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1Sukoshi Kemono Mission Log Empty Sukoshi Kemono Mission Log on Tue Apr 26, 2016 10:26 pm

Sukoshi Kemono

Sukoshi Kemono

Mission Log:
D-Rank - Missing Cats
Mission Approval Here

Social Threads:
Prayer For The Deceased
Participants: Shirayuri and Ayakashi
Word Count: 1413
Status: Exited

Lunch With Friends
Participants: Shirayuri
Word Count: 2707
Status: Active

First Impressions
Participants: Sero
Word Count: 2118
Status: Active

Unexpected Arrival
Participants: Teru
Word Count: 515
Status: Exited

A Fight Is A Fight
Participants: Wolfgang, Ryu and Burittsu
Word Count: 528
Status: Active

Day At The Beach
Participants: Nozomi
Word Count: 1878
Status: Active

The Forbidden Fruit
Participants: Burittsu and Suutei
Word Count: 508
Status: Active


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Sukoshi Kemono Mission Log Orihar10

Guest people have hope because they cannot see death standing behind them

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