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1 New Legs [Solo; Plot] on Sat May 21, 2016 2:24 pm



“Great, now I'm gonna smell like booze...” Takao growled under his breath, a low rumble resonating within his chest as the glanced down at his trousers. Spilled sake had soiled the crotch region, as well as a portion of the legs. Fortunately, the fabric of his pants was black, which did wonders to hiding the dampness.

He cast a dull, cold obsidian gaze across the patrons of the pub. Some eyes remained on him as he turned and glanced over them, only to turn back to their meals and drinks in a conscious effort to avoid confrontation. Others had paid his unwarranted outburst no mind and continued with their doings without so much as batting an eye in his direction. Regardless of whatever attention they paid him in whatever capacity, their presence was still very undesirable.

“Fine. Whatever.” His grumbled continued in his head as he dug into his back pocket, procuring the leather wallet within. A few large bills were tossed onto the counter as he slid the wallet back into the pocket and made for the door.

By the time the doors were pushed open, a fresh cigarette had found its way from the carton in his pocket to the corner of his mouth. The cool spring late afternoon he had left behind upon entering the pub had since turned into a cloudy evening. The very instant the sole of his boot hit the paved cobblestone pathway, the first rain droplets of the looming storm began to pour.

“Fan- fuckin'- tastic.” Takao huffed out through nearly closed lips, which continued to hold onto the yet to the lit cigarette. Catching a break wasn't a familiar concept to Takao, who was beginning to accustomed to things progressively worsening over time. He shook his head and started walking, disregarding the rain despite its intrusive and thoroughly annoying presence.

“Come all the way from the damned Earth Country in a day,” He began, pulling the cigarette from his lips and holding it in front of him. As he exhaled a breath, a wisp of flames left his throat and lit the end of the cigarette, which he promptly returned to his mouth. Smoke bellowed from his lungs with each inhale and exhale, filling the empty Konohagakure street with smoke.

He still had plenty of time before she would be expecting him, which meant that he would have the chance to return home and get a fresh change of clothes. The rain would help with washing away the stench of alcohol from the fabric, given how freshly it had been applied, but it wasn’t doing him any favours with the smoke. He was a bit more conscious of where he exhaled the vile tobacco fumes, opting to blow it downwind to prevent the smells from sticking to his clothing as he walked. He nodded in greeting to the few villagers and citizens that he walked past, who all seemed in much more of a hurry to escape the rain than he was.

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