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  • Jagi's very open-minded and likes to try new things.
    Who knows where you'll meet him?
  • Hyuuga Saisei
    The guy with....nothing to say?
  • Hatake Tré
    Hey, I just met you.....why won't you say anything?

Friends & Comrades

  • He's all alone in these large countries, but he really does like people.
    Help a country bumpkin out, will ya?


  • Jagi's always up for a test to see whether his way of doing things is right or not.
    But is he prepared for someone stronger than he is?


  • You must have made him mad.
    The hell'd you do to piss of this big lump of happy?

Romantic Interests

  • No one at present.
    Is he too platonic for the traditional romance?

Please, go ahead and PM me what you'd like to see happen with Jagi. If it fits, let's go for it! If not, we can talk about it!


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