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1 Need supporters .. on Sun Apr 10, 2016 7:08 am



Soon, Im going to be releasing music and I would love for this forum to support me. If i end up grab those mils, Im going to donate alot to this site. My journey to becoming known is almost there. Im going to be ghost writing for someone special in the Rock N Roll industry. Im very talented, and would love for this site to be there for me. Soon, you will know me better... Im creating my Samurai Akako Takumi (The speed artisan warrior).. I've been on saga all my life and it has helped me to release my mind into a state of peace. The same way music does. Alot of people say I have a big imagination, and this place is where I pour out my feelings .

Love all you Anime nerds, who are just like me :) Accept it . We are all talented to be able to write stories.

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