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Mission Taken - Clear the Trash:

Mission name: Clear The Trash
Mission rank: D [Repeatable]
Objective: You have to clear the trash around the Gisei Lake.
Location: Iwagakure
Reward: 50 ryo
Mission description: Some people of Iwagakure have been disposing of junk in the beautiful Gisei Lake.
The trash eventually floated to the shore around the lake. There is a lot of trash and it is very ugly, so you will have to clean it.
Mission details: You will get a stick, with a metal spike at the top, for piercing and picking up trash. You will also get a large bin made of wicker, to store the trash in. You will get to the lake, and have to clear the shore around it. It's full of trash. When you fill the basket on your back, you will have to dump the trash at the Iwagakure junkyard. Fill and dispose 3 bins to complete the mission.

"Ugh, I'm so bored. Maybe I should go and help dad in the office...", Tomoe muttered beneath her breath, talking softly to herself since there was currently no one outside with her. She was laid out in her family's backyard with her hands beneath her head like a pillow and her gaze on the sky above her. It was almost noon, and the clouds were providing somewhat of a distraction during an otherwise boring day. Her mother was off visiting some relatives and her father was in his usual spot: his office in the market likely working or having a meeting. Tomoe normally helped her father out several times a week but today she had off, and he wasn't expecting her. Tomoe could have gone to visit relatives with her mother but the idea of sitting around while a bunch of little kids ran around screaming their heads off wasn't exactly her idea of a relaxing afternoon. Oh, she loved her family, but that didn't mean she wanted to deal with a whole bunch of screaming and yelling and crying. No, it was better to just laze around the backyard and hope and pray that something came along to cure her boredom - at least it was quiet, right?

Tomoe allowed her eyelids to flutter shut after another few moments of cloud watching and found herself beginning to slip off to sleep after a minute or two of having her eyes closed. She likely would have fully fallen asleep had it not been for the sound of footsteps approaching her across the lawn. Curious as to who had come to her backyard to visit her she opened up her eyes and found herself staring at a messenger. Tomoe sat up and then got to her feet, ignoring for the moment any stray pieces of grass that might have been in her long hair. "Can I help you?", Tomoe asked curiously and in a polite voice.

"Hello, Tomoe. I have a scroll for you; a mission." The messenger handed over the scroll which Tomoe took curiously. She watched then as the messenger left with the kind of speed that Tomoe could only wish she would one day have. She stared at the spot he had seemingly disappeared from before turning her attention to the scroll and opening it. It was indeed a mission: another mission to pick up some trash only this time she was supposed to clean up the shores of a lake. More smelly garbage. Still, she was being paid for it, and was a Genin: she couldn't exactly expect to be assigned something adventurous or dangerous until she had more experience. No, she would work her way up to it like everyone else.

Not wanting to be late to what was going to be her third mission she made sure the backdoor of her family's home was locked before taking off to the lake in question. She reached it fairly quickly and fell into step with another Genin. The two made small talk while waiting to be given their trash pickers and the baskets they were to fill. The pair split apart then with Tomoe going her own way. There definitely was a large amount of garbage around the lake, more than Tomoe had wanted to see. She wasn't exactly a tree hugger but she felt that nature was something to be respected and taken care of, so seeing all of the garbage botherd her a bit.

Tomoe stabbed several pieces of garbage at a time with the trash picker and then deposited it into the basket on her back before moving on. She moved up and down from the shore of the lake, grabbing up several pieces before the lake could pull them back into the depths. Each piece of garbage she picked up was carefully deposited of in the basket on her back: Tomoe allowed nothing to fall back onto the ground. When the basket was filled the first time around she emptied it and then returned.

She started over where she left off, continuing to pick up trash sometimes one piece at a time and other times several pieces at a time - all depending on their size. Up and down the shore she moved while making sure she left not a single piece of garbage in her wake as she did so. After another hour or so the basket on her back was filled once more and she left to empty it only to return for the third time.

Tomoe paused a moment to wipe some sweat off of her brow before starting again from where she left off. Up and down, each piece of trash was picked up. It all definitly had a particularly nasty smell to it, something that Tomoe figured had to do with the fact that it had all apparently spent some time in the water, and she tried her best to ignore it as she moved. By the time her basket was filled the third time and then emptied in the appropriate location Tomoe found herself in need of a shower. So, without much word Tomoe took her payment and handed over her supplies before taking off to her family's home to shower.


Wordcount: 875 / 600


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