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Opening his eyes he was blinded by the bright colors of the walls forcing him to shield his eyes with his hands as the sunlight bouncing off the white wall. Looking to his left a vase with a flower upon stood firm and clean as a calm breeze crept into the room. Raising his body it had seem the pain he felt before was gone but the scar itself remained. Sliding off the bed slowly it had seem the males clothes were freshly washed and fixed from all tatters and holes he had gain upon his adventures. Stepping up his legs were indeed weak from the amount of time he had been subdued in that bed removing the medical gown they put on him he quickly moved toward his clothing placing them on as he went towards the window. Gazing out and about as the breeze hits his face a chuckle only escaped his breath as he leaned out the window swiftly running down the wall of the building using his chakra. Only to end up walking upon the floor of Kiri itself moving to fast Burittsu leaned back a little bit as the blood rushed to head forcing it to spin.

I need to train..

Due to the fact Burittsu did not have a home in Kiri the male slept in the wilderness or the training field his backpack contained all the supplies he need to keep his hygiene on par with himself. Standing upon his feet the male gave a unbalancing stance as he leaned against the wall of the hospital for only a couple seconds. Pushing himself off the wall Burittsu began to walk towards the training field cutting through a crowd of people. Heading out to get his supplies and carry around his backpack. The male did not forget his sensei and surely he would not be forgotten until Burittsu gains enough strength to go free his teacher.

I am coming..

WC: 325

*Exit Thread*

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