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1 A storm is coming!!!! on Tue Mar 15, 2016 6:47 am



Walking through the cold snow as a young boy travels slowly towards his destiny, as the ice begins to crack. The crack following him as he makes his way with swords in hand, the moment came at a time when no one was prepared.

A mini-flashback of a small blonde boy smiling while playing in the pure white snow.
"Mommy, let's play"

The wind blows passed the snow as it turns black like charcoal as a older boy stands in the midst of an icy blizzard mixed with charcoal as he looks up to the sky. A butterfly flies through the air as a woman looks down upon him as the silhouette of seven appears as the blades of the seven fall from the sky as the woman descends from the heavens.

"Aya-nesama, do we really need to do this." while the others have their own regrets as the rage of a raging tempest appears beneathe the flames of an enraged woman. A mysterious woman takes up the blade, a rage boils deep down inside as her and the woman known as the strongest look to each other as if words could not say what had come between these two.

Then as if not bothered by the snow at all blazing a trail like lightning through the throws of the battle field slaying the beasts that stood before him as a girl would grow strong as he would arrive to the scene of a dead body. He was too late, but all he can do his take up his blade and move faster as if breaking the laws of this world almost as if flying through the sky he appeared amongst the two holding two blades, not sure as if to take the first blade or not.

"Are you really the first?" as the tension builds dark forces gather, the disappearance of the man who once stood as one of the sannin. Then a woman broke through the ice as she rises like the phoenix from the ashes, the woman long ago was the leader of a nation who had fallen into a deep slumber as she hopes to reclaim her throne.

"Mom, you slow" as the woman simply smiles as she grabs her legendary blade as another figure begins to emerge from the shadows and a name that had long since been forgotten emerges from the sky.

A man who had once upon a time known as the man who destroyed the village, the black flames of his destruction had brought ruin to the once great village. It was however not a time we could all remember too well as another figure running the world as puppets stood behind this man bringing forth ruin once again as the bells began to toll.

The first bell rang and a legend was born
The second bell rang and the legend began
The third bell rang and the angel fell from the heavens
The forth bell rang as the world plunged into chaos
The fifth bell rang as the villages united in the struggle
The sixth bell rang as the fallen angel rose to become an icy demon
The seventh bell never rang...

Was this truly what the world wanted, was this truly the fate of the world. To be just one step away from the end, on last bell to be rung and one last song to be sung. The time had come and the rulers of the world would have to take their place in the ever changing circle of life and the circle of time

As a woman appears to say, "There can only be one", as she faces her blade to the daimyo of a broken village.

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