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Mission name: Recovering the stolen jewels (Repeatable)
Mission rank: C-Rank
Objective: Recover the stolen jewels for the wealthy family
Location: anywhere
Reward: 200 ryo
Mission description: late last night a burglar stole a emerald jewel necklace and some other items from one of the wealthy families of the village, recover the stolen property and bring the culprit to justice.
Recovering the stolen jewels [C-rank] 22bd571fadeb9239d068cf83572a2f7d
Mission details: The was a robbery at the homes of one of the wealthiest families in the village, the trail is cold and it will be hard to find the thief, given only the picture of the stolen necklace you must find the it and the other stolen objects before the thief is able to pawn them to a fence. You will interrupt the haggling of the two men when you spot the necklace the fence will run away as soon as he sees you leaving the thief for you to deal with, you must not kill him, doing so will result in a failure. mission is repeatable due to a new thief always looking for a way to make money.

  • Name: Thief
    Age: 42
    General Appearance: ragged man clothes are torn and looks like an underclass citizen
    Personality: blunt and straightforward he doesn't like to be fooled with
    Motivations: providing for his family
    Fears: failing his family
    Abilities: he is trained in hybrid style taijutsu which is C-Rank, and will fight with all his strength when cornered. Strength and Endurance are C-Rank all other stats D-Rank.
    Other: when he is about to be beaten he will plead for his life and tell you about how he was doing it for his family, before trying to run away, stop him without killing him and take him to face justice.

A robbery… Serah ran that over and over in her head. One of the wealthiest families in the village got robbed by a simple robber… It was unfortunate. She knew of the father and mother of the family, but had never really seen their four children, but from what she had known of them they were very sweet people. To have something like this happen to them was just… awful.

“We’ll have to split up here,” her sensei growled from in front of her, taking point while her three students trailed along behind her in a horizontal line, with Serah taking up the left flank. “There’s too many places the thief could have gone. In half a klick, we’ll split up. I will continue onwards. Hirotsugu will split off on his own to the right; his Wood Release will help him make up for being alone in the forests. Seraphine and Junichi will head to the left. Search as thoroughly as you can. Rendezvous half a klick back in half an hour if you don’t come up with anything. The missing portion of the team after one minute is assumed to have engaged the enemy.”

Serah avoided commenting on her sensei’s jargon. Most of it was habitual from her days back in Konoha’s ANBU, something that was almost common knowledge in the village, as was with many ANBU’s identities after their service to the village as the covert ops had ended. A ‘klick’ was what they used to determine distances; more accurately, a klick referred to one kilometer, and she had enough time to appreciate that Mihoko-sensei had factored in Hirotsugu’s kekkei genkai into a plan of action – that was a Nara for you, and one of the brightest Serah knew – as well as the fact that Mihoko had once again refused to call her by her preferred name, Serah, instead opting to use the name that had been printed on her report card when she had first picked the team of three up from the Academy.

Almost as a unit, they all landed, though on varying branches at the end of their half kilometer, before the team split into three sections, Serah and Junichi dashing to their left while their teammate and sensei headed in their respective directions.

“I’m surprised you didn’t call her out for calling you Seraphine, Seraphine,” Junichi teased.

“Call me that again and I’ll show you why Mihoko-sensei’s the only one who can call me that,”
Serah answered playfully as they scanned the area around them for any sign of a thief.

He was supposed to be one of the best thieves that Konoha had seen in some time, possessing some sort of ninja training that made him so much more dangerous than the other petty thieves. While Mihoko had doubted her team’s ability to take him on one-on-one, she was confident that her and Junichi together would be more than enough to take him on, should they catch him, while Hirotsugu would definitely be able to use the forest to his advantage. Mihoko-sensei was undoubtedly able to outclass him in almost every way possible; his only saving grace was that she had yet to find him.

“There!” Junichi whispered, pointing to a pair of people several dozen meters away, and Serah stopped, landing on a branch just after Junichi’s.

“Element of surprise?” Serah asked.

“More like damsel in distress,” Junichi smirked.

Serah frowned but adhered. Hirotsugu was considered the brains of their team, while Junichi was normally put in charge if he was absent. While she didn’t like being at the low end of the hierarchy of her team, she knew it was only from a degree of mental prowess. In one-on-one, she was able to take each of her teammates on, so long as they didn’t have an unfair advantage, which Hirotsugu almost always had, what with his manipulation of the environment to suit his needs. The plan that Junichi had decided to go for, ‘Damsel in Distress’, was one where Serah lured her targets with the meek girl act, while he prepared traps for them and took them by surprise.

It was really just his way of annoying her suggestion of ‘Element of Surprise’, which worked the same way without her needing to act.

She removed her ninja pouch and tossed it to Junichi, who fastened it over his other thigh, before strutting along the woods normally as she heard a small shuffle of leaves signalling that Junichi had gone to do his part. Strolling lightly, she made sure her movements were loud, but not too obviously loud, bringing her to the attention of the thieves, who while surprised at her presence, weren’t alarmed by it.

“Oh, what do we have here?” the man with the emerald, she supposed the thief, asked.

“I’m sorry, but I think I’m lost. Can you tell me how to get to Tanzaku Town?” she asked innocently, noting the closest town to the area.

The other guy, likely the buyer considering the bag of coins he held in his hand, pointed in the direction she had come from. “You just walk in that direction. You can’t miss it.”

“Oh, which direction?” she asked, playing the fool.

“That one,” the buyer walked towards her, before raising his finger to indicate the direction again. “You’ll likely come across a lake, but if you keep your sense of direction, you should reach Tanzaku Town. If anything I can escort you after my business here is done.”

Serah felt bad for him. In any other life, she was sure he would be a great person to get to know, but in this life, he was the source of sorrow for someone else, and so like it or not, she would have to put him down.

“I would really appreciate it if you showed me the way!” she exclaimed.

“Alright, just let me finish my business here,” he said.

Just as he turned around, though, Junichi shot down from the tree like a rocket at the thief. He attempted to jump back, but was too slow, receiving a long gash down from his shoulder to his knee, roughly an inch deep, before Junichi kicked him aside, the emerald flying into the air.

“What the-” the buyer asked, surprised, but in that one moment he had his back turned to her, jabbed her hand into his neck, knocking him out, likely a civilian.

“frick you two,” the thief said.

Serah put her hands on her hips. “Mission complete, I guess.”

“Hah!” Junichi exclaimed, walking over to the emerald necklace to pick it up. “And Mihoko-sensei thinks Hirotsugu is all that!”


Recovering the stolen jewels [C-rank] ToGbyx6

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