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Godric stood at the Entry way of the great Diamond Heights University, the walk alone had given him a lot of time to think and when he had first seen the Massive Mountain sitting in the middle of the lake his breath was nearly taken away, he had never seen anything so magnificent before even his time spent in the Village Hidden in the Clouds began to dwindle in comparison to the wonders that he had seen since his arrival here in the Village Hidden in the Stone. From the Great Wall which surrounded the Village to the Bizaar a market place that was so large that it made the one he had seen in Kumogakure look like a small village market, but this construction was by far the most impressive thing he had ever seen. As he stepped closer to the Doors that lead into the building the doors seemed to open themselves, and he could not put a finger on it but it seemed as if there was a presence within the massive building calling out to him to enter and find what it was he was searching for, and that was of course a Katon Sensei, someone that could teach him how to control his Katon Chakra and maybe stop burning himself. He had been asking around town with the villagers and they all pointed to the north and it wasn't until he saw the massive building that he realized where it was they were telling him to go, now the question was where could he find a Sensei inside here was he going to have to search every room on every floor or did they have a sign telling visitors where they could find certain types of Training or even an information desk would be helpful at this point.

The entry hallway was unbelievable displaying hundreds of elegant carvings in the stone wall, but what surprised Godric the most was the eerie silence that seemed to surround him, not a soul in the hall except for himself and all he could hear was the sounds of his footsteps echoing down the hallway as he walked. There were no doors in this all just the carvings all the way down the hall until the end where he came to a T and in front of him looked to be a directory of the University. Looking down the list he did not see anything that told where a Katon Sensei might be at, but as he looked through the list he came across a name, Karumo Sekuro. He was not sure why but there was something about that name that seemed familiar, "Well I guess that a good a place as any to start my search" he said to himself as he headed off to the left to find the stairs, even if Karumo was not the person he was looking maybe he could point him towards someone that would be able to help him.

Finally locating the stairwell the young Shinobi head to the level in which Karumo's office was suppose to be, when he reached the level he saw a small map next to the doorway with a lay out of the floor showing Karumo's office to be at the end of the hallway and so opening the door Godric headed into the hallway to find Karumo's offive. Godric could not believe his eyes with what he saw this level of the university was completely different from that of the entry way in which he had just came from. The walls were lined with doorways that looked as if they would lead into office's until he finally arrived at the end of the hallway being greeted by a door. "This is it" Godric said under his breath to himself, grabbing the door handle and heading into the room. This room like the hallway was different than what Godric would expect it to be with comfortable leather chairs sitting in front of a wooden desk with a lovely young woman sitting behind it typing away on her computer. "Hello, How can I help you?" she said without even looking up from the computer screen, "Um, yes... I would like to speak to Karumo if that is possible" Godric managed to stutter out. "Do you have an appointment?" the woman asked still not looking away from her computer, "well um... No" Godric answered silently cursing himself for not thinking of doing that. For the first time the woman looked up from her computer screen and Godric could not help but wish she had not, despite the woman's beauty she had a very stern and almost ominous look on her face, "You have to realize that Mr. Sekuro is a very busy person and does not have time for walk-in's such as yourself, if you really wish to speak to him in the future I suggest you make an appointment." She said and it felt as if venom was in her words. "I will see if Mr. Sekuro can spare a few minutes to see you this time but like I said next time make an appointment" she added as she picked up the phone on her desk and motioned for him to take a seat. Sitting down in one of the chairs Godric saw a bunch of magazines as well as a newspaper, grabbing the newspaper Godric waited for an answer as to whether he would be able to be seen or not.



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Karumo sat down at his desk in the center of the room, a small ceramic cup knocked against the wooden desk as he set it down. Spinning his chair towards the window to his right, the blinds pulled back he looked upon the village and the mountains behind as he sighed for a moment. Part of him wished to be outside where the air wasn't so stagnant, and his desk didn't fill with paperwork and forms to read through and take care of. As he began to meditate on his day, he grabbed his coffee and sipped on it, as much as he would regret and would prefer sleep where he could dream into the realities that he himself lacked; he was also aware that his new responsibilities as headmaster of the University should not be shirked so easily. But then again, everyone had to hate work to some degree, and sure there were those that may love what they do just like Karumo loved to teach and learn more for himself, but no job was perfect and to him, anyone to refute that would be automatically labeled as coerced into it. He set his coffee back down onto his coaster and grabbed a pen from next to him, the first stack of folders and papers within were within arm's reach. Three more equally large stacks, if not bigger, sat behind him to taunt him with their very presence and all the impending bureaucratic headache to ensue.

Grinding away at signatures and filling out forms for quarterly data reports and other statistical reports that were required of him. His PA buzzed from his secretary. The woman out front who was coerced into working so early in the morning was a few years younger than him, blonde hair and fair skin. Taking his secretarial job to help pay for the classes to become a kunoichi and an expert in medical ninjutsu. He clicked the button to speaker it to his entire office, her voice ringing out from her phone, "Excuse me, Mr. Sekuro, there's someone to see you but he doesn't have an appointment... " she let off and waited for him to respond. "Did he say why? Or whom he was?"

"No, just that he'd like to speak with you." her voice was quiet as she spoke, almost as if she wanted to hide the conversations from his ears.

Karumo thought for a second as he looked at the papers and charts at his desk, as if he wanted to deal with this. He looked towards the clock, 8:37 A.M. now. He sighed and pressed the button to his intercom, "Yeah, go ahead and send him in... also, can you bring in some more coffee as well?"

"Yeah, no problem sir."

"Thanks!" he said enthusiastically and ended the call. Leaning back into his chair, he sipped the last bit of his coffee in the cup and waited for them to enter. Ms. Kazako entered in first, leading with a pot of coffee and holding the door for their visitor, Karumo would look him over briefly before waving to the chair and calling out, "Please, take a seat..." and then would take the ceramic cup into his hand as his secretary came to the side of his desk and began to pour the black liquid into his cup. He set the cup down and motioned towards the visitor, whether he had sat down yet or not, and politely asked him, "Coffee, water, anything like that?" he would motion before his aid walked away.

Waiting for his response, whether he accepted a drink or not, he would turn towards his aid when all was said and done, "Thank you, Ms. Kazako, I think that's all for now. I'll let you know if anything changes..." he let off and then let her adjourn back to her desk in the waiting area. The doors would shut to a close as she exited, he kept his eyes towards her as she walked out, his hand hovered near his cup and he picked it up to take a sip as the doors closed. He always drank it black, his numbness prevented him from tasting it or feeling it burn against his tongue, but the quick energy and focus it gave was nice. Setting the cup back down he cleared his throat lightly and spoke out, "So... what can I do for you?" he would leave off to his visitor.

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