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He was exhausted. For good reason, probably, too.

Jagi had actually grown unaccustomed to manual labor in his time away from his home in the Land of Steam. Or, perhaps, was the caliber of work he did there, at that time, not very strenuous at all? He knew that he was a tougher man than he had been. He nearly burst out laughing at the entrance to the building at calling himself a man at all. He didn't know what that was. He was pretty sure no one really knew what a "man" was, at least in that weird philosophical sense of holding the title like it was something to be proud of. Actually having some Ryo to his name from his work out on that farm, he spent a paltry sum of it on the thing he said over and over that he would not do.

He went to the Konoha hot spring.

Under any other normal circumstance, he would not have begrudged himself for visiting. But, he had pulled a stint just a few days earlier where he had stayed in the springs for over 18 hours. One would have thought that after such a long time in here, he would be sick of it. Hell, Jagi himself thought he would have been sick of it too, but that seemed to matter little in stopping him from coming here again. He wondered sometimes if he was spoiled from his first time, not wanting to wash in the rivers and the like any more. This kind of dirt, though....having gone so deep into the workings of the soil, surrounded and immersed himself in the soul of the earth....he figured that he needed a little spot of hot water to get anywhere with the grime soaked into his skin. He thought of it as 'grime' at first, but funnily enough, he really was fine with it being there. It puzzled him a little, then, why he had gone into the springs at all just now.

Walking through the halls of the building was not an easy task for Jagi, who had for a few days now been wandering pretty aimlessly through the wilds of the Land of Fire. It wasn't really 'wild' out there, but Jagi would be damned if it was not easy to get lost there. Fields, fields, forests, and more fields. He wondered how he even got back to the Hidden Leaf with the gods of cartography having cursed Hi no Kuni like this. He began to notice that he wasn't getting anywhere. Well, he was getting somewhere, but Jagi knew that it was not the place he had been meaning to to, which was the washroom. After all, no one wanted all of this dirt to dissolve in the otherwise purifying waters of the hot spring. That would just be rude.

It took him some few minutes of guessing and turning, but he finally found the men's area, rife with baskets. He was lucky that he brought a change of clothes, because it would have been....well, counterproductive to get back into his dirty set when he'd just washed himself. And he did not want to have to defeat the purpose of coming here when he had gone against his word in doing so, anyhow. As he undid his various articles of clothing, including his hair-braid, Jagi made sure to fold everything, since wrinkles still stayed after a washing in river-water. He looked around for towels and cloths, and made sure to grab both one for washing, and the larger of the two other cloths. From looking at them alone, Jagi could tell that they were new....maybe they had changed things around while he was gone? Unlikely, he was probably just forgetful.

He hadn't really paid attention up until now, since he was lost in thought. He always hated thinking for that reason, even if it was fun or beneficial. Thinking made him disconnect from the world around him. There really wasn't anyone in the room for washing-off, so he made it quick. A small, confined space with no one in it: not Jagi's idea of a relaxing time. He put on the towel that reached down to his knees--must have taken the wrong one--and set off to try to find that pool of beautifully relaxing water.

"Good luck" was the only thing he had to say for himself there.



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