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1 Yūryō Clan. on Mon May 02, 2016 10:46 pm




Clan: Yūryō (優良一族, Yūryō Ichizoku)

Kekkei Tōta: Jinton - Dust Release

Elements: Fūton | Doton | Katon | Jinton

Specialization: Ninjutsu

Location: Iwagakure

Clan History: This clan was recently formed, and doesn't have a lot of history behind it. The art of the Jinton techniques was supposedly lost in history, with the death of the Third Tsuchikage. However, this clan survived. Without anyone knowing, not even the ANBU, DNA and scrolls containing the knowledge of the Dust Release techniques were stolen from the tomb of the Third Tsuchikage. It turned out that the Third Tsuchikage had ordered the knowledge to be wrote down, to preserve his legacy, and that of the Second Tsuchikage. Around the time of the theft, several pregnant mothers were kidnapped from their homes in Iwagakure, by a mysterious force of shinobi. In an unknown location, far from any form of civilization, experimentation was done on the unborn children, usually resulting in the death of the mothers and the child. Only ten children survived out of the twenty three, however each one of these children had the acquired gene and capability to use the Dust Release. Each of these children were raised in a laboratory setting. Yet each of them showed little progress over the span of several months. One of the researchers concluded that their chakra had been thrown off balance by the horrors of their birth and cruel upbringing. Labelled a failed experiment, they were abandoned to die in the facility.
These children survived however, using the abandoned scrolls and the facility to grow and prosper. Under their own rule and tutelage, they managed to successfully use the ancient Jinton techniques. The ten children, five of each gender, ended up starting families together, resulting in the birth of the clan. The name of their clan meant Prime, obviously referring to their signature jutsu and the primal way in which they had been brought up. The families, now much older, made their way back to the city of the collective, pseudo ancestor. There the roots of the clan grew into the moderately sized clan we see today.
Kekkei Tōta Description: Members of the Yūryō clan are able to utilize Jinton, a Bloodline Selection created through simultaneous use of Doton, Fūton, and Katon.

A standard offensive technique of this nature initially forms between the user's hands as a small three-dimensional object (e.g. a cube, a cone, etc.) composed of Jinton chakra, heretofore referred to as the barrier. The barrier is typically equally-shaped (a cube or sphere, etc) so that it may distribute the high energy from the core equally, allowing it and the jutsu as a whole to remain stable. The barrier is made of finely and regularly oscillating Wind Release and Earth Release chakra, and coated on the inside with Fire Chakra so as to help it resist the energy of the core.

Within the barrier there is a core of compressed chakra inside. The core is composed of all three chakra natures, with Fūton both directing and increasing Katon's power while sharpening the countless motes of dust controlled by Doton. The core itself is simply a highly condensed sphere of energy, formed by the rapidly oscillating Wind Release chakra grinding up the relatively more stable Earth Release chakra, with Fire Release chakra assisting in this break-up of stable structures to give a more chaotic, and hence energetic, mix.

The individual jutsu methodology deviates after creation. Typically offensive Jinton jutsu fall under these categories.

The first, referred to as Confined Jinton, is launching the still palm-sized Jinton attack at the target. When the technique reaches its destination, it proceeds to expand and engulf its target in the boundary. Energy is unable to traverse between the inside and outside of the barrier, as it is specifically designed to entrap energy within the core, preventing exchange of energy in and out of the system so as to continuously build up the amount of energy within the core. Matter, however, is a different story, and may pass into the barrier without difficulty; passing out of it is more difficult, and being partially engulfed in the barrier means that it will move only if all parts inside it move.

Even if matter enters, unless the matter touches the core, it does not detonate. The discrepancy in energy between the core and the additional mass makes it such that the additional mass is not registered sufficiently to distort the pent up energy, unless the intruder touches the core. As this is the confined area where all the energy is funneled into, disruption of this particular point is sufficient to distort the built up energy, causing all the energy to be forcefully released into the mass, disintegrating it. At S-rank, this type of Jinton can easily disintegrate anything, including chakra, within its bounds. However, at lower ranks, the force behind the attack simply tears apart the victim, leaving various types of wounds: widespread bleeding abrasions for where the outer layer of skin was peeled off, or lacerations for more linear contact, to avulsions for where whole chunks of the target were simply obliterated.


  • The interior core of an offensive Confined Jinton jutsu is composed of a high amount of energy in a relatively small confinement orb, so it is largely intangible. Mass-based or concussive attacks, such as most Doton and Suiton, are as effective as jutsu of 1 rank lower. However, it is unstable, and additional energy such as that of Wind, Fire, or Lightning Releases are treated as 1 rank higher in effectiveness against it. Slashing and piercing damage from jutsu also disrupts the chakra confining the energy inside the core, and likewise is 1 rank higher in effectiveness.

    A successful attack on the Jinton core of equal power to the jutsu that created it will cause it to explode prematurely and without direction from the caster's chakra, making it lose 2 ranks in power while still being restricted by the boundary.

  • The boundary, due to its careful composition, as well as the usage of three natures that each are strong against all of the five basic elements, has no elemental weakness but also has only one strength. It is 1 rank higher in effectiveness against other Jinton attacks due to being designed to resist and restrict its detonation. Jinton jutsu may be created with the boundary acting as a defensive jutsu of its rank, which doubles the base chakra cost of the jutsu.

    Destroying the walls of a Jinton jutsu will result in an uncontrolled and unrestricted explosion, inflicting wounds of 3 ranks lower than the original jutsu to everyone within a radius twice as large as the original boundary's diameter. (C-rank and lower jutsu, in this way, will forcibly push people out of that radius at the lowest speed for its rank, but not cause any damage aside from collusion with the ground.)

  • The actual attacking portion of a Confined Jinton jutsu, where an explosion is restricted, effectively disrupts chakra as well as it does molecules, and as such is treated as 1 rank in power higher against all jutsu. In addition, it counts as a technique of 1 rank higher for the purposes of item durability. This only applies if neither the boundary nor the core were compromised by a jutsu of equal power.

By willingly distorting the shape of the barrier, the user distorts the equal distribution of energy within the previously regularly-shaped three dimensional polygonal structure, disrupting its ability to contain energy within and without of itself. The high concentration of energy within the barrier will automatically shoot outwards; by understanding this, the user is able to distort the barrier in ways that direct this energy in one direction, allowing the use of the energized barrier to cut, amongst other things. This form, referred to as Guided Jinton, is formed in the user's palm as normal as a cylinder or polygonal prism, but the core expands to fill the shape and elongate or enlarge it. This type of Jinton does the same damage as a Confined Jinton jutsu. To boot, due to its core having already detonated, it cannot be compromised before it is completed. Its path, as Confined Jinton, is linear, but can be turned by the user's physical movements; thus, it is rather predictable. However, it does not gain the bonuses to jutsu interaction or item destruction that Confined Jinton does.

The third alternative is to create a regularly-shaped but asymmetrical barrier, e.g. one with a tip, e.g. a cone or pyramid. The user will, however, have to expend more chakra to retain the shape of the cone, while energy is constantly being repelled from the surface of the cone by the resistant properties of the barrier. Upon releasing his hold on the barrier, the user is able to direct a much more destructive beam towards his target, as this energy has been directed to a location during its charging up period. This is as opposed to being charged up in seemingly random directions within a symmetrical object, following which a significant amount of power is lost due to erratic discharge within the beam itself, even if the beam heads in one direction. This Unbound Jinton discharges all of its energy at the vertex of its barrier when it hits something; unlike Guided Jinton, its direction cannot be changed once launched, and while it has a very minimal barrier size (width being perhaps 1ft), the destructive radius around the point of impact is much more impressive than Confined Jinton; the extremely powerful Third Tsuchikage was purported of being able to destroy the entire Island Turtle with this variant.


  • All Jinton barriers, while having no common elemental weaknesses, are not designed for special forms of energy such as Scorch Release's EM waves, Plasma Release, or stream-type Storm Release; these are treated as 1 rank higher against it. The weaker Guided Jinton jutsu are also susceptible to a more common high-frequency energy: Raiton. Due to the more flexible barrier, Lightning Release attacks have +1 against Guided Jinton.
  • To allow sufficient explosion restriction, the construct created by a Confined Jinton technique's boundary must have a maximum length on any side that is within the Jutsu Rules' radius for 2 ranks lower than the rank of the Jinton technique. (So, a B-rank Confined Jinton technique would need a 2m or lower length, because 4m radius divided by 2 is 2). Guided Jinton attacks go 3 ranks lower for their width, but their lateral range is not restricted. Unbound Jinton have a maximum diameter of 1 foot.
  • Unlike many Ninjutsu, where the user's chakra control can largely prevent them from being harmed by their own technique, Jinton's effects are indiscriminate and will harm anyone inside its boundary or other range when it detonates. To boot, once a Jinton construct and core are created and expanded, it is impossible to call them off by simply stopping chakra flow to the jutsu.
  • All specializations cost 10% increased word count to all training and learning.
  • Members of this clan must take the Hesitant (Specialization) trait without balancing it.
  • All specializations and elements start at D-rank; Ninjutsu must be Primary or Secondary.
  • Unlike other Advanced Elements, Jinton does not rank up with the lowest rank of its constituent elements. Instead, it must be trained normally as a fourth element, with its maximum rank being equal to the lowest of the elements that make it up.


  • Yūryō, Ashi
  • Yūryō, Shig

Kekkei Genkai Jutsu:
Minor Detachment Technique:

Name: 塵遁・限解剥離の術, Jinton: Genkai Hakuri no Jutsu (Dust Release: Minor Detachment Technique)
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: C
Type: Offensive
Element: Jinton
Range: 20m
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: Instant
Cool Down: 4 Posts
Description: This technique, which costs 30 chakra, is essentially a much less powerful version of the "Detachment of the Primitive World" technique. The user forms a small three-dimensional shape (e.g. a cube, a sphere, a cone, etc.) out of Jinton chakra between the palms of their hands. The shape can then be launched in a straight line towards a target location at the speed of 20m/s and upon reaching it, will almost instantly expand to full size, being no more than 1m across in any given dimension, not big enough to engulf an entire person. If the construct manages to expand around a person partially, it cannot be removed, only destroyed. The barrier acts as a C-rank defensive technique, blocking

1 second after expanding, the center of the shape will emit a bright blast, and anything found inside it will have some of the molecules on the outside disintegrated in the form of multiple avulsions, abrasions, and lacerations, up to half an inch deep and half an inch wide. An average of 20 of these would be formed on a single person caught within the blast.

If a person(s) trapped inside uses a C-rank defensive technique that can cover the targeted area, such as Taijutsu, they can take the technique while only sustaining injuries 1/8-inch deep and 1/4 inch wide.
Heaven's Feel Technique:

Name: 塵遁・触天の術, Jinton: Sawaten no Jutsu (Dust Release: Heaven's Feel Technique)
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: A
Type: Defensive
Element: Jinton
Range: Core range 30m; Max construct diameter 20m
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: 2 posts
Cooldown: Duration + 3 posts
Description: Using the Monkey hand seal, the user creates an energy core in their hands, then a small Jinton three-dimensional shape (e.g. a cube, a sphere, a pyramid etc.) forms around it; they may launch the core at a speed of 50m/s or activate this technique immediately. They then merge the core with the construct to strengthen the barrier, expanding it around the location of activation at a speed of 40m/s, to a diameter dictated by the caster. The walls of the technique solidify even as they expand, forming a powerful translucent barrier able to withstand impacts of 3 B rank, 2 A rank, or 1 S rank jutsu before it breaks. The barrier, unless shattered, will last for 2 posts, but the duration can be extended further for a cost of 15 chakra per post. The user may create small holes in the barrier at will, through which people can enter or leave without canceling the entire technique. This technique has the special property of protecting those inside it completely from any variant of the "Detachment of the Primitive World" technique, and can pass through the barriers of offensive Jinton jutsu of S-rank or lower.
Detachment of the Primitive World:

There are three variants of this jutsu: Confined, Guided, and Unbound. A ninja may only ever take one of these as their free clan jutsu. They are, however, free to train them as normal.
Name: 塵遁・原界剥離の術, Jinton: Genkai Hakuri no Jutsu (Dust Release: Detachment of the Primitive World Technique)
Canon/Custom: Canon
Rank: S
Type: Offensive
Element: Jinton
Range: 70m; max diameter 10m
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: Instant (Optional: 1 Preparation Post)
Cool Down: Seven posts
Description: The technique costs 70 chakra as the caster makes the Rat, Boar, then Snake hand seals. The user forms a small Jinton three-dimensional shape (e.g. a cube, a sphere, a cone, etc.) between the palms of their hands; at the time of casting, they must determine the maximum diameter of the construct. The shape can then be launched in a straight line towards a target location within 70m at the speed of 60m/s and upon reaching it, will expand at the speed of 70m/s. The barrier is treated as a normal S-rank defensive technique. After one second, its core will detonate, and with the walls of the structure restricting the blast radius, everything inside of the structure will be disintegrated on a molecular level in a bright flash.

If a person(s) trapped inside uses an S-rank defensive technique, they are able to survive complete disintegration with B-rank avulsions on many parts of their body, causing heavy bleeding. If the caster takes a post to charge this technique, an SS-rank defensive technique may save those inside in the same way.
Name: 塵遁・原界剥離の術, Jinton: Genkai Hakuri no Jutsu (Dust Release: Detachment of the Primitive World Technique)
Canon/Custom: Canon
Rank: S
Type: Offensive
Element: Jinton
Range: 70m; max diameter 4m
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: Instant.
Cool Down: Seven posts
Description: The technique costs 40 chakra as the caster makes the Rat, Boar, then Snake hand seals. The user forms a small Jinton three-dimensional shape (e.g. a cylinder, a polygonal prism, etc.) between the palms of their hands; at the time of casting, they must determine the maximum diameter of the construct. It then expands to its maximum diameter and elongates to the desired length at 60m/s, at all points being at max destructive potential. Contact with the barrier disintegrates whatever touched it, and being engulfed by the barrier means death. The caster can turn the construct, but the wide pivot angle means it can only move laterally or horizontally at 30m/s.

An A or S-rank defensive technique can stop this jutsu, or a B-rank Raiton technique.
Name: 塵遁・原界剥離の術, Jinton: Genkai Hakuri no Jutsu (Dust Release: Detachment of the Primitive World Technique)
Canon/Custom: Canon
Rank: S
Type: Offensive
Element: Jinton
Range: 80m; 50m radius
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: 1 Preparation post; Instant.
Cool Down: Seven posts
Description: The technique costs 60 chakra as the caster makes the Rat, Boar, then Snake hand seals. The user forms a small Jinton three-dimensional shape with one point at the end (e.g. a cone or pyramid) between the palms of their hands. It then elongates to the desired length at 60m/s, and the first thing its vertex physically touches will trigger the attack. The Jinton chakra violently erupts from the now shattered vertex, and disintegrates everything surrounding the point of contact within 30m.

Credit to the wonderful Wendy for helping with the finer workings and explanations of this beast.

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2 Re: Yūryō Clan. on Sat May 14, 2016 7:13 am



Whew this is wordy, hopefully I was able to keep up. It looks mostly good though.


"the construct created by a Confined Jinton technique's boundary must have a maximum diameter within the Jutsu Rules' radius for 2 ranks lower than the rank of the Jinton technique"
What happens when it is below the specified rules radius? Is there a minimum maybe?

"Guided Jinton attacks go 3 ranks lower for their width, but their lateral range is not restricted"
This makes it sound like the range isn't restricted by guidelines, clear that up.


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3 Re: Yūryō Clan. on Mon May 16, 2016 10:46 am



Ahahaha....between Wendy and myself, I'm not very surprised that it came out so long.

I suppose it might get a power or speed boost, as with other techniques that sacrifice range below the allotted maximum.

I've clarified that right up for ya.~


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4 Re: Yūryō Clan. on Wed May 18, 2016 5:49 am



Disclaimer: This clan is not going to be approved lightly, and even if it would be approved I am going to have to go through admin as a final stage of approval for this specific release. Getting this clan done is not going to be easy, and will be held up to the highest scrutiny in order to get through being a canon clan with a banned release which is also a kekkei tota. Fair warning ^_^


I want at least a 1000 word history here, feel free to go into details about canon users of the kkg.


I understand that you've tried to be very specific on each aspect of this KKG, and it is very high quality, i cannot deny that. But while it is very precise, it's not very concise. I would like you to bring this down a bit and simplify it a tad more. With this much detail yes, it's very easy to get lost amidst the sheer volume of fine detail. (This is the weirdest thing i've ever said on any clan, you should be proud!) You should be able to quite happily sum up Jinton in 3 sections, how it's comprised and how its parts work, how its used, and finally, what its effects are.

I'd like this to happen please.


bring the first section of this into me asking things to be simplified and more concise.

I don't understand what you mean by how jinton ranks up, please give an example.


1/ this jutsu does simply too much, it's a defensive jutsu to break, it deals a lot of damage, and it penetrates defensive jutsu, please bring some of these effects down, or remove some.

2/ interesting... I'm okay with this one for now

3a/ 'no jutsu can save those inside' - no, just no.

3b/ So, you expand the barrier around you as basically an offensive energy field, right? Please give some description of that detail

3c/ vertex? lol, seriously? You need to tone down your language so that other, simpler members don't need to pluck a thesaurus just to understand your jutsu. Please give clearer detail here.


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