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Rean sighed, although it was his first mission it, from what he heard from others  that the missions as a genin would be far more boring than the missions he had to look foward too. To him this was a small step towards a bigger and greater picture, he could not complain as this was the way the ninja system worked. Today was a warm and sunny dad with no cloud in the sky, leaves were on their trees, children around the age of soon entering the academy were playing, and the call of shops selling their goods and services all spread together in the warm and comfortable vibe of Konoha. Rean was wearing his usual black shinobi attire which composed of a black short-sleeved shirt thats covered his neck and a black pair of shorts with bandages going down from just under the knee to where his black sandals begun. It was too warm for a very physically taxing mission and the mission he chose going on was one where he would simply have to bring supplies, so he didnt have to exert himself. The goal of this mission was to deliver an item of the utmost importance to an officer who was running war games just outside the village limits. The most important item in question was of course, ice cream. Yes, the utmost importance was placed on giving creamy goodness to an to the man in charge. It was a giant waste of time in the Reans eyes but he was going to get paid and therefor he held his mouth shut and just accepted the mission, he needed the money anyways.

That was how Rean found himself at the Administrative building picking up a satchel from one of the Hokages assistant. Bowing he waited for the assistant to finish to finish his speech before leaving.

“Presently recall this must be done rapidly, time is of the embodiment. Which helps me to remember a period when I was a youthful genin like you, I too was tasked with these sorts of things you see…”

Rean just nodded and waited for the man to peter out before nodding again and taking off without a second thought, the blow hard of a man had already wasted some time despite him going on about how time is precious for this mission however from the temperature of the box he held, Rean figured the ice cream had not melted yet. His method of travel would have to be jumping on the rooftops as Rean had chosen to avoid the streets in order to save on time. While it would normally be faster to just use the streets, at this time of day they were filled with fellow ninja and civilians alike and so he assumed it would be much faster method of travel.

Rean’s method of travel was proven correct as he arrived at the gates with the box still emitting the cold in which had made his fingers fairly cold. However the ninja was not used to much cold so he had to adjust his hold on the box multiple times whilst on the move, he soon cut into the forest and made his way towards where he was told the war games/operation was occurring. The young genin wished he could have been training with them instead of playing gopher but it was not yet his time. That time could not come soon enough for him, but at this moment in time he was focused on finding the officer who wanted the ice cream. Setting down the box he pulled up a piece of paper with a picture of the officer, luckily for him a man who matched the picture was not any more than a few meters in front of him. Making a dash for the man Rean jumped and ducked over and under kunai respectively, slide underneath a fireball jutsu and made it to the man presenting the box he had previously picked back up.
Upon opening it up the officer smiled, and thanked Rean. He even offered him some ice cream, much to officer’s delight Rean accepted and enjoyed the ice cream with him. Rean had simply left with a smile and headed back to the Administrative office to pick up his reward.



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