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Clan: Tenjin Clan

Kekkei Genkai: Ki-Kaba | Chakra Shroud

Elements: -

Specialization: Ninjutsu

Location: Land of Water | Origins in Kirigakure

Clan History: The Tenjin Clan was originally situated in the Hidden Mist Village, and on good terms with the village. They were admired by many for their knowledge and understanding of the chakra network. Many merchants solicited experimental chakra pills from the clan in its early days, before it grew to become a more honorable and respectable clan. Eventually, the clan grew weary of the brutal and bloodthirsty methods used by their village. Without warning, they organized an exodus and fled the village permanently. They were pursued by hunter shinobi, but managed to escape with the bulk of the clan still intact.

The clan migrated far north in the land of water, far from the Hidden Mist Village, and built a settlement in hopes of withstanding the harsh conditions and feral animals. Hostile shinobi quickly became a common encounter for the clan, as well. Realizing that the clan needed more power if they were to survive, the wisest of the clan gathered. Hikki Tenjin, an elderly man with a mastery of Fuuinjutsu; Hiringu Tenjin, a middle-aged woman with a heart of gold, and vast experience in the medical field; Kousoku Tenjin, then leader of the Tenjin clan and a man of great age and far greater wisdom and power. These three masters gathered for several weeks, discussing and studying a method to expel one's chakra from the body to be used to defend oneself, even as they slept.

Several more weeks passed, with several failures. They had managed to create a seal that would both allow the one it is placed on to expel their chakra from their body, but to control it with a doujutsu called the 'Shihaigan', also granted by the seal. It was far from perfect, however. It drained the life out of many in the clan, leaving only those who had an ample chakra supply and survived the seal placement. The design of the seal was to change the very chakra network of whomever it is placed upon. However, it is also passed down genetically to the off-spring of those it is placed on, without the need for the seal.

Although those who had the seal placed on them lived a short, painful life; their off-spring did not. Their off-spring were wholly adapted to the new bloodline, and Hiringu lived many decades to further improve upon it, performing testing and experiments on many members of the clan up until the bloodline had become more refined and fully stable. Today, all members of the Tenjin Clan are born with this inherent bloodline. Although the majority of the clan has dispersed across the shinobi world, there are quite many out there. With no real organization, however.

Kekkei Genkai Description:

The Ki-Kaba is a shroud of chakra that the user can release at will to fill a contained area around him or her. The range of the user's chakra shroud is three meters out from their feet in all directions up to a meter above their head to form a precise cylinder in it's most basic form. However, that is for Genin-level shinobi. For every rank acquired after Genin, the user's range is extended by one meter. When dormant, it is somewhat dispersed but can be concentrated for potent attacks.

This chakra is invisible to those without a doujutsu that allows them to see it, or an ability that allows them to sense it in another capacity. Dormant, this chakra does nothing to the opponent. However, whatever is within the chakra field can be sensed passively by the user, as well as any movement they make due to the disruption of the chakra and the precise vision granted by Shihaigan. This also includes chakra-based attacks. The user is able to react to anything within their chakra shroud, while their Shihaigan is active and fully functional, with one tier boost to perception and reaction time.

The user can use the chakra surrounding their person for area-of-effect techniques, which rather than being activated by handsigns are activated by the Shihaigan.  The Shihaigan is a doujutsu activated when the user expels the chakra from his body. This doujutsu shows them the world exactly as any other human would see it, but with the ability to also "sense" everywhere that their chakra shroud is around them, and anything within it. Their knowledge of where their chakra is located is extremely specific and accurate, allowing them to use the Shihaigan to control their chakra efficiently. The Shihaigan, also known as the Eye of Control, allows the user to manipulate their chakra shroud for use in specific techniques made for them, without the need for handsigns. However, the eye movements necessary are dependent on the technique the user wishes to use and still take time to do; (Which will be outlined on a per-jutsu basis.)

Eye movements usually consist of the glowing iris spinning, with the three lines moving at varying distances from each other in a pattern specific to the technique. The speed at which the user is able to perform these movements corresponds with their Reaction Time. The chakra shroud can be used for any type of technique that the user is capable of performing. For example, if the user possesses the element of fire they may incorporate fire into the shroud or, if they are good with medical ninjustu, it can be used to quickly heal comrades within the shroud.

Drawbacks: It is very common for Tenjin Clan members to neglect strength training, due to the clan's focus on close-quarters-combat Ninjutsu. Members of the Tenjin Clan receive a constant one tier penalty to their strength stat at all times. The Ki-Kaba and Shihaigan together costs the user 5 chakra points per post to maintain, with any specific techniques adding on. Furthermore, the range of the Chakra Shroud above the user is always limited to one meter, putting them at a disadvantage against aerial attacks.

Shiro Tenjin - Grandson of Last Clan Leader.

Kekkei Genkai Jutsu:
Name: Ki-Kouzou
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: D-A
Type: Offensive/Defensive
Element: -
Range: Ki-Kaba Range
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: 3 user posts.
Cooldown: 1 user post.
Description: The Ki-Kouzou is the Tenjin clan’s most fundamental and essential technique. Although it is relatively advanced and involves pinpoint chakra control, it is necessary to understand how to perform this technique in order to truly make use of one’s Ki-Kaba. The Ki-Kouzou itself is a technique that involves concentrating, shaping and solidifying one’s Ki-Kaba into varying sized blades to attack an opponent or defend against an incoming attack, as the Tenjin Clan is rarely adept physically and require heavily on versatility in their techniques. The Ki-Kouzou ranges anywhere between D to A in rank, depending on the capabilities of the one utilizing the technique. At D-rank, the blades are typically dull and only two can be created at a time. The maximum width for these blades at this rank is three centimeters while the length is limited to ten centimeters. They are relatively dull and can not cut through any metals. However, they are extremely effective for cutting through bare flesh, cloth or leather. An attack from any metal weapon would shatter the blade.

At C-rank, the blades are a bit sharper and are able to slice cleanly through human bone. The user is able to create up to three at a time, and the blades can get as wide as five centimeters and as long as twenty centimeters. Although they can not cut through most metals, softer metals like gold or iron will certainly take minor damage from a hit and will not shatter the blades. Harder materials, such as steel can shatter the blades, or a sharper material like diamond blades. At B-rank, the blades are much sharper, able to slice clean through concrete and softer metals. Even harder materials will face much resistance trying to shatter the blades without adequate force behind the attack. The user can create up to four, each one able to grow to a maximum of ten centimeters in width and thirty centimeters in length. At this level, the technique becomes much more viable as a means of defense against chakra-based attacks of equal or lower level. If all four blades are used to defend the same specific spot, it is capable of stopping an A-rank chakra-based technique but every blade will be shattered.

At A-rank, the blades are able to be refined by the Shihaigan to an extremely sharp edge, able to slice clean through most materials, and take a hefty amount of damage. This makes them more than adequate for parrying weapon-based attacks from stronger foes, repeatedly, without the blades shattering. The user is able to create up to five blades at a time, with each blade able to reach a maximum width of fifteen centimeters and a maximum length of forty centimeters. At this rank, the user may also use the technique specifically for defensive purposes by conjoining all of the blades of chakra in a sphere around him, and any comrades, to defend against attacks of equal or lower rank. An S-rank attack will shatter the defense but deal significantly less damage to the occupants.

The blades specific size and color are dependent on the will of the user, so long as it is within its rank limitations, as well as whether or not they have a pointed tip for stabbing. The speed at which the blades move is determined by the user’s perception stat, and their movements are controlled by the Shihaigan. The motions necessary to perform this technique are actually relatively basic, with every full rank above E in their Reaction Time stat decreasing the time necessary to perform the movements for the technique by one second. The time it would take a clan member to perform the movements and activate the technique with an E-rank Reaction Time is five seconds. D-rank, four; C-rank, three; B-rank, two; A-rank, one; S-rank, one-half of a second.

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