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Shihana 4h2TsKX

Clan: Shihana

Kekkei Genkai: The eyes of the Shinigami



Location: Scattered

Clan History: As long as there has been people utilizing chakra in this world, there have been those that were physically weaker to it. These few made easy targets for anyone with the ability to utilize chakra. Murdered, beaten, abused, robbed. The ninja world quickly became hell for a select few clans. They quickly bond together to stand against those that sought to abuse them. However even then, and the minor amount of chakra control they had learned together still couldn't muster enough strength to stand against those that constantly attacked there walls. It was around this Era that a woman named Rose became a prominent member of the clan. Her masterful chakra control and talent with her chosen martial art quickly made bandits and thugs turn tail and run when she met them at the gate. The humble warriors of the clan that had been forged before her didn't compare, and she was quickly made the head of the gathering of clans. She lead the clans past the Era of abuse they had been experiencing, and began teaching chakra control to the clans. However, she fell fatally ill shortly after her prime, but not before she birthed a daughter from an unknown father. The Daughter had pitch black hair, and eyes with which the clan had not seen before. Sakiko, was the name she was given by her late mother, and it wasn't long before the clan figured out what her eyes did. Her bright blue glowing eyes, with a pink ring in them pacified Chakra, once she became versed with Kenjutsu, as was the tradition in her clan to be taught a martial art of their choice. She put her abilities to practice. Her eyes stopping all incoming raids with a single glance. The enemy clans became terrified of her, after she simply shut off the abilities with which they had become reliant on. She too grew powerful and she United the clans under a single name. Shihana, or Death flower. And over generations the clan slowly but surely began to all possess the eyes of the shinigami, hailing their techniques after the woman who had birthed the powerful doujutsu.

Trained in martial arts, a tradition that stilled existed until a tragic event that occurred recently. Equipped with powerful anti-chakra doujutsu, Members of this clan had become feared, and respected for their power. That was until their homeland, the land of grass was burnt and left to ruin. Few members escaped, and even fewer have survived after that escape. Left to the world without support the stragglers have been hunted by those seeking their doujutsu for their own purpose.

Read before making a character:
Please consider these things before making your Character

  • Most of the can is dead. This includes family, friends in the clan, probably your mother and father. You're lucky to be alive, it would be common for you to be an orphan.
  • You're not from a village. Or at the very least it's HIGHLY unlikely. you'd have to come up with a very very good reason to start as a part of one, and why you are starting as one should be a major part of your backstory. For the most part, this is a Ronin clan.
  • You weren't exiled from the clan. First off cuz the clan doesn't exist, and unless you killed someone from within the clan before it got burnt down, you wouldn't have been exiled. Which is highly unlikely given that Hao burned down the land of grass  years ago.
  • You weren't head of the clan, or the head of the clan's daughter/son. Probably weren't even a part of the main branch. If you wish to know who is, talk to me.(Ash)
  • The clan had a tradition of training people in martial arts, whether that's with a weapon or not, you should probably start out with Bukijutsu or taijutsu. i'm not going to say you HAVE to, because there are plenty of reasons your character, couldn't have, i'm just saying it's something most people in the clan did.

    if you would like more information about the clan PM me ^_^

Kekkei Genkai Description:
Shihana Tumblr_m8odjkubUp1rybabdo1_400
The Baragan
Members of this clan are gifted with a powerful doujutsu at birth, that allows them to not only see the flow of chakra within the world around them, as well as people, but also to pacify it and make it dormant. Before kaguya, chakra was dormant in people, as well in the world around them, the eyes emit waves which revert the teachings of the sages of six paths and force the chakra back into its dormant state, and under it unable to be conjured or moulded unless the waves are overpowered. The eye changes the user's iris color to a bright blue with a pink ring lining the pupil, and glows so intensely it can be seen from several meters away in the darkest of nights.

Shihana ZI39d
First Stage
The starting Level of The Baragan, When the eyes are active, no one within their eyesight can active, maintain, or utilize techniques, that require chakra, of D-rank or lower. C-rank or lower techniques within eye site become volatile

-5 chakra per post

Second Stage
The second stage of the eyes of the baragan is a bit more powerful and pacify chakra so techniques that are C-rank or lower, that require chakra can not be activated, maintained, or utilized. or make B-rank or lower techniques volatile.

-10 chakra per post. This rank can be trained and used at C-rank, and no lower.

Third Stage
The next stage of power in the eyes, a user with these eyes can prevent B-rank or lower techniques that require chakra being activated, maintained or utilize, and make A-rank techniques or lower volatile.

-15 per post. Can be trained and used at B-rank, and no lower.

Fourth Stage
The second to last stage of the eyes. The eyes at this rank can prevent A-rank or lower techniques that require chakra from being activated, maintained, or utilized.

-20 per post. Can be trained and used at A-rank, and no lower.

Final Stage
This final and strongest stage of the eyes. These stop all jutsu that require chakra from being activated, maintained, or utilized, and all techniques within the user's eyesight are volatile.

-25 per post. Can be trained and used at S-rank, and no lower.

It takes 500 ryo, and 2500 words to train each rank.

Volatile: Several things in this clan describe making things "volatile" and this is what it means. It's basically a debuff that can only apply to jutsu, done solely through the eyes, and techniques that correspond to the eyes. when a jutsu becomes "volatile" the bonds that hold that technique together, and make the chakra function the in that way become loose as the chakra wants to pacify but simply can't without an addition push. Techniques that are "volatile" tend to look a bit rough and chaotic, and not quite as well moulded as they should be. (Visual cue something is wrong with the jutsu)

When a technique becomes "volatile" They can be cut through/broken apart by a basic strike of a rank higher.

Note: Anything that does not explicitly state it conceals the presence of chakra can not be expect to hide a target from this "vision" of sorts. And for the sake of argumentation the eyes should be considered chakra sensory of equal rank to the eye level being used.

Martial specialists:
Clan members are usually trained from birth in a martial art of their choice, and some even specialize in their prefered martial art. Members of this clan who have Bukijutsu or Taijutsu as a primary can use items of 1 rank higher than normal (A genin can use B-rank swords and armor). Members whose primary is buki or tai can also chose to forgo their starting jutsu to gain a free catalog item of their choice of B-rank or lower.

Combat Trained:
Members of this clan often are train in combat since a very young age, as such their physical bodies are often more honed. Members receive a +2 to a stat of their choice (cannot be perception).

Eyes of power:
The Baragan requires tremendous power to utilize, and as such chakra cost for those only using 1 eye is doubled (stacks with transplant doubling), and if shut off the eyes cannot be activated for 2 posts.

The downside of Suppression:
While the user have the eyes activated The eyes are not only suppressing the chakra the user can see, but also suppressing them. While the eyes are active the use cannot use ANY jutsu which requires chakra to activate or maintain, that are not clan given jutsu or do not spawn directly from the eyes themselves.
Disclaimer/clause thingy: No jutsu that are like eye lasers or stuff like that as they aren't really in spirit of the eyes, and, shouldn't be allowed. only things that are in spirit of the eyes (see examples of things in the clan KKG)

Inate improficiency:
Members of this clan have been training with their eyes since near birth, and as such aren't very skilled at high chakra control. Any Non-clan technique requires five addition chakra for activation and maintenance. This also leads to the clan members not being inherently good with elements of chakra either. They only get 2 elements totaly, 1 at the start, and the second at sp,jounin rank.

Passive Suppression:
The Baragan is powerful, and is even suppressing some chakra while it isn't even active as such anyone who even possess one eye, has some of their chakra pool suppressed. Anyone with the eye(s) take a -20 to their chakra pool.

There's a reason for everything:
There's a reason for everything that exists in this world, and there is a reason that the Shihana clan developed such a powerful chakra defense. that reason being that their bodies are naturally weaker to chakra. Any Chakra based attack against a Shihana clan members does +1 in damage.

Members: (Members of the clan can be updated here)

Kekkei Genkai Jutsu:
Shihana Tumblr_nupthm8sOK1rsunvho1_500
Name:薔薇咲く: Bara Saku(Rose bloom)
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: E-S
Type: Defensive/Supplementary
Element: N/A
Range: eyesite
Specialty: Clan KKG
Duration: Instant
Cooldown: 1 post +1 for every rank above D
Description:The clan's primary technique while their eyes are active, anyone who knows of the clan knows of their ability to destroy techniques with their eyes. While the user has the baragan active, they look at one jutsu that is volatile because of their eyes, and then they release a surge of chakra through their eyes unto the location of the jutsu instantly, disrupting what little flow the jutsu has left and causing the technique break apart, and end harmlessly, and with any other of the techniques effects being nulled. This technique will be activated at the rank of the jutsu being destroyed by it.
Rose Thorn:
Name: Rose thorn
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: B-rank
Type: Supplementary
Element: N/A
Range: Eyesite
Specialty: Clan KKG
Duration: Instant
Cooldown: 3 posts
Description: A spawn technique from rose bloom, and members created several years ago when they began to come acrossed shinobi whom had more powerful jutsu than they had eyes. While the user has the baragan active, they target one jutsu they can see. Activating this jutsu with their eyes trained on the technique, weakens said technique by a whole rank in power, and makes if volatile if it is not already.
Rose Burst:
Name: Rose Burst
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: A-rank
Type: Defensive/Supplementary
Element: N/A
Range: Eyesite
Specialty: Clan KKG
Duration: Instant
Cooldown: 4 posts
Description: A direct cause of the Rose Thorn technique and a direct variant of the Rose bloom technique. This technique was created when the clan realized that even with the rose thorn technique that there were still techniques yet too powerful for most members, and so this powerful technique was developed.

While the baragan is active the user trains their eyes on a technique that has been made volatile. they then spend any number of chakra, in multiples of five, to activate this technique. Then if the technique they were looking at used half or less than the chakra given to active this technique in the last round that it required chakra, then the technique that the use of this technique was looking at, ends.

Person A uses fireball and it costs 25 chaka.
Person B uses this technique and spends 50 chakra to activate it.
Person A's fireball ends, because in the last round it required chakra (which was its activation post) it required 25 chakra, and the person who activated this technique spent 50. so given that the fireball's cost was less than or equal to half of the amount person B spent, fireball ended.

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Make the costs of the eyes go up 5 per rank, beginning at 5 and ending at 25. Not having 10 5 and 10 for 2 ranks each even though there is a prominent increase in power.

Make the item a catalog item.

Stats given should likely be restricted to physical stats. Being strength, speed, reaction time, and endurance. Don't see why perception would be available here. State that it must be specified in the character sheet.

Also, you need to state when, and at what rank ninja can use each stage of the eyes, preferably at equal rank only, and also, training to increase their power should be present.


are fine


1/ sure.
2/ sure, you need to define volatile in this jutsu and the one previous.
3/ this jutsu needs to be worded a lot clearer in its variable chakra cost description.
4/ No, this doesn't really fit in with the clan thematically at all, if you suppress chakra around you by sight, sensing it around you with feeling while your eyes are active makes no sense... and if you were able to 'see' it, it would be suppressed, making the jutsu useless. So, this one is denied.


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approved on probationary conditions,

a whisper of this being too strong in a serious tone, and it will be pulled.


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Shihana has been moved to updates for a revamp to current guidelines.

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