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Waiting peacefully on top of a taller building in the hopes of being able to see over Suna's walls a little bit better was Gō. He sat on the edge of the building letting his feet dangle off of the side. Other than the light chatter and occasional clinking that could be heard in the slums below him, the world seemed serene. He heard that at some places in some deserts in the Land of Wind there were sunsets that were yellow and blue. Truly that would be a sight to behold, to see the horizon painted mustard yellow. But seeing as how Gō had only ever heard people mention paintings of such an event, he doubted that just because he really wanted it he'd get to see it in person especially not in a place like this. Beauty is rarely ever conveniently placed. As the evening began to slowly wane into night the clinking sound continued, and slightly moved by his curiosity, he decided to go see wanted the was causing the noise. He found his way over to the edge of the opposite side of the building and noticed a genin with a shiny new Suna headband on making funny motions towards a taller man with a cloak draped over his shoulders. Almost as if he was hypnotized by the genin's movements the man danced in an angular, awkward, unnatural tempo that made an uncomfortable chills creep up Gō's spine. Though he didn't know this, the Genin was practicing with an unmodified puppet that she had made herself, and she was controlling said puppet with a basic academy technique that she was currently working on improving.

As Gō inched closer to the edge of the building he saw that she was kicking bottles in the air as the cloaked man attempted to hit them with a dull-looking wakizashi. The genin would extend her leg towards a large group of bottles nearby, knock one over slightly, and place her foot under it balancing it there. after a quick flick of her wrist the man would run towards he and then jump in the air, and in a way that was choreographed and rhythmic enough that it almost seemed to be a dance, she would throw the bottle up, and he would bat it towards a pile of trash bags that littered the street side.  The duo continued the steps for this dance 6 or seven more times before Gō, as he was edging closer to the pair, tapped the edge of the building with his wooden geta. The sound caused the duo to snap their attention to him. The girl's face looked as if someone had betrayed her as her face reddened with embarrassment and golden eyebrows over green piercing eyes furrowed in anger.

He didn't notice any of the expressions or emotions that had revealed themselves on her face though. He felt his stomach twist up as he made eye contact with the simulacrum of a man that had previously hidden itself under a cloak. The puppet gazed back at Gō with a single eye that was much too wide and rested in the very center of its expressionless wooden face. It had a mouth that was hanging open like a nut cracker awaiting a walnut. He slowly attempted to back up as he began to piece together what was happening, and as he did so the puppeteer genin extended both of her arms in the direction of the retreating ronin. The puppet cleared the 50 foot jump to the roof top its as it rapidly open and closed its mouth. After pulling back its right arm the puppet swung at the ronin In a wide arc with its dull 20 inch wakizashi. The puppeteer ran up the side of the building in order to ensure that she would be able to see her opponent so that she could control her puppet properly.

As the puppet pulled back its arm to swing Gō cartwheeled backwards sending to wooden slippers into the chest of the puppet that had made it to almost right in front of him. while this did little in the ways of hurting the puppet it slightly slowed its approach and gave him just enough time to make it out of the range of the puppet. After the flip Gō slid a half of in inch barefoot on the ceiling of the sandy building placing him 5 meters away from both the puppet and the edge. Quickly he pulled at his scarf and wrapped it around his waist as the puppeteer made it to the top of the building wielding a wakizashi that seemed to be a replica of the one her puppet was holding in her right hand. No longer was her face filled with embarrassment or anger, but now it looked as if she was challenging him. Her silent words were communicated and Gō reciprocated her look trying to hide the nausea that welled up inside him when he looked at the puppet.

Misc stuffs:
I am assuming that the puppeteer genin is a new graduate, and that she has all E-1 Tier Stats. I'm assuming to control the puppet she is using the academy jutsu "Puppet Technique: Multiple Control" controlling both swords and the puppet individually, using "Supernatural Walking Practice", and is capable of using "Transformation Technique". I am going to be kind to myself and say that she is at 110 chakra currently.



"Henge no Jutsu" the puppeteer yelled as a cloud of smoke surrounds her. Her puppet lunges ten steps forward to close the distance between Gō and itself. Behind it a second, identical puppet emerges from the cloud of smoke that the jutsu created who follows behind in the original puppet's footsteps. with a little bit more control than the last swing, this time the puppet's sword goes directly for the left side of his rib cage as the second puppet slides so that it is back to back with the one that just attacked. The lunging stab that the puppet made left an opening on its left side, but within a very short moment the two puppets spun clockwise 180 degrees around each other, causing them to switch places, and now another swing came at Gō from his right this time aiming to hit his rib cage once more. after this swing the two puppets would jump away from him in opposite directions. The puppet that just swung at him moving to his right and the other puppet to his left. The two puppets threw their swords at one another hoping to hit go, who was in the middle hopefully distracted.

His eyes widened slightly because of the eerie feeling that the idea of more puppets gave him and slightly because of the fact that this was going to feel like a two on one fight. As the first attacker came bolting at him, he took a step forward and to the right, and he swung his arm downward so that it made a sixty degree angle with his body. He hit the wrist of the incoming attacker causing him to wince slightly as his hand hit the wooden joint. While he hesitated from the moment of pain he missed his opportunity to retaliate at the opening that the puppet left. After recovering from his momentarily lapse Gō slid his bare feet forward beating the puppet master to her metaphorical punch, and as he stepped forward once more, he did the opposite with he had done to the puppet. He raised his right hand  using his palm this time to hit the puppeteer's hand upwards and ducked causing the sword to narrowly avoid him.

As the two swords flew at him, his eyes widened once more as he realized that maybe he was taking this a bit too far. So what if he did win this fight, even in these conditions? He wasn't from this village he couldn't just go and wreak havoc. As the swords came within two feet of him Gō jumped from in between their paths, and threw up his hands in defeat. The puppeteer halfheartedly pulled the wooden construction and her two weapons back to her. She gave a disappointed scowl, "It was fun while it lasted. I guess. You're a ninja aren't you? I wasn't sure at first, but after that fight I have no doubts." With a poof she turned back from her puppet form.

Gō responded by slowly reaching one hand into a pouch on his thigh. Though the genin seemed apprehensive, she didn't react too much to him because she believed that he was done fighting. He pulled out a notepad and pencil, and he began writing.

"What are you a ninja and a mute?"

Gō simply responded by walking closer to her and revealing what he had written. "I am a ninja with no village who probably shouldn't be getting into trouble."

"I guess you have a point. Though I'm sure Lady Kōga wouldn't have minded."

Flipping to the next page with his thumb he responded. "Lady Kōga?"

She flippantly responded, "You're not serious are you? You came to this village and you don't know who The Kazekage is?"

"I could finish that fight we were just having."

"That's okay," she laughed. "You know what let's head there now. To the Kazekage's office that is. Since you seem a little slow, I'm going to assume that you didn't fill out the paperwork, not just the entry forms." Gō broke eye contact and looked away from the Genin. He realized that he hadn't gotten her name, but didn't know when the ideal time to ask would be. He figured that she would tell him whenever it became important. "Anyways follow me and we'll be there in a jiff. Actually let me seal these first." She knelt down beside of her weapons and the clone, pulled out a scroll, and sealed each individual item. The puppeteer leapt to a nearby building and began making her way out of the slums.


Reaction Time E2 > D + 225 + 300 = + 525
Speed E-2 > E-3 + 225
Strength E-1 > E2 + 150
Endurance E-1 > D-rank + 150 + 225 + 300 = + 675
Total Training wc used1,575
[31 unused words]
I would like to use my last 31 words to buy an IRL sandwich.

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