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1 Domestic Relations [Seiryū/No Kill] on Sun Mar 27, 2016 10:56 pm



Several meetings were held in such small time, Suzume was growing exhausted just from talking. Still, there were more faces to see and more commands to be ordered.  Revitalizing a village was hard work and it would take a lot of hands. Already there was a good number of patrols and assignments sent out to fix some problems. The crime rate in Suna had risen a bit in her absence. Not due to lack of leadership, but more due to the lack of manpower. For a while the village had been without a very strong force. It was at this low force that she had left the village with, not helping as quality was all that was left.

Her return was like a wave of water washing over her. Sunagakure was not the same village as the one she had left. This was very true as of now, with how she was getting to call in more highly ranked and highly qualified shinobi to her office for special domestic missions. There were gangs to stop, gambling to control, and corruption to end.

One such individual to whom she would place a task stood before her. Kazuhiko Mori. The dark haired jounin stood at attention before her. He was one of the very few who knew of what Suzume had to go through in the last few months, and of the even fewer persons who had actually experienced the fight abroad with her. And now he was willing to help her once again in cleaning up Suna.

Suzume looked away from Kazuhiko, ”You’ve been with me through a lot, Kazuhiko. However, there’s going to be a lot of opinions about me from here on out. Before I ask you to do anything I want to know what opinions you have on my leadership.”

The sigh that followed did not speak well to Suzume. Kazuhiko relaxed his stance, turning his head to the side. Suzume looked back at him to get a better read of what he might be thinking. “The world has changed a lot in a very short time, Lady Kazekage. One thing has stayed the same; the necessity of quick decisions. I’m nowhere close to knowing the pressures of being Kazekage, nor the calculations needed to make such decisions.”

”That’s not answering my question.”

A single chuckle came through. She had caught him, and he knew it was useless for him to have even tried dodging the question. He turned back to face her, looking straight into her eyes. Now here comes the real answer.

“I would’ve done things a bit differently. Involved a few more people. But that doesn’t matter because at the end of the day, your decision worked. We’re here. Suna is here. And the threat is extinguished.”

Suzume smirked. The man knew how to talk politically, and while having a good point, too. ”Well, thank you for being honest,” she cleared her throat. ”Now, I need your skills yet again. Rumors that there are some unregistered weapons being sold here. Investigate where this black market is hiding. Only investigate.”

Kazuhiko bowed his head. “Yes, Lady Kazekage.”

He turned and walked out of the office. Suzume’s secretary replaced him at the door frame. “Ready for your next appointment, ma’am?”

”Yes, send him in.” Suzume shuffled some papers, pulling up the files needed for her next meeting. This one was with a Special Jounin who had recently climbed the ranks in the village while she had been away. Her secretary stepped aside for the shinobi to enter and would then close the door behind him. Busy day, this one.

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2 Re: Domestic Relations [Seiryū/No Kill] on Mon Mar 28, 2016 5:57 am



“Imada-san, the Lady Kazekage would like for you to meet her in twenty minutes in her office.”

His fate, for the time being, was already set. Avoiding being called to the Kazekage’s office wasn’t an option, especially when she had sent a messenger to inform him of this meeting. Not going would and even more unwanted attention that Seiryū wished to avoid. There wasn’t much he could hide, for he assumed that if the Kazekage read his file, she would know of his lineage – unless it happened to be tampered with.

“I’ll be there as soon as I can.”

With that, the messenger nodded and immediately left. Seiryū closed the door, resisting the urge to do anything irrational. He’d have to remain calm, but also naïve to the ways of that clan. He knew how they worked and he couldn’t go in there while trying to hide something, for she would know he would be. Neither could he attempt to pretend to not know about their abilities, for his own weren’t as skilled as those who were actually raised by the clan. He only was exposed to rough understandings that he had to hone on his own.

He scanned the room, searching for something that he knew wouldn’t be there. His paranoia was far too much now that he thought about it. Sure she had a relation to that man, but he doubted she actually knew of his relation to him. No. He could remain calm in their meeting, for she didn’t wrong him, nor did the clan itself. It was only his father that was at fault, but he hadn’t seen his face in years, but it still remained ingrained in memory. Seiryū, one day, would have some sort of satisfaction, though he didn’t know how he’d gain it, all he knew was that he’d make his father suffer a bit if it came down to it. For now, he’d just have to deal with a blood relative to that man, the new head of that clan, and the Kazekage.

Seiryū had no idea why the Kazekage wished to meet him, the only notice he received was the one from the messenger who just left, and all he said was that the Kazekage had requested his presence in her office within twenty minutes. Heaving a sigh, Seiryū grabbed the few things he may need if this happened to be a mission the Kazekage wished to send him on. He figured that would be the reason for this meeting. Grabbing his bow, quiver, arrows, senbon and kunai and arming himself with them in their usual spots; the quiver strapped around him and resting on his back, with a buckle designed to hold his bow, the rest of his weaponry was easily placed on his person. The arrows going in the quiver with the senbon and kunai being placed in the few pockets he had on his clothing, not the most practical, but it’d make do. He was taking them just in case it was an impromptu mission that required him leaving the village immediately. Otherwise, they were just there for a symbol to denote his status as a shinobi, even if he rarely ever wore his hitai-ate. With not much else for him to take with him, Seiryū left his apartment building and began making his way towards the administration building that housed the Kazekage’s offices.  


“Imada-san, please wait a moment.”

He idly nodded. His attention not even on the Kazekage’s secretary the entire time they exchanged the few words between them. Seiryū stood there, simply staring at a blank spot on a wall, his eyes never leaving it until they would have to. Seiryū was anything but an imposing person, but people still shied away from him – or him from them. Regardless, he only talked to the secretary about his arranged appointment with the Kazekage and that was all the words that had left his mouth since his arrival here. Stay calm and keep a cool head. That’s all he was required to do.

The secretary was saying something inside the room, which was likely where the Kazekage was located. It took less than a minute for that conversation to come to a halt and for the secretary to step out of the way for Seiryū to enter the room. Calm steps with a similar demeanour, that was all he needed to make it through whatever this would be. She was nothing more than the village leader, he could ignore her clan affiliation, as his irrational gripe extended beyond just the man who wronged him. Passing the foyer and stepping in the office, the door closing behind him, notified Seiryū that he was stuck here for the foreseeable future. Hopefully it wouldn’t drag on too long.

Bowing his head as he was locked in the office, the words left him, the forced calmness he could feel from himself, “Kazekage-sama, you called for me?” A moment passed by. Perhaps he could extend the simple courtesy of addressing the recent loss to her clan, even if it had already been addressed and he could care less. “Ah, forgive my manners. My condolences to you and your clan for your recent loss.” His eyes still didn’t meet hers, for he kept his head bowed for respect; even if the reason was for simply to avoid eye contact.

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