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1 Looking for rp parthers lols, humour me on Sun Apr 10, 2016 10:20 pm

Uchiha Masaaki

Uchiha Masaaki

Alright, so lets face it. Training threads and mission threads are way more fun writing with other people than myself! It was always a problem in the past with partners dropping out and vice versa haha.

Training threads could be anything from jutsu to stats stuff and one mission I'm eyeing atm is a B-rank mission: Covert Training Ops. You can find it in Konoha's priority missions.

I'll admit I'm a little foggy on if genins are allowed to go on B-rank missions as long as there's more than one genin with them, but the last 3 B-rank missions was all done in one thread and I did those with a chunin so Idk really.

Anyway yeah, this is just a call to find people to rp and have fun with! I'm pretty much to open to anything and find with starters and all that jazz. If you want a easier way to get in touch with me just feel free to ask for my skype/Aim. Tho, skype is my main contact now-a-days since AIM can be a little shit.


Missions: D-5 C-4 B-2 A-0 S-0

2 Re: Looking for rp parthers lols, humour me on Tue Jun 07, 2016 6:46 am



When my character is finished I'd love to thread with you. I read your character sheet, its very well written ^_^ Heres mine if you're interested:

I'm still pending approval as you can see, I'm not sure how long it usually takes, also I'm new so I'm not totally sure of how everything on the site works yet but bare with meh!

I'm looking for a genin team so If you'd like to be apart of that that'd be cool too!

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