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1Errand Slave Time. Yeeeee~ [D-rank Mission] Empty Errand Slave Time. Yeeeee~ [D-rank Mission] on Fri May 20, 2016 5:41 pm

Hiroyuki Inuzuka

Hiroyuki Inuzuka

Mission name: Record Transport
Mission rank: D
Objective: Help move the boxed records from the Administration building to the new storage facility in the Construction Areas.
Location: Starts and ends at the Administration Building.
Reward: 50 Ryo
Mission description: Assist in transporting the boxes between the buildings, nothing more.
Mission details: Simple case of carrying the boxes.

Okay, so he really needed to get out and do thing. Mission things. It wasn't like his family needed money at all, Dad had done a great job of keeping them comfortable, on top of Daddy's inheritance and savings. They'd never need or want for anything for their entire lives, but that didn't mean he didn't want to contribute and be useful. Plus, extra spending money was nice; he got plenty of allowance and such for doing extra work with the clan dogs and all that, but it only went so far, and he had to do this grunt work before he could do anything better. Such is the way of the ninja, sadly enough. He knew his own skills were not up to par for anything better than basic grunt work and easy escorts, even with a team there'd be too much trouble due to his lack of physical ability and all that jazz. No, he needed to get working, and this was the easiest way.

Plus, it got him inside the Administration buildings, and he loved to sneak into his Daddy's old office, it was fun to just sit quietly and pretend like everyone was just hanging out the way Uncle Naota told them they used too when Dad was Hokage. He didn't remember, he was too young when Dad vanished to remember any of that well; he had a few barely there baby memories, but nothing of that place from when it was full of family and friends and good times.

Oh well.

This would be simple enough, just moving boxes between storage rooms. Simple. Easy. The trip from home to the storage depot was quick enough, they might not live in the heart of downtown or anything, but he was quick like silver, same as his father, so a few miles wasn't anything. No, he was able to report to the Chunnin overseeing the groups of Genin moving the boxes before the sun had really had a chance to get above the old trees; when the air was still sweetly scented by morning and the breeze was gently cool; it would be a hellishly hot afternoon, it always was this time of year, but it wasn't so bad in the mornings.

Once he was checked in, he began lifting the boxed two at a time; it was all he could handle himself, he was pretty damn frail after all; and walked them down the hallway and to the new storage area. It was a temporary thing, they where being moved so that they could be sorted and moved to the proper records storage; the boxes where mixed and matched and needed to be cleaned up, as did the room they had been sitting in; there had been a water leak in the ceiling so they had to clear it out to do repair. Back and forth, back and forth, he worked for a good hour or so before his first pile of boxes was gone and he was done. He moved to the second, carrying them much the same way; back and forth and back and forth and back and forth; the pile slowly diminished into nothing and he moved onto a third; carrying them much the same way; back and forth and back and forth and back and forth; the pile slowly diminished into nothing and he was done, or so they all were; the Chunnin was calling for break time and dismissing most of them so another, fresh group could come in to move the rest. Good enough for him. The Chunnin was handing out the mission pay and signing off on the paperwork for their records, so he waited in the little line for a few minutes; pocketing the ryo and the paperwork and heading out to get some tea. He was thirsty after all that dust.

654/600 D-rank Mission


Errand Slave Time. Yeeeee~ [D-rank Mission] 353avww

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