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1 Rakurai on Mon Mar 14, 2016 10:12 pm




Clan: 落雷 Rakurai

Kekkei Genkai: Lightning Sculpting

Elements: Raiton (optoinal)

Specialization: Senjutsu (optional secondary)

Location: Kumogakure

Clan History:      

Originally founded by the first Raikages the Rakurai have always held themselves close to the people of power in Kumogakure. Considering it their duty to protect the nobility that visit Kumo and keep the Raikage's enemies at bay, it is the hope of any true Rakurai to sit at the side of the Raikage as his bodyguard and ally as they are taught that, "While great ninja may lead, even greater ninja must follow."The Rakurai Clan is a very diverse group though with many branching lines, and out of all of those that develop abilities from their Rakurai blood it is only those who are seen to have a certain aptitude and tolerance for nature chakra that are selected to master their complex Kekkai Genkai. The Rakurai have always had a slight caste system, and while not treating those who do not have a strong affinity poorly, they value the talents those that have mastered their Kekkai Genkai have. The Rakurai seek to keep their techniques hidden even from those in their own clan in order to make those that are thought to have aptitude stand out even more. The select few that get chosen are brought together to master the Lightning and be pruned so that they might become ninja who are capable of pushing the Kekkai Genkai past its known limits. The Rakurai clan as a whole owes its existence to Kumogakure since, without the guidance of Raikages long ago, they would have never been able to utilize the techniques that they do today to control Nature chakra. A clan filled gratitude and pride, the Rakurai who master their Kekkai Genkai often end up working in positions where their specialized expertise can be fully utilized.

Kekkei Genkai Description:      

Upon becoming a ninja and relinquishing his/her name for a new one, a Rakurai creates an unspoken oath to his/ her village or someone who she/ he thinks is important and then is gifted with the clan's seal on a part of his/her body as a sign of her/his ability to grasp the nature of senjutsu. Though this seal is a symbol of promise and not talent, it signifies the path that the ninja who was gifted it has chosen to take, and their aim to master the seal. Once the seal is placed upon their body the user becomes able to store nature chakra within it and utilize it to create the clans signature Lightning Sculpting. This is done by a Rakurai adding a little bit of Nature chakra to a Raiton technique. Lightning Sculpting jutsu must have "Kekkai Genkai" or "Lightning Sculpting" written in the Specialty in order for the attack to be counted as an Lightning Sculpting jutsu for the purposes of this clan. The Rakurai can give shape and form to lightning and electricity using their Kekkai Genkai causing it do things like take the shape of an animal or tying it down to an object. Lightning Sculpting jutsu otherwise act as regular Raiton jutsu do.

Only some members of the Rakurai clan have been gifted with the oppurtunity to use the Animated Lightning. These few Rakurai can use lightning Jutsu that seem like living breathing things with the aid of their clans seal. Even those Rakurai who weren't chosen to receive the clan seal are known for their large pools of chakra. As the original Rakurai technique, Lightning Release: Plasma is the only Kekkai Genkai technique that every Rakurai utilize to empower their Raiton jutsu. Any Rakurai that does not have the Clan Seal, can learn it as a D-rank jutsu for no Ryo cost, and it does not scale for them making them learn each rank as its own jutsu.

  • Rakurai can begin with Senjutsu as their secondary specialization. It starts at D-Rank, requires 2000 words to train to C-Rank, and an additional 1000 words for each subsequent rank: D-rank 0, D->C 2000, C->B 3000, B->A 4000, A->S 5000, S-SS 6000. If it is not their secondary specialty then they must learn it normally. A Rakurai's ranking in Senjutsu counts as the ranking for her/his Kekkai Genkai if they have a Clan Seal. All Rakurai who begin with Senjutsu as their secondary specialization start with their Clan Seal.

  • Because the Rakurai is subconsciously attempting to absorb nature chakra which interferes in the repair process, repairing the seal gets harder as the amount of nature chakra the Rakurai can absorb increases. A Rakurai can reforge their Clan Seal, if they are Kumo ninja and their seal is broken. The effective rank of the item is equivalent to the rank of the Rakurai's Kekkai Genkai. The repair costs 25% more outside of Kumo.

  • Even if they do not specialize in Senjutsu, each time a Rakurai ranks up they gain additional permanent increase to their chakra pool: D->C +5, C->B +10, B->A +15, A->S +20, S->SS +20. Even if a Rakurai does not have a seal they get access to this boon.

  • When a Rakurai uses a Kekkai Genkai jutsu, that jutsu is treated as if the user were currently in Sage Mode. A Rakurai Kekkai Genkai Jutsu receives a +1 advantage against other jutsu without using Sage Mode.

  • Rakurai that can use Senjutsu regenerate chakra in the same way that others who specialize in Senjutsu do.

  • Rakurai can relearn any Raiton jutsu they know so that it is also a Kekkai Genkai jutsu for them, if it isn't already, for no ryo cost and half of the word count.


  • The primary and secondary specializations of a Rakurai begin at D-Rank upon character creation regardless of what rank they begin at.

  • Rakurai can neither have a fourth element nor take the characteristic Hesitant (Element).

  • Rakurai cannot begin as missing ninjas, and must retrain their Senjutsu spec from D-Rank (if they choose to take Senjutsu) if they choose to become missing ninja as they break their ties with their village because the seal is set to remove itself if the wielder chooses to disassociate themselves with Kumo.

  • Like it is implied above above, if a Rakurai's Clan Seal is broken or removed they lose the ability to utilize their Kekkai Genkai. If a they lose their Clan Seal because the seal itself was removed, then the Rakurai retrain their Senjutsu Specialization from D-Rank

  • Rakurai cannot gain access to Sage Mode.

  • All "Kekkai Genkai" jutsu cost an additional initial 10 chakra and an additional 5 chakra per round, Rakurai can only apply Senjutsu to Raiton jutsu.

  • If a Rakurai's chakra drops to 50 or less they lose access to any abilities gained from Senjutsu and their ability to regenerate chakra until it returns to an amount greater than 55 (This includes their Kekkai Genkai jutsu and all derivative techniques. I don't really consider this to be a drawback)

  • All Kekkai Genkai jutsu (except Lightning Release: Plasma) require Senjutsu + an additional specialization relevant to the technique. Both Specializations must be equivalent to the jutsu's rank.

  • Because of the clan's focus on training with Raiton, no Rakurai can train non-Raiton elements past A-rank.

  • Rakurai do not gain the permanent +20 to chakra awarded for specializing in Senjutsu.

  • Rakurai can only train one specialization to SS-rank or higher unless their secondary specialization is Senjutsu.

Members: None yet

Kekkei Genkai Jutsu:

Lightning Release:
Name: Lightning Release: Plasma
Canon/Custom: Canon
Rank: E-S ( Normal cost for it's rank + 10 chakra | Normal cost for its rank + 5 chakra per turn)
Type: Offensive | Supplementary
Element: Lightning
Range: 1 meter
Specialty: Kekkai Genkai (Senjutsu)
Duration: Maintainable (normal cost for rank + 10 for the initial round + 5 for subsequent rounds)
Cooldown: Duration + 6
Description: A column of transparent golden energy with a radius of one meter and a height of two and a half forms at the feet of the user as lightning crackles around it and white lightning seems to crackle within it. If this jutsu is used at D-Rank or higher, instantaneously everything - other than the user - that is within the column of energy receives minor first degree burns. Immediately after this the column subsides, and during the initial post and every subsequent post that this jutsu is maintained the user of this jutsu can change a regular Raiton jutsu, whose rank is equal to or lower than this jutsu's, into a Rakurai "Kekkai Genkai" jutsu (not including the additional cost).

While this jutsu is being maintained, if the user is successfully hit with a Fuuton jutsu rank that is the same as jutsu, this jutsu deactivates automatically unless they pay 5 additional chakra. If the Fuuton jutsu is 1 or more rankings higher then they must pay 10 chakra to maintain it.
Lightning Release:
Name:Lightning Release: Lightning Stream Technique
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: C (15 chakra | 5 chakra per turn)
Type: Supplementary | Offensive
Element: Raiton
Range: 1 Meter
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: Duration of the paired Ninjutsu
Cooldown: 3 posts
Description: As the user begins to cast another Ninjutsu a quick spark of electricity dances around him/her. This jutsu allows another justu that the caster is using that does not have the Raiton nature to also cause minor second degree burns in addition to its normal effects.
Lightning Release:
Name:Lightning Release: Lightning Stream Technique
Rank: C (15 chakra | 5 chakra per turn)
Type: Supplementary | Offensive
Element: Raiton
Specialty: Bukijutsu
Duration: Maintainable
Cooldown: Duration + 5 posts
Description:  While the user holds a metallic weapon, Raiton chakra surrounds it allowing it to gain cutting properties it may not have had. An up to one meter long, four inch wide, thin blade of Raiton chakra forms around any weapon held by the user at the moment this jutsu is cast. The chakra causes the weapon to makes one inch cuts if it couldn't before this jutsu was cast. This blade is capable of cutting up to an inch into weapons, armor, or other objects that are one or more ranks lower than this jutsu. If any weapon affected by this jutsu is away from the user for more than one post then the jutsu ceases to affect it.

Lightning Release:
Name: Lightning Release: Golden Mamba
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: C (25 Chakra)
Type: Offensive | Defensive
Element: Lightning
Range: 4 meter radius
Specialty: Kekkai Genkai (Ninjutsu | Senjutsu)
Duration: 2 round
Cooldown: 3 rounds
Description: The user manipulates Raiton chakra into their hand before forming it into the shape of a golden snake that is about one foot in diameter. Moving at 25 meters per second, the snake coils around a person or object that is completely within four meters of the user to create a dome or sphere around the target. This jutsu delivers mild 2nd degree burns to those who touch the outside of it. This jutsu creates a barrier around the target that blocks one C rank jutsu, two D-Rank, or 3 E-Rank  from either the inside or the outside. This jutsu C-rank or higher strength to break.

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2 Re: Rakurai on Sat Mar 26, 2016 6:50 am




So its basically living lightning? yes? Might wanna throw that term somewhere if so. like: "Some people even going so far as to call it living lightning."

You'd still want kkg jutsu at SS rank, because they're stronger. Sen only gives you +1 against other jutsu, not +1 in damage or ability, or range or speed or anything else. Also, does this mean you can use the jutsu without sage mode?


looks ok, might wanna add if the seal which allows you to do all this is broken, you can't use your kkg. Seems obvious, but it is a big downside.


1/ So, wait, you create a column around you, that, allows you to convert your raiton skills into sculpting skills right? How is it defensive? It can't block things for you, so, remove that, other than that, it's fine.
2/ why is this maintainable? please describe.
3/ this jutsu is really hard to understand, could you please go over it again and just put things in order and clarify a bit?
4/ how does a snake create a dome or sphere? if it can block things its defensive. It's rather confusing.


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3 Re: Rakurai on Sat Mar 26, 2016 10:02 am



I'm also going to make edits, but I want to put my responses here so that I can reference them.

Is it okay that they can use the jutsu without sage mode?

Ss-ranked Senjutsu without having to use sage mode seemed really strong to me, so I was hesitant to put it in their.

Jutsu 3: the jutsu makes a blade of lightning around the object. (...Maybe I should add that in the description)

The snake coils around the user, so it wouldn't truly be a dome or sphere shape. I just couldn't think of how to illustrate that without using "-esque" or "-like".

4 Re: Rakurai on Wed Mar 30, 2016 6:38 pm




Read up on the jugo clan and what restrictions they have to deal with for using senjutsu without sage mode. Effectively, they have senjutsu but none of the benefits until they unlock sage mode. So, no chakra regeneration etc. I'd also like a downside for them using senjutsu without sage mode, maybe that they're not immune to their own chakra and casting abilities burns them because they're not in full control of the nature chakra?

You need to specify that their clan seal acts as an item of your ninja rank in that repairs section, to make that much clearer.

"When a Rakurai uses a Kekkai Genkai jutsu, that jutsu is treated as if the user were currently in Sage Mode. A Rakurai Kekkai Genkai Jutsu receives a +1 advantage against other jutsu without using Sage Mode.

Rakurai that can use Senjutsu regenerate chakra in the same way that others who specialize in Senjutsu do."

not trying to be mean, but these are worded rather poorly, and could be thought to say that you don't even need senjutsu to use these. You do. And like i said, I would like you to require sage mode for chakra regen. Other than that, the +1 against other jutsu is fine, because they're still a senjutsu technique. But yeah, you NEED senjutsu.

Rakurai can relearn any Raiton jutsu they know so that it is also a Kekkai Genkai jutsu for them, if it isn't already, for no ryo cost and half of the word count.

I'll let you have 1/2 ryo, 1/2 WC, not zero ryo 1/2 WC.


If you can't get sage mode, you can't get chakra regen etc. Just saying.

Rest are fine.


1/ There has to be a point where that pillar just breaks, rather than being reformed constantly. Also, can you move within the pillar or can the pillar move? I assume not, so might wanna touch that up.
2/ Range would be dependent on the jutsu you use it with, also, does it make the other jutsu a raiton jutsu in addition to its other elements? Or just gives it a burn effect?
3/ is fine
4/ Max defensive resistance and 2nd degree burns is a tad much, bring down the burns or the defensive properties.


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