perked up, just a bit, not too fast "Do you understand what happened" No not really what does it matter. "Jet this is serious. To all of you" Only the brat and miss goody two shoes are actually listening, the rest are bitching. Maki sighed pinching the bridge of her nose seeming to give up "Just go take your medicine. And grab your coat" She didn't want to but she complied, Jet rather take the pills normally than have Maki shoved them down her throat again. The pills were Maki's own special brew of antidepressants. They were to treat her condition. The treatment shortly began after returning from Kumo but it hasn't interfered with her work except a few times but no causalities, at least none that were detrimental to the village. Jet changed her clothes after popping the pills into her mouth into her panda hero armor, a armor that just looked like a costume, almost a fashion statement and a thin fur lined coat on top that she quickly discarded seeing she exchange her button up with a thermal long sleeve shirt so the armor s is would be enough. Kira met her in the doorway while Maki came down with her stuff, nothing but the essentials which Jet sealed up right away into the seal on her stomach. They exchanged their goodbyes and then she left.

Maki looked onward as she ran to the village gate and perched herself on top, watching Jet disappeared with Kira guiding her leading her to kami knows where. She no longer question Jet's activities, for now she trusted her. And anticipated the next time Jet came she would be leaving again. She could only hope they would see each other again.

It didn't take long for the pair to catch up to Akira. Kira had memorized his scent and had no problem tracking him by that alone. Once they caught up, Akira began debriefing them on there assignments. She nodded in affirmation and continued to followed Akira up to the border before they break off, her destination, Nozomi's former clan compound.

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In preparation for his firs war campaign he drunk as much as possible and it took little to no time before he was heavily intoxicated.  Suutei opened one eye ball, to observe the clock on the wall across from his bed in his suite and he was sure that Akira was well on his way along with Jet. Suutei also heard a panic from behind the door to the suite and rapid furious knocking.  Suutei rolled out of bed, literally, and onto the floor standing up trying to retain his balance.  Approaching the door Suutei peered through the peephole in the door, it was the man from the check in desk.  Suutei opened the door and the man was speaking at a rapid pace.

"Im sorry...  Suutei gagged then continued, "Sorry about that but, I can't understand a word your saying sir."  The man handed Suutei a letter addressed to him from Akira the Tsuchikage and had the words URGENT Suutei took the letter from the man and he lingered, sticking his nose somewhere it didn't belong.  Suutei dismissed the man and he walked away slowly hanging his head.  Suutei pitied the man in the meantime he took the time to come to his senses before reading the letter.

Dear Suutei,

As you our mission to Kirigakure no Sato is not official so again I ask that you understand the ordeal and just know I cannot ensure your survival.  So I hope you are prepared for the worst is yet to come; your skills will be tested, that will of fire you still hold dear will be questioned, and your worth to Iwagakure no Sato will be revaluated.  I decided to send you on this mission because I trust your abilities as a shinobi and will expect nothing but success from you and Jet alike.


Suutei groaned and ran to the bathroom throwing up into the toilet.  Staring into the murky disgusting smelling water, it was an awful smell.  Suutei flushed the toilet and stood up leaning over the sink.  Suutei fixed his facial situation and his bad breathe.  His eyes were red, his breath smelled like old and spoiled rice and sake.  Suutei brushed his teeth thoroughly following him grabbing his comb and adjusting his hair, styling it to his liking.

Suutei straightened out and looked for pain relievers in his bag, took two pills out and swallowed them.  Suutei knew things would get ugly while in Kiri, after all it was a place of many wars and he really wanted to avoid going to Kirigakure, but everything could change this very moment and he himself could be the difference maker.  Suutei was never a stickler for foreign conflicts but, he had to do what needed to be done.  Suutei grabbed his one bag obviously travelling light would be the plan only bringing along the necessities and of course his trusty lifelong friend would tag along.  Chopper who was already prepared to lay his life on the line for his friend.

Chopper revealed to him an array of various ninja tools that varied in shapes and different sizes.  Where he found the time to build such contraptions to the traditional tools was beyond all means, but the small reindeer threw all of it in one bag that could hold almost anything.   Suutei opened the door, holding his head down not looking at the floor but pondering about what danger he had to look forward to upon his travels.  Suutei, closed the door and began walking thinking to himself, Kirigakure, here I come.

Finding Akira not far from the gate travelling at a pretty steady pace addressed the young shinobi with an objective while in Kirigakure.  "Suutei, You are to scout the border of Kiri closest to Kumogakure. I want you to eliminate any groups that would openly oppose Kiri given the opportunity that you can easily handle. Do not push your limits. Report back to me on what you eliminated and include any groups that may have been beyond your capabilities or anyone suspicious."  Nodding in understanding the Kimura began to float and ascended higher into the sky flying carelessly laid back above Akira.

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