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The sound of gravel and barren earth being crushed beneath the soles of his boot were all that accompanied the howling winds, rolling across the flatlands. No sign of water or life for as far as the eye could see, the cluster of decaying buildings on the horizon the only trace that man had ever once set foot in this god-forsaken place. Even the sun and blue sky were just barely visible, obstructed by the dust clouds whipped skyward by the constantly gusting winds. There was no mistaking it, Kyohei had arrived at his destination: Sora-ku.

Sitting in the far west section of the Fire Country, almost bordering the Wind Country’s Great Desert, Sora-ku bears more resemblance to the wastelands of the desert than the lush green lands of the Fire Country. Once a prosperous trade hub, as wars raged on and smaller settlements became the stages upon which large military powers performed their orchestrations, the city was abandoned and became the crumbling shell of a city that it is today. There would be those who would try to re-settle and rebuild, but for one reason or another, these efforts would all be for naught. That’s why they call this place cursed. The Uchiha were one such group that tried in vain to restore Sora-ku to some semblance of the city it was. More than 300 years ago they seized the land, not that anyone was going to fight them over it, and used it to store munitions, equipment, supplies, and whatever else they could find use of it for. Although they never left Konoha to settle in it in earnest, the city did become widely regarded as Uchiha territory. When they were put to the slaughter, however, Sora-ku once again became a ghost town.

The only people living in the ruins of these buildings these days are vagrants, criminals, and people looking to disappear from their world. No one is going to come looking for them here. In Sora-ku there are no officers, no guards, no one that anyone cares enough about for the law to protect. Just the way they liked it. Even the lowly inhabitants of the abandoned city were scarce, or at least most of them were in no rush to make their presence known. Then there are those who have been in Sora-ku far too long. They aren’t difficult to spot. They make no effort to conceal themselves. They no longer have such concerns as being recognized. Some say it is the heat and harsh living conditions, some say it is the perpetual isolation that they subjected themselves to, everyone has their own theories to explain those who walk about the city aimlessly, as lifeless as the wretched land they inhabit. Perhaps calling them people would be remiss. Either way, there was nothing of value to be had in this place… that is, unless you knew where to look.


“Hey you!” a man exclaimed loudly in Kyohei’s direction as he trudged through the abandon city streets, “Yeah, you in the hood. If you’re looking for a place to stay, keep moving. We don’t need any more bums or squatters around here.”

A vagrant? It certainly would appear that way. Kyohei had hardly traveled in luxury as he made his way back to Konoha. On him he wore the same clothes that he had entered Mt. Kurama in, certainly stitched up and cleaned during his time on the mountain, but with the amount of dust kicked up onto his clothes during his travels, one would hardly notice. Thrown over him was a hemp cloak, with a hood and extra fabric to be used to shield one’s face from harsh conditions. Both had seen extensive use on his journey and were still obscuring his identity as he walked through the city.

Kyohei ignored the comments, not even throwing so much as a glance in the way of the man who called out to him. He simply moved his left hand up to the front of his hood, holding it down and in place to cast a shadow over his eyes as a strong gust blew through the road. The man was insignificant. Kyohei was here for one purpose and one purpose only. Some loud-mouthed local would not veer him off of the path before him.

“Hey! You deaf or somethin’?” the man continued yelling from behind Kyohei as the Uchiha continued to walk away. Apparently the man did not like to be ignored. “Hey, I’m talkin’ to you, you little shit.” The man slammed his hand on the remains of a stone wall he had been sitting on and raised himself to his feet, clearly agitated by this stranger’s lack of acknowledgment. As he stood, so did his companion, another man who had yet to speak, but clearly seemed to follow the larger one’s lead. “Do you know who the hell I am? I run this place! No one ignores me!” Still no reaction from the passerby. Fed up with the disrespect, the man began marching behind Kyohei at a speedy pace, intending to close the gap and rectify this perceived slight. And as a dog to its master, the second man followed suit, trailing just a few steps behind the more vocal of the two.

“An annoyance,” Kyohei thought to himself as he continued on at his pace, showing no signs of urgency or concern for the situation. Seeing the hooded stranger still refuse to acknowledge him, the enraged man continued his pursuit, quickening his pace with each passing moment. The Uchiha’s eyes scanned his surroundings, spotting what appeared to be an ally coming up on his left. With his pursuers closing in by the second, he would turn into the alley and break their line of sight.

The leader of the two men following him grinned at the sight of him entering that alleyway. He knew these streets and knew that there was not exit on the other side of that turn. “Poor bastard ran himself into a corner,” he said to his companion as they sped up to a jog and turned into the alley, “Nowhere to run now, is there? Face me you little-“ The man shouted triumphantly as he turned into the alley, but quickly fell silent as he saw an empty alley before him. “Where the hell did he go? He must be hiding. Come out and face me like a man! I’ll teach you some god damned respect!”

The sound of cloth whipping through the air and a thud from behind the two men drew their attention, causing them to turn around and face Kyohei who had descended behind them. “No, you won’t,” he spoke in a gravelly voice, tilting his head upward ever so slightly to reveal the crimson glow of his Sharingan to the two men. He wanted them to get a good look. It would be the last thing they saw.



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