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1 Dark Man X [Dakuman Thread Tracker] on Sat May 21, 2016 2:24 am



D Rank

Interactions 1/6

Missions 1/1 D | 3/2 C

Jutsu Trained

  • Blindsight [E Rank]
  • Sound Vacuum [E Rank]
  • Sound Ninja Art: Quietus [E Rank]
  • Absolute Pitch [E Rank]
  • Yasuo's Breath [C Rank]
  • Vibration Cutting Technique [C Rank]
  • Raiton: Kai [C-A Rank]

Items Obtained

  • Fallen's Retribution
  • Hidden Blade
  • Strange Tune
  • Flute Tanto
  • Bells [E Rank - 5]


To live is to suffer.

But to survive?

That is to find meaning

In the suffering.

Ninjutsu: S-Rank | Bukijutsu [Ken | Ono]: C-Rank
Raiton: S-Rank | Futon: C-Rank

Dark Man | Clan | Techniques | Armory | Battle | Personal

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