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Mission name: Setting up Camp.
Mission rank: D-Rank.
Objective: Help the soldiers set up perimeter camps.
Location: Konohagakure wilderness.
Reward: 100 Ryo.
Mission description: Soldiers of the Land of Fire are setting up camps at various locations throughout the vast forests of the nation, these camps are for signalling and testing of communications equipment and they would greatly appreciate any eager young ninja's help with setting up any of the equipment.
Mission Details: You're helping to carry encampment supplies to a desired location and helping to set them up. You'll surely be recanted with many war stories from the soldiers who will be working with you.

A mission of extreme importance was today, despite the lack of pay, and the lack of danger. Compared to his C-rank this seemed rather more important, but it was a priority mission. The boy had requested the mission, and was given the opportunity while being led to the assistance desk. There stood three shinobi in flak jackets, two looked younger, and one was much older. //Two Chuunin, and One Jounin?// his mind flicked through the obviously, but sometimes there were prodigies among the few.

"This will be the young  Genin who'll be assisting you gentlemen with the task.." the woman spoke, regarding the red headed Hyuga. The boy gazed at the three off them, and they all looked back with assessing eyes.

"Alright, sounds good. What's your name there?" the elder one spoke, obviously the jounin, and he seemed less judgmental than the other two. "It's Hyuga, Rean...." the boy answered in reply. The two Chuunin seemed to hold a smug look, but Rean didn't pay much mind to it. They were about to be off very soon. The Jounin finished discussing with the assistant about the extra mission details, while the two Chuunin conversed with themselves, and the Hyuga stood awkwardly alone.

"Seems we'll be transporting quite a few things, and setting up a standard camp, gentlemen."the unknown Jounin stated firmly, before scratching his chin for any extra details. "My name is Ukaru Nara" the purple haired man started, before adding "And these two..." regarding the two Chuunin, which weren't exactly focused at first but quickly snapped into shape. The black haired boy started; "I'm Lucien Uchiha...." while the other ninja with brown long hair chimed in; "I'm Hamuru Senju...." his voice was firm, and less critical. It seemed the signs of the clans were obvious, and the rumors followed.

After the introductions, they were off to head outside to grab the two pull cart, and they had to choose which two people would be pulling the loads. Ukaru quickly gazed at the two chuunin before nodding to them, they were volunteered, and it seemed the Jounin had plans of his own. "I trust you two will have enough stamina to pull these carts for a long time, while me and Rean keep watch. It's not a long distance what-so-ever, so we'll be there in no time!"

They all nodded without any disagreement, it was orders to listen to the team captain, and no one really could trump a Jounin anyhow. They started the journey, moving through the village, and getting out of the gates with an easy pass. As a Nara, it seemed he was notorious in the the guards seemed to give him high regard, and didn't push for much trouble.

The location to set up camp was roughly a mile or so into the wilderness, it was Ukaru's and Rean's job to keep watch, and make sure the supplies were in order. As they traveled they conversed of previous missions, where Ukaru seemed to keep the quietest of his experience, and usually added in Lucien's or Hamuru's stories. Lucien talked about a mission where they were posted on the border of the country to prevent any enemy crossings so Konohagakure could successfully transport a top secret supply to a neighboring town. The Uchiha talked about the battles, the killing, and even some gruesome details. While the Senju seemed to hold similar stories, he seemed not as proud of the killing, and overall didn't try to press on those details as much.

It was an enjoyable journey to the location specified, and despite the Hyuga couldn't chime in on impressive details....he was still proud of his accomplishments. They had finally reached the location specified, setting down the carts, and listened to the instructions of the Jounin Ukaru. "Alright fella's! We'll be taking specific colored crates to the areas marked with the first letter of the color" he paused, reading the minor map, and then walking over to certain spots to use his foot to mark letters into the ground. "Red with R, Green with G, Blue with B, and lastly Yellow with Y. Any questions?" the Jounin finished explaining, already seemed to have a plan prepared. The group didn't have any questions so they got started! Each person figured they'd handle a specific color create, so Lucien was handling the blue ones, Ukaru was handling red ones, Hamuru had green, and then Rean was left with yellow.

It took roughly fifteen minutes with four people of man power, and now they were done. They were instructed now to create two tents, in pairs, and the combo's were formed quickly. Jounin to Genin, and the two Chuunins. They popped the tents together quickly using the yellow crates, and the red crates. The other two were meant to be put inside of the tents, which they did, and then one of those crates were used as defense measures. A bunch of traps were supposed to be set up around the areas specified on the map, so tactical measures could be ployed for any attackers. They progressively set them up together until they were finished, and then they were able to leave.

The Jounin dismissed Rean himself while the three were meant to say. "U-uh...wait, why? Aren't you guys coming back?" he asked Ukaru, and the two Chuunin.
"Your mission was to assist us in the setting up of the camp, but along with that we are to provide defenses, and create a functioning camp until the military unit arrives...." Ukaru explained firmly as he finishing tying a wire to one of the trees, and creating camouflage for the potential trip wire. Rean said bye to all of them before turning around, and heading back to the village himself. The Jounin promised to give good word to the Kage.



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